Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Festive Fleurs!

Welcome to my last Fleur dress post of 2013! We've had quite a few awesome new ones this year, but this one perhaps tops the lot. For it is a seasonal delight. Behold... the Christmas Fleur!

The Heyday Baubles for Santa Fleur dress is made from crisp, Christmassy cotton in bright red, emblazoned with green and white mistletoe, gold and red baubles, sprigs of holly and other festive flourishes. 

It comes with its own novelty button - this time a little Christmas present! 

The trademark pockets are trimmed in forest green - perfect for stashing treats! 

As always, you can tie the waist wrap at the front or back! 

Tinsel halo sold separately, depending if you've been angelic all year ;)

(proudly worn with my Swedish Hasbeens Singoallas!)

This is another limited edition number, we hope they all go before the big day so are on sale for a special festive price of £70. Treat yourself or, if you're like me and find your finances rather stretched at this time of year... get someone else to treat you! Hurrah! 

With super sparkly season's greetings,

Fleur xx


  1. Great dress and you know what? I think you've just set a trend for Christmas head wear!

  2. Very nice dress. It seems that you have already chosen a dress for new year eve.
    Style is always necessary

  3. Christmas feverrr is on :)
    You look elegant in that outfit and I love the cute button of that dress.

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    a real Indian Fashion

  4. great color! great blog

  5. My stars, that is a work for festively fabulous art. I know what I shall be whispering in Santa's ear now this year!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I like the dress but that festive headpiece is glorious. I am seriously in love with it. I don't think you can get any more festive than that dress. I like the silhouette.


  7. When I open up your RSS feed it throws up a ton of weird text, is the problem on my reader?
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  8. Love this look - especially the cut and style of the dress! The present button is also adorable - what a wonderful bit of detail!

    Melissa x


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