Oh, hi there!

I'm Fleur de Guerre, real name... well it's Fleur, actually. Fleur McGerr. At your service!

Photo by Tobias Key

I'm a writer, events manager and social media bod interested in fashion, both vintage (unsurprisingly) and streetwear (more unusually), as well as sports and healthy lifestyles. Always creative, and a lover of language, I started out as a traditional marketing copywriter, slowly moving from company to company to try and find that perfect role, always the most strangely dressed in the department (and in the creative sector, that's saying a lot). In the summer of 2009, I was made redundant and decided to strike out on my own, and I've been doing so ever since, living on my wits. Also quite a lot of marmite toast. And gin.

Along the way, I picked up a lot of hobbies that have now turned into different parts of what can only be described as a portfolio career.

I write - marketing and sales copy for companies; articles, columns and blogs for various clients including fashion brands, music publishers and magazines.

I speak - I give talks on glamour and seduction.

I model - retro and vintage clothes, shoes and accessories, for drinks companies, magazine covers and books, as well as making appearances at events and functions. I've also been known to model lycra sportswear on occasion.

I host and promote events - both on my own and with my business collective The Vintage Mafia.

I act and present - my face and voice has been seen in short films, video tutorials, and BBC Interactive programmes. Plus it's been in the background of several Hollywood films and TV adverts, but that doesn't count so much.

I've even dabbled in fashion design, web wrangling, garden planting and am particularly proud to be the Brand Champion for The King's Ginger Liqueur.

All this has come about from my love of fashion & style - particularly vintage. But I'm a thoroughly modern girl, really. You're more likely to find me at Tesco dressed like Carmen Miranda than hanging out in a field with some people dressed as soldiers. I run a lot in my spare time - half marathons mostly, and am a devotee of yoga, cycling and dancing with wild abandon. Fitness is hugely important to me.

On this blog, I post lots of pictures of myself in outfits, riveting tales of adventure and derring do; and occasional motivational posts designed to inspire ladies (and chaps) to be more glamorous, active or go-getting. Enjoy, and don't forget to contact me if you have any questions.            


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