Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer colours

Good Monday, good people.

Last week (or the week before, I am losing track), I posted a new King's Ginger piece from a very beautiful garden. I only like to post a couple of me in KGL posts as obviously, the focus is meant to be on the lovely drink and not my face. But since the setting was so very picturesque and my dress so very worthy of a whole post of its own, here it is. Lots of pictures of a magnificent dress in a magnificent garden.

This is the stunning Del Rio dress by Trashy Diva but which came from Miss Bamboo here in the UK. The amazing Miss Bamboo carries all sorts of US and UK-made goodies and will be the subject of another outfit post and a full spotlight post very soon as I need to show you all the fab things she does. In the meantime, do have a browse on her site!

It has the most amazing detailing as you can see - embroidery on the shoulders and all around the waist. The yellow rayon is perfectly drapey.

I've teamed it with matching accessories, of course. 

Bangles - most bakelite (only the blue one that isn't)!

Swedish Hasbeens sandals! 

Sunnies! Mine cost a whopping £3.99 from H&M. Quite 30s-ish in shape!

I was so overexcited with the joys of summer that I couldn't resist a twirl - the skirt flows rather nicely! 

That's quite enough vanity for one day, but do check out the Del Rio on Miss Bamboo. I am also in love with many of the new Trashy Diva styles... if anyone wants to buy me one of everything, please holler ;)

Fleur xx


  1. you girl are really something <3

  2. Very summery and girly :)

  3. That dress looks stunning on you. I especially love the embroidery detail :)

  4. I gave up wearing contacts a long while ago, but sunglasses like that sorely tempt me to go back to them. :)

  5. That dress is PERFECT! The sunnies are adorable and you look lovely! x

  6. Love it all, the dress, the sunnies, the garden! Your blog is a joy to read, Fleur! xx

  7. That dress is like a wearable fiesta! It's completely gorgeous and going high up on my repro wish list right this very moment.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Who knew yellow would look great on us fair skinned, black haired girls heheeh Looks like you had a blast. Very latina look-love it. I must get that dress now heehe xox

  9. i was waiting for this pictures since your ginger post....

    love the twirling pictures - in the 1. you look like a 40´s hollywood star at vacation :-)

  10. Is it all right to be envious of your nails? :)
    The dress is a true representation of Summer, in all it's glory!


  11. Breathtaking in every way!

  12. Gorgeous Look!

  13. I love how playful you are on these photos:)

    Vote for my vintage costume on Facebook and help me win the Vintage Summer Challenge!

  14. You look gorgeous. I love how the red lip stick doesn’t look like it is too much. The dress works beautifully with you.

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  15. Wunderschönes Outfit und die Sonnenbrille passt perfekt zu dir.


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