Monday, 15 December 2014

Festive Fleur 2014

Christmas is coming up fast, right? I'm so not ready for it, at all. But at least  I *look* ready, because lovely Shona Heyday has released the 2014 Christmas Fleur dress in plenty of time for the big day. Look!

It's the Holly Berry Fleur dress this year, with sprigs of holly and gold bells on a forest green background, with bright red binding on the pockets and neckline. It's a 1940s style wrap, of course - perfect for wearing at home or to parties... my personal favourite detail is always the pockets!

Last year's was red, if you can remember that far back...

If you fancy owning a Holly Berry Fleur dress, make haste my sweets, for as usual, it is limited edition and won't wait around for very long!

Not sure if you noticed, but aside from a new colour, this year, I also have a rather exciting addition...

The completely awesome Tracy D has started a not-so-little project on my left arm! This is as far as we got on the first session. It's an Art Nouveau peacock and fan, surrounded by blossoms and peonies. I love it and can't wait to show you more as it progresses. Exciting! 

How's all your Christmas prep going? 

Fleur xx


  1. These pictures are stunning Fleur and what a beautiful surprise to see your new tattoo at the end!

  2. a great dress and a wonderful tattoo.

  3. I noticed the ink instantly! It's really, really stunning. What an exciting large tattoo to have in the works. I'm eager to see the finished beauty!

    ♥ Jessica

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  5. Wow, that's one hell of a tattoo! It must be tricky for the tattooist to go across the elbow, but it looks beautiful.

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  8. Hey Fleur -- heads up. I am your very very late Secret Santa partner, and your present just got popped in the mail today. It's shipping from the US (Massachusetts) and there is unfortunately no tracking. But it should hopefully find it's way to your door soon!

  9. Ooh, exciting, thanks for the heads up! To be fair I highly doubt my own Secret Santa present made it over to Australia in time, have seen no evidence on my partner's Insta anyway. I await it excitedly! :)

  10. Lovely dress! I had noticed the new ink when you posted the pic on FB but I've just read the post now. Your new tat is awesome! How long till it's finished?

  11. Quaintrelle Georgiana8 January 2015 at 19:00

    Beautiful Christmas outfits, I am too fond of sewing a seasonal clothing from fabrics with christmas print. PS: I like your sleeve tattoo, peacocks are my favourite birds too :)

  12. Beautiful dress lovely Christmas <3


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