Monday, 10 February 2014

Self nostalgia?

I'm feeling kind of old at the moment. Hurtling towards my mid-thirties, few too many late nights (and shandies) lately, not enough exercise. So it was lovely to receive an unexpected email last week from the talented photographer Rebecca Parker, who I did a photoshoot with way back in the mists of time (2008).

You may remember this previously seen one, which is in fact in my sidebar as an ad for the amazing dress I am wearing, by Whirling Turban!

Rebecca had recently gone through her archives and unearthed some unseen photos of me.I just showed them to my boyfriend who told me, 'wow, you look exactly the same!' amd I didn't have to bribe him with food, money or favours of any kind! Hurrah!

Whether I do look the same or not (I am definitely around half a stone heavier, that's for sure), these photos are too nice not to share. Apparently she didn't even edit these much! I'm glad I did lots of photoshoots when I was all fresh-faced and spritely :)

Also, I might be older now, but I am much happier now than I was then. Swings and roundabouts!

Check out Rebecca's lovely work on her website.

Fleur xx


  1. Wow, I love the second one (the black and white). It's so authentic 40s looking!

  2. Great photos! And not sucking up, you seriously look exactly the same!

  3. you are right! they are so beautiful! the colours are so vibrant and you have a great expresion!

  4. very good work, the last one especially! a classic face like yours will look beautiful in every age! xxx

  5. The photos are lovely! In the black & white one you remind me so much of Virginia O'Brien :)

  6. beautiful woman!
    you know that outer beauty is nothing without the inner. when i look at your glow in your newest photos then i´m sure that you don´t have to worry about age, not yet and not later :-)

  7. You always look gorgeous and the photos are amazing.

  8. You are still gorgeous! Your chap is right, you haven't changed much.

    I know how you feel, though. I turn 40 this month and am not entirely sure how I feel about it - ageing is liberating, because you know what you want and have the confidence of experience to do it, but the increasing 'irrelevance' not so good... (You're too beautiful to fall into that pit, however.)

    But hey, just don't go down the route of vintage clothing 'For the mature woman'. Hell no. All that fade into the background stuff... I like a bit of frump, but it has to be in-your-face FRUMP YOU frump. Not the be-invisible stuff that got foisted on women in the past.

  9. Hot Dawg! You look stunning! You always always do my dear. Those Whirling turban photos are gorgeous & yes you may be a whole stone (!!) lighter there but you would still look gorgeous even if those photos were taken yesterday. mmmhmm! Love Shmee

  10. Gorgeous photos, although you don't look any older now! xxx

  11. These photograps are absolutely beautiful, just like always!
    And you're still as beautiful like you were back than...

    xoxo Emma

  12. You look beautiful! I love the black and white photo! Very authentic, and a bit noir. The spread on the Vintage Mafia is very interesting. And a bit inspiring...

  13. Excellent and very easy to relate to post. I'm nearing the big 3-0 this year myself, and while I don't dread that point in the slightest (in fact, I'm rather happy and giddy about it), I too sometimes look back at snaps from just a few years ago and see how much older (and haggard, IMO) I appear these days. Much like yourself though, I'm happier and in a better place (both literally and figuratively) than I was back in those days, so ultimately, I'll take a few more wrinkles and bags under my eyes to have such contentment in my life at I head ever nearer to turning thirty.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. I love the pictures of you in the suit. You look stunning. Thanks for sharing those!

  15. oo!! There are some there I never got to see! Truly right up there with my top 5 pics of ALL TIME of a Gal in a Whirling Turban!!! Gorgeous Fleur! xxxKatherine

  16. You were pretty then but you look more beautiful now. The half stone really fills out your face so nicely. I think that is why to me you look more youthful now than you did in these photos.

  17. You are always lovely. Timeless and classic - a forever kind of beauty. :)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  18. Hi Fleur,
    I follow your blog since then and I have to say you look the same!!
    Regards from Madrid (Spain)


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