Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Marvellous Miss Bamboo

As I like to do from time to time, I'd really like to sing the praises of one of my fabulous sponsors today. She's been with me a wee while now, and is just a very lovely lady - super glamorous and beautiful, with impeccable taste when it comes to the dresses that she carries.

Ladies and gents (but probably mostly ladies)... Miss Bamboo!

As you can see, she is the best possible advert for her wares, looking gorgeous in a Trashy Diva 1940s style dress in tropical flowers. She carries a lot of TD dresses, which are all really good vintage reproductions. I have a couple myself. The rayon and cotton fabrics used to make these frocks is so authentic-looking (and feeling) - this black background print on Miss Bamboo herself is perfect for autumn.

Miss B & friends... I covet every one of these Tropical Birds pattern dresses!

She also does an amazing array of Hawaiian, Asian and Mexican-themed 1950s style dresses in beautiful barkcloth and cotton.

 saucy senoritas! 

 wonderful wahines! 

If dresses aren't enough for you (or, should I say if you don't want to stop at only clothing, and WHO DOES?), Miss Bamboo also carries a range of 1940s and 1950s inspired shoes, including a selection of drool-worthy Miss L Fire (SOME OF WHICH ARE ON SALE!), and accessories including Miss L Fire lucite handbags, which are a perfect repro of 1950s lucite purses.

Please go visit Miss Bamboo: as well as the site she has a Facebook page too (which I just realised I totally hadn't 'liked' yet... rectified!)

And just for good measure, here's a picture of me looking rather weirdly sad or grumpy at my best friend's wedding preparation... in a Miss Bamboo number! 

Still can't decide what to do with my fringe by the way. Keep or grow out?

Hope you're all having grand weeks!

Fleur xx


  1. I bought a Bettie Pag-clothing this summer from Miss Bamboo. It's nice to get the item home straigt away without having to go trought the customs hazzle when ordering from the US..

    I know the limbo of being in between growing out a fringe or not. But it really suits you, so keep it for another round I'd say!

  2. They're not prints I wear myself but they look marvellous, great photos, glamorous ladies.
    I like your hair best when it's off your face and waved, but whatever makes you feel happiest m'dear.

  3. Oh I love her stuff! They look so authentic whilst having the joys of modern sizing!

  4. I think you're better without fringe

  5. Since you asked, without the fringe you look timeless and classic. You can do anything with your look. The fringe limits you. And your face is lovely and well-proportioned as a whole. You do not need the fringe. But, I understand where you are at. I did the same thing and acquired some fringe 1 1/2 years ago which I'm now growing out. Good luck to you whatever you choose & be happy. ;-)

  6. What cute dresses. All of them. I really like them a lot. Especially the one in the middle on the second photo. And about your bangs, I think you should grow them out. But that's just me.

    Take care!
    Miss Hell

  7. Same as Devika, I think you looked better without a fringe, in my opinion it clashes too much with your general style (which I adore, btw) and limits what you can do with your hair. So unless you want to stop doing vintage, I'd suggest you grow the fringe out - or cut shorter, U-shaped Bettie bangs. But then again, the choice is yours!

  8. Love this blog! and love everything in it!I think you'd love my shop! PLease check it out for the best vintage around!


  9. I appreciate your all pictures, especially in second one. Three of you are so graceful that i want to make up like you


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