Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Meet some meat

I like food. I am a bit of a food nerd and follow lots of trendy foodie type people on Twitter, look longingly at photos of the latest hip food openings but decide not to go until the hype dies down as they never take bookings and queuing is rubbish. And eventually go, maybe. Sometimes not. I am a rubbish food nerd, basically.

But, as anyone who follows me on Instagram knows, I do greatly enjoy taking photos of food and so when we got a new food client at the PR agency and I was tasked with the social media side of things, I wasted no time in EATING ALL... er, I mean photographing all the food they do.

Joe's Southern Kitchen and Bar is, as the name suggests, a Southern style food joint. It's in Covent Garden, so not so much hipster central but actual central. The food is really, really nice and I would know since I have tried every single thing on the menu! I'm actually quite proud of the photos I took so I thought I'd show some of them off and tell you all to pop along to Joe's if you're in the hood and fancy some Southern-style BBQ meats.

My personal favourite - Artichoke & Spinach (& cheese) dip. SO GOOD.

Or southern-fried wings with tabasco honey...

Or corn and rice balls with Monterey Jack...

Soft-shell crab and tempura...

And for mains... 

Big Apple Hot Dogs Huge Pole! 

Side of spicy Mac n Cheese... 

Beef Shortrib... 

Longhorn beef burger of dreams... 

Watermelon salad with goat's cheese... 

And the piece de resistance... BEER CAN CHICKEN! With bum-shaped potatoes. Look at it posing. It knows how juicy and good it tastes.

The desserts are good too. Here's pecan pie and a sundae! 

The cocktails are pretty photogenic as well, though I didn't try nearly as many.

The Bloody Mary comes with a side of toast! Genius. 

Hope you have enjoyed my culinary daguerrotypes and now feel suitable hungry. I do seriously recommend Joe's as a hassle-free place to go and eat, where you can book and never queue outside like a big foodie loser. 

Have a look at the full menu on the Joe's site and the rest of my photos on Flickr

Fleur xx


  1. Wow, all that food is making me super starving! That chicken makes me laugh, such a cheeky presentation - Brilliant!
    and.......Mmmmmmm, cocktails :D

    Emma (Dear Thirty)

  2. Wow!!! I want to eat it all!!! And I just had dinner. ;-)

  3. You can also call it Beer Butt Chicken thats we call it anyway.

  4. ohhhh!
    like you i want to eat them all! looks soooo tasty!


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