Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Olympic Cha(m)pions

Sweet mother of pearl, where have the last two weeks gone? I've been so unfeasibly busy filming an advert and being a stand-in on a film (which have both been exciting), that I've barely sat down at my computer to compose a post. As such I'm now going to be playing catchup and posting some rather old news. Hopefully visually interesting, if old, anyway.

Firstly, a recap on the Chap Magazine's Olympian adventure. I already posted about our first trip the Olympic Park, but we had two more fun days of entertaining the polyester-clad masses before they decided we were too athletically superior after all. Hopefully we'll get invited back to the Paralympics - it would be more fair.

On our glorious day two, we had a slightly higher proportion of Chapettes.

We had more lobster abuse (above) as well as bowler hat carnage..

Not to mention a nail-biting 10-yard Saunter final...

But I thought the most appropriate outfit under the circumstances was one that made me look like a Punch & Judy show. Very British.

I wore this amazing late 30s/early 40s skirt earlier this year, but this time it's paired with my Swedish Hasbeens and also my awesome Bali Elf bag which I have hardly taken off. Having your hands free all the time is a wonderous thing. Thank you, my sponsory friends!

The third and final day of our adventure saw me dressing, for some inexplicable reason, as a mexican folklore dancer. Or at least in a dress with the latter printed on it.

We stood on a plinth outside Leyton and pulled the Usian Bolt post. Or some of us tried to, anyway.

Yours truly was the victor in one match,  and happily, the Head Chap himself, Gustav Temple was there in person on this final day.

The sight of two of the most important Chaps in the world in front of the world's biggest MacDonalds was too good to ignore!

As as far as my outfit goes, I do adore this crazy dress. I must wear it more often (or maybe I shouldn't, it might make it less special...)

As I said before, it was such an honour and a privilege to have been invited to perform at the Olympic Park. Everyone I know, even (or rather especially) the sceptics, got caught up in the fun and excitement of the whole shebang. I now can't wait for the Paralympics and I suspect will feel utterly bereft when it's all finally over.

If you'd like to see more pictures, pop over the The Chap's Facebook page. And stay tuned for a trip to Brighton, a spotlight on lovely sponsor Miss Bamboo, some posts for some really big names, and lots more I have forgotten about...

Lots of love,

Fleur xx


  1. What a delightful time. Super cute shoes, too!

  2. Fantastic! Looks like such fun. Hoping one day I can join in the Chap frivolities! x

  3. What a splendidly fun looking time! And speaking of splendid looking things, I'm rather enamored with your immensely cute yellow and green dress - talk about darling!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. AHHH, your outfits are too wonderful!


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