Thursday, 27 March 2014

Breezy steez


I'm currently mid-flow in my newest King's Ginger blog, but as I don't really think it fits the format to do full on outfit shots for said posts, I thought I'd share a couple as a kind of sneak peek.

They were taken at what may be one of the loveliest spots in southern England - Blackdown - albeit on a rather chilly and very windy day! I swear my hair looked good before I set off.

Vintage cotton dresses are now on rotation... even if I am still a bit chilly. My awesome handknitted cardi was bought from 1940s Style For You - find her on Etsy

Still adoring my leather satchel - you'll probably never see me with another bag again! 

King's Ginger is obviously an essential accessory for cold walks... proper post coming at the weekend!

These fab Chatham boots might not be glamorous, but they have served me super well on country walks! Obviously the rest of my outfit is not too practical.

Full outfit deets! 
Dress: Vintage Swirl
Boots: Chatham

See you again in a day or two!

Fleur xx


  1. Beautiful! Thank you SO much for the mention, the bolero suits you perfectly! x

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  3. You look beautiful!


  4. I love the whole outfit, and even if they're not "glamorous", I don't think the shoes are shocking at all! I actually like the country girl style they give to the whole thing!

  5. Amazing outfits and sandals. looking gorgeous. Keep on sharing. Myrtle Beach houses for sale

  6. love the cardigan - so English and 1940s. Well done for braving the chilly March weather in the name of vintage fashion!

  7. That's a jolly nice little bolero. In fact, the whole outfit is lovely! I look forward to seeing what your latest adventure involves.

  8. What a fantastic outfit! I must say I rather like the boots with the dress... much better for clomping around outdoors in than pretty shoes.

  9. this look is right up my alley! I would take you in it at any time on tour with me. with a anorak and long johns in my backpack for you - in exchange for some liquor ;-)

  10. The juxtaposition of a sweet, gentle (if you will) floral print vintage dress and rugged, take-whatever-life-throws-at-them hiking boots like this is fresh, fun and thoroughly cool.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. That cardigan looks perfect for spring time when it's still a bit chilly out. Glad you did an outfit post of this outfit, it's very inspiring as I struggle when the seasons turn. I either go full summer time wear and then am too cold or I stay in winter mode!
    Rowena x

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  13. I love the dress! Glad I found your blog this morning, can't wait to read older posts! x

  14. I think you have achieved the perfect blend of style and practicality! I think you're brave in bare legs. Mind you, I live in Wales. One week in August is generally all my legs get a year. x


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