Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Eight Years of Blogging Christmas

Forgive me, oh readers, this is a bit of a cheat post. I just read lovely Retro Chick's Christmas outft post & wanted to rip off her idea. But because I'm nothing if not resourceful and have done this in the past, I'm basically reposting almost exactly what I did last year. But this blog needs a seasonal revival and what's easier than a good old copy/past/update post? So here it is, the Eight Years of Blogging Christmas, since 2008, when DoaVG was born!

(This time, I'm going to add some different angles & bonus photos. Well, it is Christmas...)

For the 2008 Everything's Jumpin' Christmas swing dance in Kingston I wore a two-piece candy-cane striped playsuit & skirt. I couldn't remember the brand last year, but I can confirm it was by Miss Hussy, a now defunct Aussie brand. I 'met' the owner again on Facebook this year, in a vintage group. Small world!

This repro velvet dress from Able Grable (also sadly gone) from 2009 has been a festive winner for many subsequent years. Here's me and my bro, looking young - he's now more grown-up than me, being married and with a 1 year old little girl.

Take a look!

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