Monday, 24 February 2014

Bingo wings

I haven't been to a good old Blogger event for ages, so when my lovely friend Jayne from Jayne's Kitschen invited me to go along to a Musical Bingo night underneath Pizza East, I threw caution to the wind and said yes. Actually, when I realised the venue, it was like I was a cartoon character and my eyes turned into tiny pizzas. They are seriously good pizzas, you guys.

Anyway, Musical Bingo. I wasn't sure what to expect. When Jayne emailed me about it, she made a remark that with our musical taste (we have actually bonded over a mutual love of 90s-2000s metal and pop punk) that we would suck at it. Well, I said, speak for yourself! I only have a radio in my car, plus I spend a lot of time in nail bars, so I'm pretty familiar with the top 40 and pop music generally.

As it turned out, we needn't have worried since the format was dead easy.

I'm more familiar with Concrete as a club venue that hosts nights like Work It (90s R&B/Hip Hop) and others, but there was a real party atmosphere down there on the night. Lots of people out for birthdays and, I presume, hen parties and things. It is THE perfect thing for that, because it was 100% girly fun. Well, that might sound sexist, but it was definitely only ladies standing up on the table singing along to Dancing in the Street.

The whole set up was quite low-budget - deliberately, I think? Chipboard and silly prizes consisting mostly of sweets and the compere, Foxy Roxy (or was it Glitzy Ritzy?) was brought in in a shopping trolley made to look like a swan boat of love (it being Valentines week)! Brilliant. 

I was on a table with Jayne full of lovely bloggers, including The Girl Who Stole London (who I'd met before) and EpiphannieA (who I hadn't). The pizzas were exceptional. You can see Jayne with the orange hair next to me! 

The way you play Musical Bingo, is that you have a sheet with 9 songs on it - ours were all Love themed, since it was Valentines, and the DJ plays most of (or all, if everyone is singing enthusiastically) each song for you to cross off your card. Even if you didn't recognise the song, someone else would. They were all well known songs. If you can read this one, held by a lovely lady I didn't actually meet, it's Round 2 (duets) and features such classics as 'Breathe' by Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul, 'I Knew You Were Waiting' by Aretha Franklin and George Michael,  the aforementioned 'Dancing in the Street' and 'Crazy in Love' by Jay-Z and Beyoncé among others. 

It was insanely fun to sing along to the ballads. This one may have been Cher, it may have been Elaine Page. It may even have been N****s in Paris (which I actually know all the words to). 


Anyway, thank you to Costa Bingo for inviting me along, via Jayne. Read more about the night here and if you ever need something fun to do for a birthday or hen do, it is definitely personally & thoroughly recommended! Plenty of cracking songs both old and new to belt out, karaoke style. Even if I didn't actually win a single thing. 

Fleur xx


  1. You look adorable. and so do your friends. Looks like a good time ladies.

  2. Gorgeous ladies. Very happy to see all. I think that they enjoyed to the core.

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  3. That sounds like a super fun was to spend an evening! I'm be tempted to create a Christmas music themed version for a family get-together next December.

    ♥ Jessica


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