Thursday, 16 February 2012

Now taking BOOKings...

Always one for leaving things to nearly the very last minute, I think it's about time I filled you all in on a very exciting thing, a very wonderful person, and a very fabulous event that's taking place this weekend. 

If you're on Twitter (and even if you're not), you will probably have heard about one Miss Naomi Thompson's first published book, Style Me Vintage: Clothes. I may even have mentioned it on here before (mind like a sieve and no time to check!), but if I haven't, here's the skinny. And the large.

The cover features Miss Jeni Yesterday in a delightful 50s dress. Jeni also models a less usual 50s look inside as I will show you shortly...

La Thompson herself, looking radiant...

Oh! It's me! In the intro bit...

There are sections on looks - formal and informal - from the 20s, all the way to the 80s. Check out the painfully lovely Miss Annie Pancake, flapper extraordinaire.

Jeni in the aforementioned 50s capri look. Each section is replete with swatches of fabrics from that era. The one on the left is one of my absolute favourites.

And the whole Mafia feature. Miss Gemma King looks like a 30s starlet on her page....

Bethan looks absolutely stunning as a 70s girl...

And Lisa looks flawless in 40s formal wear.

Finally, Noms' sister stars in the 80s section... by far the most stylish 80s recreation I have ever seen (and I mean that!).

I realise I'm biased, but this is a stunning book. It's got absolutely everything a vintage newbie could need to know, as well as tips even we old hands would find vastly useful. I'm just so proud of Naomi, I could burst. So it's been an honour to have been working my behind off for the past month or so, helping her create the launch party of her dreams! It takes place this Saturday, and everyone can come along!

We've been running these shindigs for a while, but obviously this one is a little bit special. We've got some truly amazing raffle prizes to give away, many based around our highly tenuous 'literary theme'. *deep breath*

FOUR signed copies of Style me Vintage.

A year’s subscription to BBC Homes and Antiques Magazine.

A bottle of The King's Ginger Liqueur.

Two bottles of bubbly from Freixenet.

Hair flowers from Now Voyager.

A stunning hat from Yellow Bird Hats

Another gorgeous hat from Strumpet Hats

A copy of Am I A Chap? The essential guide for every modern gent!

A pair of What Katie Did seamed stockings and a CD of songs from Fiona Harrison aka Evette the Spivette.

A copy of Learning to Live out Loud by Piper Laurie (of Twin Peaks fame)

Plus lots of food items and other bits we've rustled up on the night. But the raffle is FREE for every Ric Rac guest. We're also planning a 40s DJ set by MOI, a 50s set by Jeni and our famous 60s and northern soul set by All Fringe, No Knickers.

Plus free drinks for everyone at the start of the night, courtesy of our sponsors King's Ginger and Freixenet! Yippee!


There's no pretension at the Ric Rac. We like to think of it (and it has been described thus), as a house party in a pub. There's a fair few people coming on their own, too, so we're going to be mingling like the devil and introducing everyone to everyone else. A truly social occasion for all like-minded folks! Anyway! If you'd like to come, head over the the Vintage Mafia site and follow the links to buy tickets. We will have some on the night, but not many... and the event is Critics Choice in Time Out this week. Eeek!

Hope to see some of you there..and winning those amazing prizes!

Fleur xx


  1. The book is fantastic, pretty and informative. Can't wait for Ric Rac on Saturday. :)

  2. I'll be attending for the first time, sadly I'm driving so shan't be able to take advantage of free drinkies but I shall have a ball no doubt, see you there!

  3. That book looks marvellous and so lovely put together!

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  4. A couple of my friends and I will be heading to this on Saturday. We're relatively vintage 'lite' so expect repro dresses and high street V.I buys but we had such a great time at your inaugural event we wanted to go again :) Hopefully this time I can stay until the end. I have been looking forward to it all week!

  5. Hope there is a Ric Rac Club when I'm visiting the UK in June! :)

  6. That book looks amazing! Since I am in the US, I guess I will have to settle for a copy off Amazon! will pick it up today!
    Savannah Marie

  7. Hi Fleur, I have been reading your lovely blog for a while, now. Love it! So inspiring. Thanks for posting about this lovely book! I have just put through my order through and can't wait to receive it! Hopefully they import it quickly! :)

    Sending sunshine from New Zealand,
    Claire x

  8. I have ordered a couple, one for a young eccentric friend who is just at the age to play about and experiment and the other for an old friend who used to dress like this when young but got out of the habit. I know she wants to get back into dressing in a way that's more true to herself, she's been on about it for a while, this might show her she still can. To think that we used to raid her mum's old cedar chests for her original 50's dresses and cardis etc, wore them to dances and adored them. In the days when such things were merely called second hand. Alas, neither of us would fit them now, boobs too big!

    And I love that red jacket!

  9. Ooh, eee! What a fab night!! I so wish I could be there to kick up my heels with you elegant ladies. Alas, swimming across the ocean is a little out of my skillset. :)

  10. Lovely images and blog of course, Vintage eye candy. Congrats on the book!

  11. The book looks fab I must order myself a copy! I love the dresses you are wearing in both your page in the book and in the picture at the end of this post! x

  12. Oh, I would so love to be able to go - wrong country unfortunatley! Have agreat time. I will def check out the book, looks devine xxx

  13. what a lovely book! Miss Gemma King's hat is to die for!

  14. I wish I could make this! I'd be most delighted to offer a raffle prize for future events though... courtesy of our salon, perhaps some vouchers? Please don't hesitate to ask!

  15. Will definitely have to invest in this book, it looks great. When I hopefully *fingers crossed* move to London, attending the Ric Rac Club will be a priority! x

  16. Hi Fleur! I just wanted to say that I found your blog recently and I absolutely love it. You're so inspiring and I love the way you get highstreet buys to look so vintage! And now I'm rather keen to start my own collection (or start sewing!) of Swirl dresses. Hope you're having a smashing friday. Xx Naomi

  17. Followed link to buy ticket online but said vending had finished, but that tickets MAY be available at the door. Is there any way we can find out as we have an awfully long way to travel to be told the event is sold out ... ? :)

    1. We do have tickets left, please email your name to and we'll put you on a list

    2. Thankyou! Have emailed :)

  18. amazing fotos in this book :3

  19. oh my gosh! i'm so excited that I'll be in england next year and can start checking out all these lovely things in the flesh.

  20. Being just fed up with being a boringly dressed - not boring - 63 year old I am venturing on vintage. I have the book and my friend and I have a date booked with Naomi! Just can't wait....

  21. This book looks truly amazing - may have to treat myself!

  22. I love the Style Me Vintage seris. My co worker has bought me the previous two (Hair and Makeup) so I am really excited to know that there is one for clothes now. Yeah. I'm in the USA as well, so I will order from Amazon.

  23. This book looks fantastic! I love vintage clothes and wish I could wear beautiful 50s dresses. They just make me dream! These clothes are one of the reason I watch old movies.

  24. I love Miss Thompson! This book is really wonderful...I hope she is really successful with this series....the picture with the yellow outfit is just stunning (picture 5). I'm loving it....thanks for posting some pictures of this wonderful book.

  25. My copy arrived today! Thanks for featuring it! It is divine and such a treasure! Beautiful pictures, wonderfully written, seriously inspiring. Such a treat! :) Claire.

  26. I just ordered this book and blogged about it recently! Then I found your blog looking for tweed ride photos. What are the odds?!? You look beautiful in the book! I can't wait until I have the time to really get into reading the information in it.


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