Monday, 31 October 2011

The Jersey Lily

This is the third in a series of adventures I've been sent on, by and for The King's Ginger. I'm following the life, loves and hobbies of King Edward VII, spinning you all an entertaining yarn or two, and, since this is of course primarily a fashion blog, showing lots of pictures of me in frocks. This month I'm talking about the ladies in his life, well; one in particular... Mrs Langtry.

Lillie Langtry was one of the most celebrated society beauties of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. She thoroughly fascinates me, since, looking at pictures of her today, my modern eye doesn't rate her looks especially highly. But since contemporary reports always mention her sparkling wit and intelligent conversation, I feel that she may have been one of those women who, while definitely of above average looks, is so bewitching and magnetic in person that she caused all who met her to fall under her spell. That or she was actually a witch. Who knows!

Born Emilie Le Breton in Jersey in 1853, Lillie was an intelligent and well-educated young woman. Many suitors were captivated by her violet eyes, but Lillie wouldn't even consider marrying a local, having ideas far above her station. A sensible girl, even then! She married Edward Langtry at the tender age of twenty, for the solvent Langtry had himself a yacht, and together they sailed off to the mainland; and thence to London. Lillie had finally escaped the confines of Jersey! It wasn't long before she made an impact on London Society, but, like so much in life, it was sheer (and rather rotten) luck that brought her to the attention of the elite.

Her young brother Reggie was killed in a riding accident and, while attending a memorial gathering held by Viscount Ranelagh at his home in Lownes Square, Lillie's rather unfashionable, simple black gown and her outspoken views marked her out as something very special indeed. Sketched that very night by society artist Frank Miles, then painted by one of my very favourite Pre-Raphaelite artists, Millais; Lillie's image was soon everywhere, outselling pictures of all the starlets of the time. And with her new-found fame came countless invitations to glittering balls, elegant soirées and sporting events came pouring in. Her rise to celebrity was nothing short of meteoric. It wasn't long before the Crown Prince insisted on an introduction.

Prince Bertie was very fond of the ladies. Very fond indeed. And in those days, of course, taking a mistress was not only accepted, it was expected! And when he heard about Mrs Langtry and saw her picture, he arranged a dinner, ensuring she was seated next to him. And the rest is saucy history. He made her his mistress to the exclusion of all others, and given the Prince's reputation as the Hugh Hefner of his day, this was a testament to her irresistible charms. Only a year after they met, The Red House was built.

You see, Lillie was a canny sort. A business woman to the core, she eschewed gifts of gowns and fripperies, preferring the long-lasting benefits of owning property. Having a private lovenest was evidently something that also appealed greatly to Edward, and so the house that is now Langtry Manor Hotel was built in 1877.

When I discovered this information, I couldn't resist going along and finding out more about the lady of the manor.

I thought it only right to wear something a little slinkier than my usual attire, so on went one of my prized Able Grable dresses, accessorised with a bottle of KGL. The staff were so warm and welcoming, which is always welcome after a long journey. And, as fortune would have it, the King's Room was unoccupied, and I was allowed to have a look around!


The furniture is magnificent, completely befitting of a king. From the elegantly carved chairs, to the plump sofa and the huge, four poster bed. Four posters and I don't get on, as I am incapable of not hitting my knee on them usually (last time, so hard I swear I actually reversed time a few seconds). But I managed to avoid it this time!

I just made myself at home, basically.

The hotel is also home to a small but fascinating Lillie museum, with dozens of photos, prints, playbills, pieces of memorabilia, and even one of her dresses, a magnificent cream silk number. Lillie was the very first ever woman to do a celebrity product endorsement, for Pears Soap! I hope one day I get famous enough to advertise Matey bubbles.

After her affair with Edward ended in 1879 (after, as urban legend had it, she made fun of him at a dinner party, and they fell out), financial problems led her to a hugely successful career as an actress. Edward obviously continued to care for her, as he was known to support her plays and comment positively on her work. Whether she was actually good at acting and not just a beautiful piece of wood, I have no idea. But I was fascinated to see pictures of Lillie in costume and the posters from her shows.

The house is indelibly stamped with Lillie's personality. Not only did she design it, but she had mottoes inscribed all over it:  Dulce Domum (Home Sweet Home) on the back and Stet Fortuna Domus (may fortune attend those who dwell here) outside the King's Room. The stained glass windows in the dining room are exquisite, and the little details within, such as the King's Peephole, where he could spy on the dining room guests to see if he wanted to come down and see them, are marvellous.

But while this learning history malarky is interesting, it doesn't half make you peckish. There was only one thing for it... to eat. I made a bee-line for the bar, and found my gingery friend in pride of place. I'm afraid to say I went for something a little weaker though...

Oh, afternoon tea. The best of all the things. The best time of the day, the best drink and the best meal known to man. The tea at Langtry Manor is a fraction of the cost of teas in the smart London Hotels, but it is absolutely heavenly. Home made sandwiches, freshly baked cakes and warm scones, plus fresh smoothie shots and the richest little tarts I've ever tried. I think Lillie would have approved.

But after all that delicious grub, and all that history detective-ing, I was feeling rather stuffed and sleepy. Good thing that ginger is good for the old digestion, eh? There was only one thing left to do, have a lie-down on the King's Bed for forty winks before home!

Langtry Manor is a wonderful place to visit, if you ever find yourself in darkest Dorset. Not only is it fabulous in itself, but owner Tara even runs a rather splendid scheme, The Dorset Local Business Women Awards; something else of which Lillie would also highly approve, I've no doubt.

Until next time, hope you're all having a spooky Halloween... check back tomorrow to see my rather un-terrifying costume effort.

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

(Touch)paper Anniversary

This week marks a pretty momentous event in my calendar, for it is now precisely one year since the formation of that most fabulous, most glamorous, most dangerous and most wonderful of the London-based, six-strong, vintage-wearing girl gangs there is. The Vintage Mafia is now one year old! Happy Birthday to La Maf!

 I've posted on here before about our origins, and it's been detailed on the site in our Meet the Mafia section, but if you're too laid back to click (and who would blame you), then the story is quite simple. It was the first time we'd all got together, and we went to the Candlelight Club (which was newly launched back then), drank some cocktails and some dreadful cheap wine, kidnapped a dapper chap, and sang Kate Bush songs into the night. You know, as you do. The rest is history.

I met those gals at a time when I needed distraction, entertainment and laughter. Thankfully, and thanks, in fact, to the gals, that time is long behind me, but the friendship and partnership just grows with every passing week.

Friends are great, aren't they? I mean, I have other friends that I love dearly, but to have some that share almost ALL your obsessions (vintage, gin, shoes, Beyonce) is truly special. And if Bethan, whom I'd met only once before, and who had never met the others, hadn't plucked up the courage to come out, then who knows what she would be doing now! Much the same as she is doing... but without us ;)

But seriously, you guys. We've had some mega highs and some mega lows within the group, but we all rally round to support each other. And we've met some amazing new family members along the way. The whole aim of our events Company, if it can so be called, is to bring a new level of social interactions to the vintage-loving, music-digging, silly-fun-having scene of London and beyond. This is why we created our Sunday Sale & Social, with people travelling from miles around to come and hang out. And be photographed by the immensely awesome Hanson Leatherby.

Give this man a medal! Or a commission.

But we're also extremely proud of our Ric Rac Club, the last of which was described by our guests as being like an 'amazing vintage house party', with people dancing everywhere, hanging out, meeting each other and generally having an awesome time. And this one on that most explosive of dates, November the 5th, promises to be even better; with two guest DJs, a live set of Ukelele music (including some modern hits!) by Gemma, free drinks, the Ric Rac Raffle, and tons more. Since we sadly can't all be together this weekend, we'll be celebrating our paper anniversary in style (and in just over a week) with toasts, indoor fireworks, dancing and more fun than you can shake a stick of dynamite at on the next. All this party action and social splendour for a mere £8? Heck yeah!

5th November apparently the hardest night of the year to sell out, but we aren't doing too badly. Still room for lots more revellers before we sell out though! I have to say, so far, male guests are slightly outnumbering female ones! Come on vintage gals of London Town, roll up to the Ric Rac!

Come, come, come! We promise it'll be better than being cold outside with drunken chavs. Come and be warm inside with drunken anachronists instead! You'll see plenty of fireworks next August. ;) If that wasn't enough, you'll be immortalised by the vintage lens of Mr Leatherby while you party.

Extra free drinks are guaranteed for Fireworks night themed costumes! Our Ginger Gunpowder cocktail is made with gunpowder tea and King's Ginger, and we promise it will be delicious. I'm thinking about getting a seasonal Guy Fawkes V mask - V for Vintage? I think a bowlcut and moustache would suit me, non?

I'll stop banging on now, but I'll be back next week with the full list of prizes for the free Ric Rac Raffle. Oh, the excitement! And I will actually have some actual fashion on here soon. Actually promise.

Stay classy, ladies and gents!

Fleur xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ginger winner


Sincerest apols for the lack of anything interesting on this blog recently and the extreme lateness of the King's Ginger draw. I did it yesterday and it was thus...

This meant it was the lovely Penny Dreadful who won! I emailed her to get her address and the KGL will be making its spicy way to her soon. Congrats lovely and commiserations to those who didn't win - there will be plenty more opportunities to win and to go to events both on here and on the KGL Twitter and Facebook. Do follow.

Back soon!

Fleur xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Ps and Qs. Mostly Qs

Manners are very important. I was brought up to be a nice girl and always say please and thank you. And, as this blog grows in popularity and readership, I often get sent things, or invited to things; and so quite a few thank yous have been in the pipeline and it's time I addressed them. I only undertake a small number of actually sponsored posts, and the following things are not sponsored per se - I didn't receive any actual remuneration, and if I didn't think them worth mentioning, I wouldn't. I think they will be either useful or interesting to you lot, though. So here goes nothing!

Firstly, since everyone thinks I only get invited to glamorous soirees, this might seem a bit of an odd choice. But I can be a sensible girl, and so I thought going to the following event was a bloody good idea. Yes, it was a ladies' evening at my local Kwik-Fit.

Upon a quick Google, I just found some rather disdainful blogs from last year, scoffing at the idea of a 'Ladies' Evening' - what, no men's evening? they cried! But as someone who is quite pathetic when it comes to my car (apart from pumping tyres and checking oil and water), I have no such qualms about attending such an event, given that the very first thing I do when I have a problem with my motor is to call my dad. Sorry feminists.

So useless am I with it, that when I did prang a wheel in this January's snowfall, I called him, got very detailed instructions about jacking it up and, feeling all Rosie The Riveter-like was all proud of myself... until the jack slipped and I caused very significant damage to my sill. Turns out I, in fact, can't do it.

I've also been to an (un-named) garage with my dad in tow (for backup) and found they did address him the whole time, even when I was the one asking questions. Irritating! Anyway, I did want to feel a bit less useless so off I popped to the event.

Some of it was very basic and aimed at the totally clueless, but we did learn useful maintenance and guidance on things like changing lightbulbs, replacing spark plugs, doing oil changes, differences between makes and engine sizes and other odds and sods, including products we can use to clean our engines (inside) and improve performance. The chaps were absolutely non-patronising, helpful and sincere, even when asked such girly questions as, 'Is there anything I can use to clean the outside of my engine as it gets awfully dirty?' This wasn't me - I couldn't give a monkeys about the outside of my engine! Anyway, the event was completely free and I'd recommend it to anyone who is a bit useless around cars - it might help you save money on servicing or avoid failing your MOT... and saving money is always a winner.

The next thing is a bit of a strange one. There's a real trend at the moment for immersive theatre, and quite right too - it's ACE. I was recently lucky enough to win tickets to a Punchdrunk production for Playstation's new Resistance 3 game, and spent a terrifying half hour wandering round a post apocalyptic office complex and bravely being the only one in our group to grab a key from a playing-dead-but-clearly-alive (but biding his time) 'body' before running for my life through a warehouse filled with zombies. These things make peoples' true colours shine, I tell you - none of the men being brave enough for the key part, and at one point leaving me at the back where I tripped up and scuffed my new shoe, not to mention being at the mercy of the 'reanimated' body. No one noticed, or helped me! I blame feminism for this, too (kidding). The adrenaline was totally worth it!

These things aren't new, as anyone who ever got fondled by grown men in rubber alien suits at the Aliens thing that used to be in the Trocadero in the 90s will attest. But they have gained in popularity recently. Last week I went to a rather less scary version, Office Party.

That video is kind of nothing like it actually was, but it gives you an idea. Upon arrival, you're sorted into Departments at the fictional Product Solutions - HR, Accounts, Executives, Domestic Services, Creative and Consumer Social Responsibility. I got sorted into Executives, before realising my friends were in CSR, so I swapped, not realising the Executives got taken into some VIP lounge... so I have no idea what happened in there. But everyone then went off with their heads of department for a 'pep talk' before heading into the party proper. Ours was a hippy type - all the heads seemed to be quite well cast. Especially the cleaning lady, Kath. But without spoiling it, it's kind of quite a realistic lame-tastic office party, complete with painfully cheesy disco, 'low-budget' entertainment, skits from the heads and so forth. The authenticity was inadvertently improved further thanks to the people who'd obviously come straight from work and standing about awkwardly in their suits, not talking to anyone. So actually... I wasn't sure I liked it! Was that the point, though?! I didn't *dislike* it, but it wasn't as exhilarating as Punchdrunk or as satisfying as a good play. But it was a real experience and like nothing I've ever been to before. There were some very unexpected and well-acted parts though. It's very hard to explain without spoilers. All I can say is, just go along and see it for yourself... and tell me what you think.

Finally, onto a more standard glamorous shindig. The Vintage Mafia were invited along to the launch party for Soap & Glory's brand new cosmetics range. I had a preview of them (more on this later), but none of the other girls had. Four of us made it along, and not only was it a lovely bash with pink wine and canapes (I love a can-ape, I do), and the products are incredibly good. We all had different favourites, but I will be getting good use from the Show Good Face foundation (for shoots when I'm not using my mineral one), the It's About Prime eyeshadow primer and brown/nude Lid Stuff palette, and the Arch de Triomphe eyebrow duo. Oh, and the Kick Ass Concealer. Seriously, try them out, gals. They're in all good Boots stores now. Here are some photos!

They took some cute polaroids of us as well... have a look on the Soap & Glory Facebook page if you'd like to see them all!

I've actually filmed some videos for them, but whether they'll use them, I'm not sure... stay tuned!

So thank you everyone who has invited me to stuff lately. I'm sure there will be more thanking to come.

Have a good week, gang!

Fleur xx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Bright Young Gin

I don't often write about perfumes on here... in fact, I can't ever remember doing so before. I have never been concerned with 'vintage' scents - I actually quite intensely dislike some of the more famous old names like Shalimar and Chanel no. 5. On myself at any rate - No. 5 smells amazing on Jeni, but terrible on me. I go for rose perfumes on the whole, sometimes fruity ones, and rarely vanilla-based ones. So when I was asked if I'd like to try a sample of a scent inspired by none other than GIN, I was most intrigued.

I am, as you know, a fan of gin. To drink, that is. I have never been especially fond of the smell of it, though, so I hadn't expected to like Penhaligon's Juniper Sling. But it's a very interesting scent, and interesting is my favourite thing. And the deco packaging is lovely.

On to the important part... Well, it does smell an awful lot like gin and tonic, I have to say. At least on first opening of the vial I received. So I half-expected to smell like I'd spilled a glass of said libation down myself... but actually it mellows out to something sweeter. According to the website, the base notes are Brown Sugar, Black Cherry, Vetiver, and Ambrox... not being a perfume aficionado, I have no idea what the last two are; but I like 'em. It's a unisex scent, and was, of course, inspired by the Roaring Twenties and the so-called Bright Young Things. Thus, the Art Deco merchandising of Juniper Sling appeals to me greatly. The window display I saw and snapped outside Penhaligon's of Burlington Arcade is smashing.

And while the waist-less fashions of the 1920s don't suit me at all, they do please me aesthetically. The well-dressed misbehaviour of the Bright Young Things is, of course, something I wholeheartedly agree with! So I'm glad that Penhaligon's have gone for a lighthearted approach to marketing. This tongue-in-cheek promo video is just the ticket.

With the recent return of Boardwalk Empire, I've a feeling that Roaring Twenties parties are going to be all the rage this winter.  I was delighted to find out that Leluxe Clothing, a US-based brand I posted about on here years ago, have launched a UK-based site which is run by the amazing Vicky of Vintage Tea Sets! The Leluxe Clothing UK site is still under development, but catalogues can be ordered and enquiries made. The gowns are exceptionally amazing, and without the delicacy and huge expense of genuine 20s articles. My mum is coveting many of these glamorous confections!

Once you've sourced your perfect frock, all you need do is add a bandeau headband or beaded cap and a smoky eye (I love Soap & Glory's new Lid Stuff palettes), and you could give It Girl Clara Bow a good run for her money. If she was still with us, of course.

But because I'm just that wild and crazy that when I go to 1920s themed events (the Candlelight Club for instance), I just go 1940s. As do most of the rest of the Maf. But when we're there we're quite flapper-ish in our behaviour anyway, so never mind, eh.

As seen making waves (or rather faces) at the Candlelight Club.

So anyway. Penhaligon's Juniper Sling. It smells lovely, very much evoking the scent of a fresh G&T but without making you seem like a lush. Not more of one than you already are, anyway. ;) Go and check it out and have a sniff of it at your earliest opportunity.

I leave you with one of my favourite gin cocktails - the Aviation - as described in Hugo Ensslin's Recipes for Mixed Drinks, published in 1916.

1/3 Volume Lemon Juice
2/3 Volume Gin (I favour BBR's No. 3)
2 dashes Maraschino liqueur
2 dashes Creme de Violette
Shake well in a mixing glass with cracked ice, strain and serve.


Fleur xx

PS. This post was indeed sponsored by Penhaligon's, but I only write about awesome, cool and splendid things. Life's far too short to be boring and/or smell bad.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Winsome booze

Now that the weather has stopped being COMPLETELY MENTAL started giving us an actual excuse to drink strong booze (to keep warm), and I start clinging onto my summer wardrobe by wearing super sexy thermal vests and big pants underneath thin frocks (why yes boys, I AM single), I thought it was about time I did a seasonal giveaway. Not of big pants as I wouldn't wish them on my arch nemesis (which is, in fact, winter... ooh, physics conundrum) but of a warming bottle of strong liqueur.


The King's Ginger is guaranteed to ward off cold germs, SAD, evil spirits and chilblains.* And if you haven't tried it yet, then quite simply, you need to rectify this. So I'm offering one lucky reader (in the UK, sorry - import laws and that) a whole bottle of said regally piquant palliative to do with as you please. What you might do with it is entirely up to you. It might even work as a super luxurious version of Deep Heat... don't try it at home though.

If you want to be normal about it, and just drink it, god, then try this month's recommended way to imbibe KGL.

The King's Squeeze

35ml King's Ginger
125ml Bitter Lemon
A generous squeeze of fresh lime

To enter, you simply need to leave me a comment below. It can be anything you like, from 'Comment', to 'I love boooooshe I doesh' (if you've been tippling already), to your favourite joke (best option).

If you would like another entry, you can tweet about the giveaway, mentioning @TheKingsGinger (so we can keep track), but please ensure you leave me a SECOND comment here saying you've done so (I like to make these competitions as simple as possible for my own simple brain.

OBVIOUSLY, you need to be over 18 to enter.

And UNFORTUNATELY you can only reside in the UK as we can't post booze abroad.

But those are the only rules.Winner will be drawn by random number generator so witty comments won't be favoured, but they will be appreciated.

I'll draw the winner on Sunday 16th October. Follow The King's Ginger on Twitter or Facebook to find out the winner first and to be a party to more goodies soon...

Enough from me - over to you!

Fleur xx

*Guaranteed only by my imagination and not by actual scientists.

Friday, 7 October 2011

A little piece of history

I often like to harp on about the fact that I'm not really a living historian, and mainly just like the clothes of the eras I adore. And the furniture. And the cars. And some of the music... But as my bio over there states, you're really more likely to find me dressed up to the nines doing my shopping, or dancing at an indie night. But though I don't re-enact, I do love thinking about the life of the vintage clothes I wear, and the antiques I own. At heart I'm a bit of a history nerd, really, and investigating the background of places and things can be really interesting. This is why I jumped at the chance of doing a bit of research into the life of King Edward VII for the King's Ginger... and why I have a serious addiction to buying vintage.

 History doesn't have to be serious. Luckily.

Some things just fill me with nerdish glee, though - finding an exact twin of a dress I own is one. Discovering the sewing pattern used to make a hand-sewn vintage frock is a big one, finding a drawing of an exact outfit in a catalogue another. The rarest of these rare gems is to find a note or photo of the original item being worn or used. The latter has never actually happened to me, though I've seen others post about such finds on their blogs.

pattern and frock!

Vintage clothing only goes back so far, and I greatly enjoy exploring the background of much more enduring things, things that have been with us for centuries. Museums are the obvious place to start, but sometimes doing your own digging can be so rewarding. Researching just a tiny proportion of the vast backstory of Kew Gardens, Chiswick House and Brooklands recently was fascinating (and there is so much more to come). If only stone, or statues, or trees could talk! But while we can research the known facts of bricks and mortar, it's unlikely that we'll ever know the actual history of the clothes we buy. This is where imagination comes in!

"Always wear ruffles to do a raffle" - me, 2011.

Just think... what fancy soireés has your sequinned cocktail dress attended? What decadent balls would your gown have been whisked to... and with whom? Your circle skirt might have jived with the cutest boy in town, or been shown off in an all-night cafe with the latest rocking hits on the jukebox. Was the girl who wore your frock the life and soul of the party, a wallflower, a career girl or a homebody? Might your Forties suit have been worn by a war bride on the happiest day of her life? What chores could your housedress have endured? The funny thing is, if you have a relatively intact one, it probably hasn't seen all that much housework action, for if it had, it would be in nearly such good nick! Since we'll usually never know exactly who wore our vintage, then just imagine the most fabulous person you can, and channel her (or him) every time you wear it. I do just that – from wearing little or no makeup with a 1930s housedress, to putting on a brave burst of colourful and patterned fabric (as well as red lipstick and hair adornments) when I need a confidence-booster. And when you're passing your precious things on in time to come, consider including a photograph of yourself wearing them, dancing or having fun... I guarantee it will fascinate future generations of vintage wearers!


Sadly, many of the things I wear on a day-to-day basis won't last more than a few years, let alone a few decades. But my well-made repro frocks, my sturdy jumpers and my lightly-worn party frocks and gowns will. I know through all the adventures, parties, dreams, tears and laughter I've given all these garments some great stories... if only they could tell them!

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Chill in the air

'At last', I head so many of you crying, as you finally start digging out the wool. It's not coming from my lips as I'm not a fan of autumn weather (golden leaves: yes, kidney chills as I try to cling on to summer clothes: no), but it does allow me to start talking about autumn fashion!

One lovely new company whom I had the pleasure of modelling for are a brand-new British brand, run by a very hardworking and enterprising young woman called Lizzi. She's been nose to the grindstone for nearly a year getting this off the ground, and so it gives me great pleasure to give her a big old plug.

Bettie Blues Loungerie is aimed at ladies who love to lounge (of course), and her launch range features both nightwear and her amazing Siren Suit - a loving recreation of a WWII garment, but one made out of modern fabrics for ease of care.

It's a two-piece set with a button-up top and high-waisted pull on bottoms in rich and stretchy jersey-lined velvet. It's a seriously warm set (especially when shooting on a hot day!), and couldn't be more perfect for the autumn and winter. The Siren Suit comes in black, purple and olive green - all are lovely! The pieces can be bought separately, and each one is also made in the UK as Lizzi is very keen to support British industry.

I also modelled an array of seasonal headscarves.

Winter Rose and...

Autumn Poppy. These gorgeous, pure silk headscarves are hand printed and hand-made in the UK. The summer ones were even more gorgeous, so watch out for those early next year!

The other model I was privileged enough to work with was the amazing Miss Banbury Cross. She is painfully stunning, with a figure to die for. Just wait till you can see the gown she got to wear! But this cute lemon yellow baby-doll set was pretty ravishing enough, let me tell you...

  Lizzi has also created two rather fab net scarves for protecting your pincurls at night. The Marilyn Scarf comes in black or pink, each covered with tiny ribbon bows...

The best thing is that I have a Marilyn scarf in my possession, which is going to be given away as one of the Grand Prizes at the very next Ric Rac Club Raffle! If you follow that link, you will also see the new Vintage Mafia site in all its glory, call it a soft launch before I shout about it all over this blog in due course!

I loved doing this little modelling job, and I do hope it will encourage you to pay a wee visit Betty Blue's Loungerie and support this fab new company.

Fleur xx

PS Banbury's and my hair and makeup were both done by the super talented Miss Honey Bare of Heyday Honey.

Take a look!

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