Monday, 15 December 2014

Festive Fleur 2014

Christmas is coming up fast, right? I'm so not ready for it, at all. But at least  I *look* ready, because lovely Shona Heyday has released the 2014 Christmas Fleur dress in plenty of time for the big day. Look!

It's the Holly Berry Fleur dress this year, with sprigs of holly and gold bells on a forest green background, with bright red binding on the pockets and neckline. It's a 1940s style wrap, of course - perfect for wearing at home or to parties... my personal favourite detail is always the pockets!

Last year's was red, if you can remember that far back...

If you fancy owning a Holly Berry Fleur dress, make haste my sweets, for as usual, it is limited edition and won't wait around for very long!

Not sure if you noticed, but aside from a new colour, this year, I also have a rather exciting addition...

The completely awesome Tracy D has started a not-so-little project on my left arm! This is as far as we got on the first session. It's an Art Nouveau peacock and fan, surrounded by blossoms and peonies. I love it and can't wait to show you more as it progresses. Exciting! 

How's all your Christmas prep going? 

Fleur xx

Friday, 12 December 2014

Fabulous Fontaine's

Recently, my dear friend and former events partner Emerald Fontaine did something rather amazing. She's opened what is definitely the most amazing Art Deco bar in all of London town.  Best of all, my London readers will get a special offer this week/end... read on!

Fontaine's is in Dalston, in the trendy East End and it is truly fabulous. She put heart and soul into making it the most gorgeous bar in the world. Just look!

She serves cocktails - nothing dating to later than the 1950s (the Pina Colada), with most from the 20s, 30s and 40s.

Clover Club

Pina Colada

Mint Julep


There's also the amazing food! Small plates, created by Emerald's brother the chef, are all simple, classic things like cheese and meat boards, chips & dips and prawn cocktail! 

Meats including hom-made paté and rabbit rillette. 
Prawn cocktail!
aubergine dip with crudites and crisps
Neal's Yard cheeses and home made chutneys!
These chips are topped with lemon and tarragon... trust me, it's amazing!

I took all these photos! Apart from the next one... For tonight at Fontaine's, it is Bellini Friday - a Bellini cocktail and 3 blini canapés - smoked salmon and caviar - for £10.

But...if I've temped you into coming to visit Fontaine's then Emerald has offered Diary of a Vintage Girl readers a complimentary glass of prosecco when you visit this weekend! Just go in for your Christmas drinks tonight and tell them I sent you! :)

Christmas in London doesn't get much more glamorous!

Fleur xx

Monday, 8 December 2014

Socks and sandals (and kittens)

As any regular readers will know, I love Swedish Hasbeens a lot. I have many pairs and practically live in them in the summer. I also have a pair of winter boots I snagged at a too-good-to-resist sale price a couple of years ago, but, apart from those, my clog collection doesn't get worn in the winter at all.

Until now?

I was sent a pair of incredibly warm wooly socks by fellow Swedish brand Gudrun Sjödén to pair with sandals and I think I might be a convert! These are significantly jazzier socks than I'm used to wearing, but who doesn't like jazzy?

The shoes are the Swedish Hasbeens Lacy Sandals, which would otherwise have been in the cupboard until summer.

Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens Lacy Sandal in Bordeaux
Top: Freddies of Pinewood saddle tee
Cardi: Handknit

It looks kinda 70s, but that's right for the clog era! What do you reckon, can I pull it off?

PS. Bonus kitten pic as I'm working with this little one today!

Fleur xx

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Small business love - Hengelo, Haslemere

Do you ever go and try on things that are completely not your style, just for fun? I did a few weeks go (OK a month ago now), when I was visiting my lovely parents where they live in Haslemere. My mum loves clothes and had told me about a new(ish) shop in the town called Hengelo, from which she had bought lots of bits.  She also told them that I had a blog and they asked if I would write about them... well, I like to try and highlight small brands and businesses, especially with Christmas coming up, so thought I'd go and dress up in some things and take some photos in there and do just that. I've linked to the products I snapped in case you want to treat yourself or do some festive present buying!

Here's what I got up to!

(there was a car parked right outside, ruining it)

Haslemere's a lovely old town, and Hengelo has set up in one of the lovely historic buildings. Seems fitting, that they also sell some ace retro accessories.

I actually bought Rosie Alia little purse from the Catseye range for her birthday! 

They also do a lot of Tatty Devine goodies, including the coveted Vintage Lady brooch!
The Cocktail Umbrella necklace is pretty cool as well! 

Seasonally-appropriate Holly necklace!

When I went in, they had their Halloween decorations up... which I loved. Dotted in between were some Christmas bits!

Like I said, I tried on some things, just for fun. This 1960s inspired tartan dress looked absolutely terrible on me... conveniently it was also very dark in there so none of the full-length shots came out! ;)

This little Dalmatian necklace is by British company And Mary - a quirky little brand they carry quite a few things from!

Love the Kitty! Not something I would wear myself but I know those who would!

These purses are also by And Mary, and I loved the bee one so much they actually gave me one as a gift, which was totally not necessary but very much appreciated! My old purse is in the bin. It seems to be sold out online but they do have the swallows and sausage dog, which is nearly as good... 

I tried on one outfit I would definitely wear - I have a black skater dress very similar to this Nafille one, and I have been known to dabble in faux fur - this one is super soft. It's terribly in fashion too, don't you know? 

Excuse the straight hair for what was meant to be a super casual day and not a blog-outfit-posing day!

Thanks to Hengelo for letting me run riot in your lovely shop, for giving me something slightly different to write about and for my lovely purse. Shop in small businesses, everyone!

Fleur xx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Turkey Part 1 - the Bodrum bit

Well, it's only been nearly two months since I came back, but I thought I'd do some posts about my summer holiday... now that the sun is completely gone. It might work to remind me about when it was hot and my lovely summer clothes weren't vacuum-packed into cotton bricks!

I had the most amazing two weeks in Turkey in September. Neither I nor the boyfriend had been before, and he's been to far more places than me, so that was a bonus! We planned to visit three different areas of Turkey - Istanbul, Bodrum and Cappadocia, with different things planned for each. Bodrum was the relaxation part of the holiday and, therefore, the place where I did very little.

I didn't even bring my big camera out with me when we did leave our sun loungers, so forgive the iPhone snaps for this segment!

We went to three different bits of the Bodrum peninsular over the space of the five days we were there, all on tiny little minibuses. Gümüşlük was by far the most beautiful, tranquil bit. We spent a day and evening sitting on the gorgeous beaches and I walked out to the ancient ruins of Myndos, which you can do at low tide. Sadly, you aren't allowed on the island itself, but you can clearly see the foundations of ruined buildings in the sea. Amazing!

We had a lovely, if slightly overpriced seafood dinner on the beach and watched the sun go down. Bliss.

Bodrum itself is very built up and quite touristy. We went around Bodrum Castle and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology but I have to admit, after 4 days in Istanbul (which I'll cover next), we were thoroughly bored of bits of pottery, broken columns and tiles. Even if they have been underwater. Here's a lovely view from the top of the castle (lots of views in this post)!

Where we stayed was unfortunately, a big mistake and entirely my fault. I picked something that looked decent and cheap, within 15 minutes walk of Bodrum centre. Unbeknownst to me (probably should have checked), it was in a whole other town, Gümbet, which had precisely 3 sentences about it in the Lonely Planet guide to Turkey.
Since it's just 5km from Bodrum, party-palace Gümbet got debased faster than other peninsula villages. Now more or less a British colony, Gümbet is an outpost of neon, cheap cocktails, energy drinks and table-dancing. In winter, the place is derelict.

This was what greeted us on the bus from the airport.

Oh dear. Luckily, apart from the pumping techno we could hear (and block out with earphones), the hotel was perfectly pleasant! The weather was glorious. And there were some good views to be had from the hills on the walk from Gümbet into Bodrum.

Lots of no makeup and swimsuits which I wasn't really up for posing in, so the only fashion shot you'll get this time is the above shot of me posing in a lovely vintage inspired playsuit which I've had so long that it actually looks vintage (plus accidental feature of Rocket Originals bag), and my amazing Lucky Lou souvenir shoes which arrived the day before I went away and were worn nearly every day on this segment of my trip. ♥ This is the third pair of Lucky Lous I have owned as the design of the Souvenir changed a few times over the last 6 years or so and I've sold all my previous ones... these are by far the best with their padded sole. Wish I'd had more chance to wear them over the summer... next year!

I'll post another segment - Istanbul and its amazing sights - next time! 

Fleur xx

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