A couple of years ago, I decided to install a little Project Wonderful ad box on my blog, just to see how things would go. It was so popular that I added a second box, and now small businesses can advertise on Diary of a Vintage Girl for as little as $0.30 a day, which is fantastic value. Click here if you'd like to advertise through Project Wonderful.
However, if you prefer, you can choose to sponsor Diary of a Vintage Girl directly. This means you'll have a permanent and ever-so-slightly larger advert at the very top of my blog, and reach a wide audience of vintage and handmade lovers around the world. Rates vary, with substantial discounts given for sponsorship periods of three months or more.

Other information:
  •  Sponsors will receive an ad space of 150 x 150 pixels, situated in the right hand column, at the top.
  • The minimum sponsorship period is a calendar month, but longer periods can be negotiated.
  • I'd prefer if the design of the advert itself is vintage in style... I can always design one for you if needs be!

Products, clothing and giveaways:

I am also very amenable to receiving products and clothing to review or to model in candid photographs, but please do bear in mind that I'll only agree to receive items that are both appropriate to my blog and appeal to my personal tastes. I will always make it clear to my readers that I've received the item in question for free.

If you have any questions at all about sponsoring Diary of a Vintage Girl, please email me. I thank you!

Take a look!

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