Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Keen on Hasbeens

If you follow The Vintage Mafia on Twitter or Facebook, (and if not, why not), you will have seen that over the last month, we have teamed up with Swedish Hasbeens to offer discounts on their awesome A/W 13 range. Subtitled Victorian Gypsies, the colder weather collection is full of beautiful boots and shoes in rich autumnal colours. The lookbook is particularly fabulous as well. Just look!

And, if you read this blog, you will know that I love the Hasbeens very much and have worn them throughout the summer. I've spent quite a lot of money on the wooden beuties. So, teaming up with Hasbeens to do some promotion of their new range was entirely a pleasure and never a chore!

This is when I went to the London pop-up store to see it all with my eyes.

The styling inside the shop always looks awesome. Old luggage is always a winner in my book! 

The Grandma Debutant boots were a top 3 favourite... 

The boyfriend likes these the most but I am not sure at all... thoughts?

I tried on a few pairs of shoes to see which would suit me the best. I thought I wanted a pair of the Gypsy Dancing shoes and, indeed, when I tried them on, they were rather fab.

The trouble was, they only had them in silver in my size and I so wanted gold... or the amazing gold and black ones. 

I'm not AS keen on the curvy heel as I am on the straight one, but in this style, it really works. In the end, I went for a sensible(ish) option for the winter months and went for the saucy Singoalla...

And not even in red, but in black. I shall wear them with black tights and become a Victorian Goth for the winter. So there. Can't wait for them to arrive.

If you missed out on the larger discounts that we offered through the VM social medias, then allow me to share this last, smaller but still helpful discount. Use code: VintageMafia and take off 15% in the Swedish Hasbeens online store (full priced items only) from now until the end of September.

Enjoy, clog fans! 

 Fleur xx

PS. I am not sure what's up with the photos in this post... I cannot do anything with them. Sorry, symmetry fans! ;)


  1. I would really like to try one of their pairs of shoes because I connot figure out how they can be comfortable.... hard to believe that this kind of wood soles can bit comfy on boots! But no dealer here in France :-(


  2. I actually have one question about the Hasbeens. I have bought myself some Sessun pair of wooden shoes (since there are no Hasbeens in Germany) and they're super comfortable. Now what I've heard from other people is that the Hasbeens are extremely uncomfortable. So before I order them online and spend too much money, I wanted to ask you for your opinion. :)

    1. This is my experience with all of my now multiple pairs - very uncomfortable for the frst 2-3 times you wear them, and then, they break in and become comfy like slippers!

  3. I'm with your fella. I quite like those wedge booties. I'd only seen them in the black before, but they look really nice in the brown.

  4. Oh I sometimes DO miss wearing heels like that. I was actually much more comfortable in heels, because I have SUCH a high arch. Anyway, they all look good girl!
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  5. I've wanted to get a pair of Swedish Hasbeens for ages. They are a big purchase though so hard to choose which ones. I really like the winter collection but I think the more summery styles are my favourites. The red ones at the bottom are fantastic. xxx

  6. Lovely heels :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls

  7. beautiful style and very pretty, especially in wearing the same woman as beautiful as she


  8. Asymetry is fine sometines. :)
    The Lace up Wedge Shoe? I agree with your boyfriend - take them, take them, take them and you'll love them.


  9. Absolutely love those Grandma Debutant Boots! I've been looking for a good pair of vintage style shoes for the winter, will certainly have to check out Swedish Hasbeens. I've also got my eye on the A/W collection at Miss L Fire, but I have size 7/8 feet, so my options are a bit limited!


  10. Oh the silver ones are beautiful - love the design! In fact, they look very much like my dearest shoes to date - a pair of golden and silver vintage dancing shoes which I wore until they broke! Something tells me these would be more sturdy, so will have to look into these Swedish Hasbeens! *proudly swedish*

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  13. Love your style great taste :)

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  14. Wow, you definitely made the right choice. Those shoes made me suck in my breath with awed envy.

  15. I love Swedish Husbeens!!! I've got two pair of them and they are so comfortable!!




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