Thursday, 31 May 2012

Transatlantic crew love

I know I say it a lot, but running has enriched my life... in truly myriad ways. From making me feel strong and healthy, giving me extra confidence and motivation to achieve more in my personal life and career, to bringing me into contact with people from all walks of life that I am now proud to call my friends and colleagues. Granted, this has a lot to do with the sheer honour of being a part of Run Dem Crew, and my fortune to be within a certain area so as to be able to reach it... not to mention the luck of being able to join when it's so hugely oversubscribed with eager would-be members, now waiting in droves. 

As you know, I'm always trying to bring a little link between vintage and running, and so I'm pleased to say that the post I have for you today does manage that to a certain degree. After sadly missing out on the crew trip to Berlin to run the city's half marathon at the beginning of April, I still had the absolute pleasure of spending time in the company of a few of the New York Bridge Runners, a partner crew to ours, also run by Nike, and also full of amazing and diverse people. Specifically, I got to spend some time with the wonder woman that is Robin - a hugely inspirational lady who advocates sweating with swagger, always runs wearing awesome customised outfits, bandanas and lipstick. She's doing a mind-boggling ultra marathon soon, and bandit-ran the London Marathon when she was here, just for kicks, really. Absolutely mad (not her! just the things she is able to do!). Check out her tumblr and be motivated, I dare you.

But I also got to spend some time hanging out with the legend that is Keith Morrison, lady killer, demon runner and film photographer extraordinaire! His Europe project involved documenting the journey of the NY Bridge Runners as they hit up Berlin, Paris and then London, taking rolls and rolls of film on his marvellously old-fashioned camera, and coming out with some truly fantastic portraits of some of the Crew... myself included. The quality of film photographs is just astounding, and is so very hard to match with digital technology. Just have a look and see.

Here's just a tiny selection of some of my crewmates, all of which have blogs about everything from running and weight loss, to fashion, to video games... so while away some time, should you have any checking them out.

Bridge Runners x Berlin...


Nathaniel, and...

...yours truly.

Do go and visit Keith's site to see more photos of the Crew and all his other stunning work... and if anyone wants to give him lots of money to come back over and see us all again (and bring Robin and the other NYBRs!) as soon as possible so we can enjoy his fine company again, that would be most excellent! ;)

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cars, caravans & candy stripes

Step this way and into my blog post all about the Haslemere Classic Car Show!

It was a scorching day, but a lovely one, with so many things to see and do. The absolute highlight for me was finding (and being allowed to pose inside) a fully-restored 1948 caravan, found abandoned in a farm shop undergrowth! Somehow, I didn't manage to photograph the exterior, so here are some details, including the caravan mascot, and a portrait of the lady who used to own it!

I think you'll all agree with me when I say that the interior decor is to die for!

 I was there in my traditional role to judge the best-dressed car and driver category. For me, this amazing machine with its union jack bunting was the clear winner (but wasn't the overall victor):

This stunning black Vauxhall won the 'People's Choice' award!

Even partners Haslemere Wardrobe were selling some lovely bits (although I don't think the roaring trade they did on fur coats last year was being repeated.. phew it was boiling)!

I did my bit awarding prizes to best-dressed ladies, who all looked absolutely fab!

Lovely Jane the organiser got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her other half. Lovely!

And of course, I got a chance to do a bit more posing (as if I needed to do any more...), this time in Mario the Multipla! He's the big brother of the mini motors of the 500 Touring Club, and can be found every year at the Goodwood Revival, acting as a taxi to people of every shape and size! Love him!

First outing this year for my fabulous, candy stripe 40s skirt, purchased from Violetville Vintage, the same boring old rolled-up top as showcased in my post on Sunday... and my very old and very faithful white Rocket Originals shoes!

As you can see, I did my hair up and with a row of rose hairclips in complementary shades of pink and cream... I think I called it Frida Kahlo meets English Rose in my sneak preview... which sums it up pretty well, I think. I'll be doing this 'do again, that's for sure.

There was one final, crucial accessory in my sunny day arsenal, though.

Well a girl's got to protect her already farmer-tanned and semi-scorched skin I mean lilywhite skin!

Do check out the HCCS site... thank you Jane & James for having me back.

Fleur xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Maritime Monday

As much as I would have liked to have spent Monday by the seaside, on a canal, or even at a Lido; unfortunately, I had to spend it indoors. Working, and doing other such boring things.  But at least the location gave me the opportunity to do another outfit post!

Everyone loves a cheeky bit of nautical fashion, don't they? Well, if you don't, shh! I do - you'll have seen me in all sorts of navy trousers and stripey numbers over the last four years of this blog. Well, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for having just managed to put together an entirely new and never-before-seen outfit combo! I've created a kind of 1960s sailor girl look, embracing my new love for (and indeed current need of, given the heat) short skirts; not to mention some snazzy new shoes!

Ahoy! Here we have a high-waisted full mini-skirt, bought when I was trying to be all retro when I went running. It was cute to run in, but the fabric at the waist made it hot, so it got relegated to normal wear, though I don't wear it too often, really. T-shirt is an old stripey favourite from years back... and the inspiration behind the outfit, my smashing new navy & white boat shoes, which I absolutely adore.

T-shirt - H&M I think...
Shoes - c/o Chatham Marine

Ignore my speckly legs, please! But, with my hair all piled up like this, it definitely looks more 60s than it does 40s... or 50s... or even modern, don't you think? Anyway, I must away and so I salute you all!

Hold fast you landlubbers!

Fleur xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sneaker Sunday

Yesterday, I wore a slightly excessive two outfits. Well one and a half, technically. There were good reasons for this, though. Comfort and creaseless driving was my essential outfit requirement for the morning... and something stylishly vintage was needed for the afternoon. But the afternoon needs much more writing up, so here's a quick n' dirty Sunday morning outfit post, showcasing my new-found love of jazzy Nike trainers...

Comfy Vivien of Holloway shorts, and a Primarni top that often gets aired on here (and indeed was worn for the whole day), but this time tucked up into more of a cropped type of dealio. Plus my awesome new Nike Air Max Ones with their lipstick red suede and Liberty-esque floral print...

I love these shorts, but they do go a bunchy around the crotch. Anyone got any tips to prevent that? I keep thinking they might need taking in or something...

Bangles, bien sur, in shades of pink and white mother-of-pearl, plus red plastic clippy hoops and Ruby Woo...

I have a strong feeling that these kicks may divide feelings in the vintage community. So come on peoples, be honest... what do you think??

Fleur xx

PS. Lots of comments saying how they are nice for working out... This is fashion footwear! Please do not even consider wearing AM1s for exercise - they're strictly for streetwear only! Running or any other workouts need suitable athletic shoes - this is not negotiable if you value your joints.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Creme de la crema

Just a bit of a heads up to y'all... I'm participating in a little project over the next few weeks with Lavazza coffee. The challenge is called 'Coffee, Set, Match', and it's all in aid of Wimbledon, giving both me and you lovely lot opportunities to win prizes, from coffee cups, to Wimbledon tickets, to the big one: a holiday to Turin.

Actually I'm already a winner because, as a coffee addict, I've got the best prize in the world ever - a Mio Modo pod machine, which gives me a shot of sweet, caffeinated joy, any time I like. Ooh, it's amazing, I tell ye; and I'm honestly not just saying that! It arrived last week with all sorts of lovely goodies. Check out the love arrow 'spoons'!
The loose coffee will be trialled in my Bialetti stovetop soon too... exciting.

I tried it out with the ¡Tierra! Intenso (I chose it for the name and the Spanish exclamation marks before I actually read the key to find out what the different types were... luckily I found out the blue ones were decaf before I tried them. Decaf coffee, I don't know) first, and in literally seconds I had a cup of very nice espresso. Good crema, strong and rich taste... spot on.
Bonus Run Dem Crew v Berlin badge action in the bottom left there! And bonus boat shoes in the right.

I've also been frothing milk like a demon to make myself very sub-par (at least on the froth art front) flat whites. Even if they look crap, they taste good, ok! More on that later... I'll try to document my progress, but I've quickly learnt it's impossible to take a photo of yourself frothing milk.

But yes, so basically,  I'm not just going to be showing pictures of me making coffee, I'm also going to be doing some research into the history of coffee drinking and particularly the coffee bars of the 50s and 60s (did you know, Sir Cliff Richard was discovered in a coffee bar in 1958? I'm sure all my coffee facts will be equally fascinating), try out some recipes (probably an espresso martini will make an appearance, as well as coffee and walnut cake, obv) and generally justify my amazing coffee machine. But if you're a fellow coffee buff or tennis fancier and want to try to win some of the aforementioned awesome prizes, please do visit the Lavazza/Wimbledon site and try your luck with the Virtual Cup thingy.

Sleep well everyone... I won't! ;)

Fleur xx

Hurry to Surrey

Dear all, or all who live in the Southern Home Counties...

Come to Haslemere Classic Car Show today!  I go every year and judge the best dressed car & owner combo (not that classic cars can be dressed, but ya know), and there's always loads to see and do. Here are some photos from an extremely chilly and windy last year... which is why my hair is so RRRRUBBISH.

I am trying out an entirely new hairdo today... full reveal in the after-event post!

Have a lovely sunny Sunday... don't forget your sun cream!

Fleur xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Shooting pool

Last weekend (or was it the one before? Who knows!), the Vintage Mafia headed en masse to Tooting Bec lido for a very special photoshoot. It was for The Retro Festival, which is going to be the absolute highlight of my summer this year, just as full of colour and sunshine as these smashing pictures!

 It's worth noting that it's taking place in 2012, rather than 2011 ;)

We're going to be at the Retro Festival for the full three days doing something rather special, so stay tuned to hear more. But the festival itself looks like it's going to be amazing, and totally different from the other venture that's taking place this summer.

This shindig is taking place at White Waltham Airfield, Berkshire from 10 – 12 August 2012. There will be not one, but  THREE live music and entertainment stages, a plethora of British rock n roll superstars, classic and vintage cars, caravans, military vehicles and steam engines, death-defying (ish) live action roller derby bouts, live flying displays, the legendary Wall of Death and all sorts of fun stuff for kids.

There will be vintage sellers, repro designers, crafty stalls, artisans and local produce sellers...glamping (as much as I dislike that term!), plus a huge vintage beauty salon and barbershop...

We're all pretty excited about the bespoke 1930s Shanghai Ballroom which is being built, complete with chandeliers, cocktails, big bands, burlesque, comedy and dancing.

I'm not hugely au fait with the UK Rock n Roll scene, so here's the skinny on what's happening in the Black Hangar...
The Black Hangar stage promises a truly MONSTER line up, offering
some of the best Rock N Roll the UK has to offer and will be running all
day every day!

Friday Night kicks off with The Jim Jones Revue as our headliners,
a cross between Jerry Lee Lewis and Marilyn Manson. Living legends
and Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Jets, those crazy young
rockabilly upstarts The Ceazars and the fast and dirty sounds of Jack
Rabbit Slim.

Saturday night features headliner Big Boy Bloater and the Limits, up
and coming vintage music star of the future Si Cranstoun, gorgeous
young things The Lady Killers, Jake Allen, Derriere, and the coolest
Johnny Cash tribute on our shores, Cash.

Sunday and the stage lights up with Greggy G, Berni Woods and the
Forest Fires, Rock n Roll DJ’s, dance displays and the Retro Festival’s
first ever annual “ Battle of the best Amateur UK Elvis” competition.

I think the most heartening thing about the Retro Festival, is that it's put on by huge enthusiasts, who have bent over backwards to keep the prices affordable. It will cost a mere £50 to attend for the entire weekend, only £34 for for young adults between 12-16 years (children under 12 go FREE), camping costs a miniscule £30 for up to 6 people and they're even providing old-fashioned, highly glamorous (I can't bring myself to write glamping again... oh whoops) bell tents (guess where we're staying). There are even single day and evening tickets available. Compared to the prices on offer for similar events, I think we can all agree that this is an absolute bargain.

I hope you'll all follow the links and think about joining us for a day, or two, or three, this August. We have some tricks up our sleeves and I can't wait to tell you more! But for now, do enjoy the fruits of our photoshoot labour... the sun came out for us especially!  Hanson Leatherby, vintage photographer extraordinaire was the magician at work, mixing Leica lens and clever filters to make the Kodachrome-esque wonders you see before you.

Do leave me a comment if you'd like to know more... even if it's just about our outfits! ;)

Hope you all have a lovely and painlessly quick Friday!

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fleur does the Flicks

I don't often get to go to the cinema, so it was quite unusual for me to go twice within two days recently. One of the trips was a rather special event, to which I was invited, along with the Vintage Mafia and some other top bloggers... and the other was a trip we planned ourselves, which turned out to be extra wonderful!

Let's start with the latter.

The Flicker Club was Lisa's discovery. They were showing the Red Shoes, a film loved by many a vintage girl, and one I had never seen before. The site looked good, the film did too, and so we booked tickets and toddled along to Stoke Newington Town Hall. Not only was there some deliciously flavoured popcorn (I had white chocolate) and the film prefaced by a reading of the original Hans Christian Andersen The Red Shoes, which was excellent; but on every seat there was a rather lovely goodie bag!

I do love Hackney, it's true... but I also love the copy of War of The Worlds from the new Penguin English Library collection that I got inside said bag! The new Penguin book covers are gorgeous.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, when we traipsed out of the screening, we found a little stand displaying cards, plus lovely carved ink stamps and old Soviet postage stamps! They offer a hand-delivery service of your own art creations to any address in the East London locality... and best of all, to the Weybridge area, which just happens to be where my best friend lives. Receiving my little card made her day when it arrived the following Saturday. What a delightful thing! Our trip to the Flickr Club was an amazing night, with an amazing film and just generally an amazing time was had... we'll be back again for certain.

The second trip was a much swankier affair, and too right too, because it was all to promote a new series of events at One Aldwych - a fancy hotel in London!

We got to eat salted caramel brownies, popcorn (of course) and drink champagne... and fool around in the lift (and why not)! But most importantly, we got to watch My Week With Marilyn in our own private cinema! I'd already seen it... and *shh* hadn't enjoyed it all that much the first time. But I think the second time was much better, strangely enough!

It was all to promote One Aldwych's new Martini Movies experience, and I'd love it if you'd visit the Vintage Mafia blog to read more about it and see some photos of my glamorous fellow attendees! For now, here's what I wore in more detail...

This was the very first vintage dress I ever bought, in San Diego, in 2005! I still adore it, and hope I can indeed still pull it off with my new modern hairdo. Accessorised with my favourite bangles, some Office brogues and a One Negroni! I love Negronis, or anything with Campari in it, in fact. As my Grandad used to say, the best thing about drinking Campari is when you've finished. ;)

I have so very much more coming up on here in the next few days... and finally, some time to do it! Don't go anywhere, will you...

Fleur xx

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