Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fleur Does Disco

Well here's something a little different fr your 4th of July. I've gone all 1970s New York disco-tastic! Check me out, dudes.

It was all in aid of Future Cinema's Saturday Night Fever spectacular for which there are only two more showings - tonight and Sunday. It. Was Mega. I have never seen the film before (sound familiar? I hadn't seen Casablanca or Shawshank either). It was a lot darker than I was expecting! But I loved it and I loved dressing up and doing a Farah flick (seen here slightly messed up by the wind) even more.

I have a lot of 2010s does 70s doing 30s style stuff in my wardrobe, including this jumpsuit from ASOS with matching kimono (tied in a knot). Worn with a slightly wonky sheepskin jacket and my Swedish Hasbeens clogs it has a most definite 1970s vibe. I took my friend Jayne Kitsch with me, she wore disco pants (of course)...

Here's what we saw and did!

Big Apple Hotdogs! Best in London/the world! 

After the film started, the entertainment still carried on - dancers came up on stage during the famous dance scenes!

The usual mix of awesome and less awesome costumes were in evidence...

And even when the film was over, the stage show continued!

As always at Future Cinema stuff, there was loads to see and do, including a recreation of John Travolta's bedroom in which to pose...

...and the dance studio! 

I have to say, I really enjoyed dressing up in 1970s for a change - I might introduce the flick into my hairdo repertoire... 

Jumpsuit: ASOS
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens c/o Spartoo 
Coat: Vintage, from a jumble sale

What do you think? ;)

Fleur xx


  1. You look beautiful! Great photos looks like fun! x

  2. This looks like so much fun! I really must get to a Future Cinema event.

  3. O...M....G I have to go to an event there when I visit London. Gah! I love it! You look fabdiscotastic! Yes I just made up that word! I love the 70s so I dig it! Whoot! xox

  4. Wow, that hot dog. I'm so hungry for it!
    Love your outfit

    charlotte x

  5. You ladies look fabulous! Fleur, you could totally add this era into your vintage repertoire if you wanted to. That jumpsuit and the Farah flick look so beautiful on you.

  6. I love the pattern on the green pant-suit! So cool!

  7. you look amazing in this jumpsuit . Me like :) :)

  8. I rather like that jumpsuit, it also looks like it wouldn't have felt out of place in the 1930s. Not something I could ever wear myself, even if I wanted to, I'm much too short and they don't come in my size, you could tie them in a knot on top of my head!

  9. That shot of you in JT's bedroom is amazing! Loving the 70's look. Would have loved to have danced the night away to 70s Disco. Did anyone wear roller boots??

  10. I adore this! I've been playing around with 70s disco looks myself. They're really gorgeous. NGL I'm heading to ASOS RIGHT NOW

  11. The '70's suit you, Fleur! You and your friend look fantastic. Love the bedroom shots. I think you would look great in some Halston-esque dresses. You could also rock the Jeri Hall look from the late '70's- you both have the lovely long hair and statuesque build.

  12. I highly doubt there's a decade you couldn't pull off (awesomely) with the greatest of aplomb, and the 70s are certainly no exception. Seriously marvelous ensemble!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. will said you have a really hairy vagina...

    1. Well I didn't hear your mum complaining!

  14. FABULOUS outfit! It's a bit more Scarface or Casino than Saturday Night Fever perhaps, but hot, hot, hot nonetheless!

  15. Victoria Principal9 July 2013 at 11:42

    Gorgeous, stunning photos, love that vintage dress.


  16. oh my that jumpsuit is gorgeous and looks so fantastic on you! I love the flower print and the way you wore it with that coat! :)
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming

  17. You two are really vintage!! :D Lovely pics!

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