For any burning vintage style questions, advertising and sponsorship enquiries, or if you would like me to wield one of my many and varied skills in your service, please email me, post-haste.

Please note: if you're emailing me from a PR company, wanting me to get involved with a very big brand, promote a Hollywood film or something similar, I will assume you're offering to pay me my standard freelance rate for writing or modelling. This is my profession, and I work on the same basis that you do for your clients, which I assume is not in exchange for a few free beauty products or 'promotion'! That said, you can always ask.

I'm always open to collaborations and exchanges with smaller companies and brands.

Please also note: I have never and will never accept a pre-written guest post for my blog.

My rate is reasonable for the professional service I offer, and it is negotiable. But it is only waived for exceptional offers. Do you have an exceptional offer? Then by all means fire away!

Take a look!

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