Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Things for me, things for you

I get invited to all sorts of weird and wonderful things through this blog. Many, many mainstream fashion events, launches and press days, as well as lots of vintage-y ones. The former I tend to politely decline - though it would probably be fun and result in a goodie bag of delights, it's not something that would probably rivet my readers, and quite frankly you're much more important than a goodie bag and some wine (and canapés... actually, canapés are pretty important. A close second).

I usually go to vintage ones, providing I'm free. The most recent one I attended with bells on was Angel Adoree's Vintage Tea Party Year book launch, which was an absolute delight, and the review of which shall be gracing these virtual pages in days.

But I'm going to one event today that will be as fascinating to me as hopefully it will be to you. You may remember only two months ago, I went to see the Royal Diamonds exhibition at Buckingham Palace. Ever since I pored over a well-thumbed book on gemstones as a child, I've always been very interested in precious stones, so that trip was a dream, and when I received an invitation to attend a masterclass given by fancy jewellers (with a not-so-fancy name) Diamond Manufacturers, I jumped at the chance. I'm going to learn all about these tiny pieces of hugely expensive, sparkly carbon, not to mention getting up close and personal with lots of them. I can't wait, and will be writing it up afterwards, with all sorts of gratuitous links to famous diamond jewellery pieces... Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly to name but a few. I have to say, diamonds have had a bad rep in recent years, so I was heartened to read Diamond Manufacturers' ethical policy. Hurrah! No idea if there will be a goodie bag. In the mean time, please look at the DM site and await my blog!

Something else which I most definitely need to tell you about is the return of the Vintage Mafia's Ric Rac Club! We're doing a Halloween party as is traditional (I've hosted one every year for the last four!), and it's at an exciting new venue!

The Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker played host to the Tweed Run party earlier this year, and it's a lovely pub. We want this do to be fun and cost virtually nothing, so tickets are a mere £5. Those of you going to the Candlelight Club Halloween special may be interested to know that it finishes at 12am, so you can always stagger a few hundred yards down the road to us and continue the party! We will even let you in at a reduced price if you come after.

Join our Ric Rac Club: Help! A Zombie Ate My Girdle Facebook event page or buy tickets from our special ticket handling emporium. I am so excited, my costume is blinking awesome (I think).

So this post is not simply words (albeit with some words in picture format), here are some rather brilliant old family photos I'd like to share. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some of them already.

My grandmother in the 1930s

My mum (second from the left), my grandparents and aunts at the Taj Mahal (I'm guessing late 60s?)

My grandad's travel agency in the early 60s! Amazing. 

Granny in the 40s. I have loads more I will share later! 

Wishing you all wonderful Wednesdays.

Fleur xx


  1. Fantastic photos! Have a great time looking at the sparklies today.

  2. I love this post! Thanks for sharing, Fleur...especially the family bit. :-)

  3. Your granny was a stunning and I can see so much of you in her. Great post!! xox

  4. Here's an idea for you, madam. Why don't you relaunch the family travel agents, offering vintage holidays to far-flung lands? Ideally, at vintage prices too.

  5. Nothing like looking at old family look alot like your Mum x

  6. Hi sweetie! Your grandfather's travel agency was INCREDIBLE!! Oh how I suddenly hate Expedia. :)

  7. Your photos are wonderful! My grandmother was a bon vivant and a brave traveller in the 40s and 50s, she started her own travel agency when she settled down, in Miami in the 50s. Your photos remind me of her jet-age glamor. Lovely!

  8. Great family photos! I adored them! Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  9. A glamourous and independent grandma - we had one of those - the best role model a girl could ask for!

  10. Fleur, you are your mother (re the Taj Mahal photo). Thank you for the photographs, they are lovely, I so love looking at family snaps.

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  12. Nice Collections!! these are the evergreen things to your life..I too have this type of photos collections.

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