Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bit Bobs

Yoo hoo! I did plan to put this up yesterday, but the cretinous people at o2 Broadband ruined that plan. I'd love to have a full day of internet connection at some point... but enough about that.

I'd like to announce the winner of the Vintage Trudy card giveaway, before regaling you with some more tales of my exciting* life recently, so imagine, if you will, a drumroll ringing out...

Comment number 60 was left by one Miss Polly Garter! Congratulations Polly! Please can you email me: fleur@diaryofavintagegirl.com, with your address and I'll forward it on to the Trudy team! Thank you all for taking part, I'll have more little giveaways soon!

So what else have I been up to? Well. There was a wedding, at which I got the opportunity to wear my smashing sarong dress from Miss Bamboo again.

Now in colour!

My fab red shoes were bought from Shelley's, which you may or may not know is owned by Miss L Fire... which brings me neatly onto my next point! For at the tail end of last year, I was hugely honoured to have been asked to model for none other than shoe brand of dreams, the same Miss L Fire!

We shot this summery picture in a diner near owner Lynsey Hand's amazing house... it got me more than ready for the warmer weather, I can tell you! I'm modelling the gorgeous Monterrey in Red here, and I also sported the Carnivale style, which is a SHOE with BUNTING on it. Could there be anything better?

Do head to the Miss L Fire Facebook page to see the full and AMAZING range. It's painful to see, frankly. 

Ooh my calves are a bit big these days, aren't they... that's what running does for you, I guess. And with that razor-sharp segue, I'm going to mention running again briefly. Feel free to switch off now...!

Last Wednesday, it was, of course, Leap Year Day. My thoughts weren't on proposals though, but on 'Making it Count'. Nike, who support my running club, Run Dem Crew had put on a mind-bogglingly big event to mark this extra day, with over 400 members from all the different Nike Run Clubs in London setting off from their individual HQs, wearing custom t-shirts and high-viz bibs, ending up at the Southbank. They'd turned the London Eye green for the occasion (it's usually blue) and had all sorts of activities laid on. It was amazingly good fun, not least because I got to run with super cool people from the crew who are usually in different (read: faster) groups. We all ran together through the highways of London and the skyways of Barbican. Just glorious. 

Mubi CT and my actual back, from the 1948 Instagram

Watch this super slick video and see me jogging on the spot on the far right at 0:36. Away away away!

NIKE 29.02.12 – An extra day to #makeitcount from NikeRunningUK on Vimeo.

Just awesome. Really.

Back with more vintage for those of you mentals who don't like running soon. ;)

Fleur xx


  1. Shoes. With. BUNTING. *sound of body hitting floor*

  2. That diner setting looks amazing! And don't worry about your calves, m'dear, years of rowing and army style drill has left my legs beautifully toned but rather muscular!

  3. Stunning, stunning dress! And Miss L Fire?! You lucky girl!

  4. Eeeek...I love those clothes! And the shoes with the little flags are FABULOUS!!!

  5. The bunting shoes are killing me - which colour???? Can't choose which shoes. Do I even NEED them anyway? YES.

  6. I'm also in the shoes-with-bunting-OMG-how-awesome camp, too! So fabulous, my head may explode a bit.

  7. I'm loving the bunting shoes too.

  8. Congratulations to Miss Polly Garter!
    I am also terribly in love with the shoes that have bunting on - is there a better invention out there?
    Glad to hear you had such a good time running. I'm more of a swimming girl myself, but I agree with what you've said before that any kind of exercise makes you feel good :)
    Gorgeous wedding dress too!
    Best wishes,
    R xx

  9. The strawberry dress you're wearing in the first modelling photo is amazing!

  10. I am in love with the shoes I feel a purchase coming on. I admire your running skills I can not run never have even as a child I have short stumpy legs and my chest is too big I would get black eyes!

  11. I didn't know Shelleys was owned by Miss L Fire now. A brand that alas I have to admire from a distance x

  12. AAAHH! I'm in love with your adorable strawberry dress in the first photo!!! Where did you get it? Is it vintage? It's sooo dreamy...I want it! :-D

  13. EEEK....I am so thrilled to have won this! Fleur as usual you look amazing and I adore ALL those shoes. I might just have to treat myself.


  14. Those bunting shoes are just too gorgeous. Hmm... I may be seeing my Diamond Jubilee picnic outfit beginning to take form, starting from the feet upwards...

  15. Those shoes are so gosh darn cute! gah! You look like a true pin up my dear! :) You must have been thrilled to model your dream shoe brand's shoes!!! :) Have a lovely week! Zoë x

  16. hello,
    do you know where I can find miss L-fire shoes on store in london?
    I'm from france and I'll go to london on april, and I want to buy a pair of those fantastic shoes, but I'm a plus size woman and my feet too!! so I would like to try the shoes to see if they fit me. :)
    and also, the hideway trousers are too small for me do you know a shop I can find some trouser like those(but plus size !)
    thank you for your blog, I love it !
    (and sorry for my bad english...)


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