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Do you need an experienced social media consultant, writer, poser, speaker or promoter? I can help!

Digital Marketing

I've been writing since I could put crayon to paper. Since then I've scribbled and tapped my way through millions of words - short stories, essays, articles, blogs and marketing pieces, even award-winning poetry (OK, I was 8). My career has been a logical progression from a degree in English Literature, to my 'big break' as a junior copywriter and my ensuing in-house roles, before going freelance in mid-2009. I now work as a social media manager.

Using anything from 140 characters to long-copy, I've successfully persuaded people to buy clothes, shoes, lingerie, beauty products, tickets, magazines, books, and music; and I've convinced others to try gin, whisky, sherry, running and lots more. I don't just talk people into things - I also do regular insightful, humorous or advisory columns and blogs for various magazines and websites - nothing gives me greater pleasure than researching and writing up informative, inspiring articles. If you'd like to know more, you can view my career in its entirety by clicking here.
So, what can I do for YOU? My tried-and-tested skills include:
  • Copy for print adverts, flyers and promo pieces
  • Blogging and social media management
  • Web copy, banners and e-newsletters
  • Writing and editing press releases and articles
I love to work with small businesses, and my quotes can be tailored accordingly to fit any budget. Whether you want quirky, engaging, friendly, punchy or simply straightforward, well-written and concise copy, I can help. 

Do email me if you'd like to chat about a potential writing project, whether for your site or company, or on my own blog.

Event design & promotion 

I've been putting on themed events, by myself and with others, for nearly three years. I love to come up with ideas and concepts for events and locations, source props and put it all together and watch people enjoy it. This has led to all sorts of interesting things, from the creation of an enchanted forest in a pub for a 50s B-Movie-themed Halloween party to designing, singlehandedly planting and building a vintage garden for Harvey's Sherry's Ideal Home Show exhibition to a party for 500 at the British Library. Contact me and I'll tell you all about it and we can discuss what we could do together for your event.  


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