Monday, 27 June 2011

Red hot pokers

As I sit here sweating in my living room on this sticky summer's day, trying to write and failing miserably, how about some self-indulgent outfit photos instead? Not that every other post on this here interwebular diary isn't self-indulgent, but hey ho! Sometimes you have to call a spade a show off. Here's what I wore when I met my mum for lunch and chats at Wisley gardens! Warning! These photos contain very little real vintage!

 Here I am with my party hair (which sadly will not last long), looking a bit like a certain Madame C. de Ville; posing with the aforementioned red hot pokers!

My mostly high street outfit comprises some fabulous, high waisted and wide-legged culottes from (shh!) Topshop, a blue cardigan from (shh) H&M, and a peasanty blouse from (shhhh!) Primark again. The culottes are ones that can be found in the wardrobes of at least 4 and possibly more of my girlfriends - we know a good piece of vintage-inspired high street clobber when we see it! I think they were actually designed with the 70s in mind... but since the 70s was a sort of 30s revival in many ways, it works very well when paired with the right other bits. My shoes are the blue Kate from Rocket Originals! Psst. Did you see their amazing new cream playshoes? I want them so very much!

 This one shows the print off a little better... and my trusty 60s bamboo handbag!

An armful of bangles in matching/neutral shades is my standard look. I love curating bangles to go with my outfit (I'll do a whole post at some point!), but if I don't have any in the predominant colours (this particular red or navy), then I stick to the tan/browns so they always go with my bag!

I really like my new hair... but they will absolutely hate it at my casting agency. So it will be gone before too long. Booo! Hence all the photos while it is still here. Stay tuned for another update soon, hope you're all keeping well on this muggy Monday.

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

When it's time to Party

...we will Party Hard! And by golly we did! Lots of photos follow, so avert or direct your eyes below...

Last Saturday marked the third annual joint Birthday Bash for myself and Torquil Arbuthnot of the New Sheridan Club. This year Miss Bethan of the Vintage Mafia joined us and a truly awesome shindig was put together. The playlist consisted of vintage tunes, punk, metal and totally reem pop. ;)

I even did new Party Hair.

The birthday trio in all our glory. Miss Minna made us pictures, scattered across tables. But let me get one important thing out of the way... my whole outfit in all its slightly lesser glory!

Yes... it's a custom made Fleur dress with kittens on the skirt! My birthday present from Shona! Worn with trusty white Remix wedges, bamboo and bakelite bangles, plus bamboo earrings.

The guests were super stylish... of course.

Shona and Twan Heyday with Naomi and Lisa of the VM.

Mr Wax and his wife Kezia, wig designer extraordinaire are in the middle, flanked by Pandora Pitstop and husband.

Fay and Matt of glamorous wedding fame.

Hannah the Fifties Queen!

Lisa B with Naomi and beautiful Akeela
Good hair was much in evidence. Minna sports a Miss Betty pageboy!
Birthday Bethy and the Nomlette
It wasn't all about vintage though! My gorgeous little bro dropped by!

As did these gorgeous boys...

Even members of the world famous comedy sketch group Zeus' Pamphlet came along (if you're going to Edinburgh Festival this year, do not miss them)!

I was shocked by the arrival of cake...

I was pleased by cake...

I ate cake with my face on it in a 'seductive' manner... creepy!

FACE CAKE! My birthday present from Vintage Patisserie. Thank you Angel Adoree, inspirational business woman I am proud to call a friend. And thank you also to Elisabeth Blanchet who kindly took so many of the above photos! Click the link to see more (as if you aren't sick of my face by now...)!

I'll stop boring you all there. I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends to see me into my 4th decade. Being 30 isn't so bad... here's to the future!
Lots of love to you all,
Fleur xx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Birthday suit

Yesterday was my birthday! I am now Thirty Years Old - a real milestone has been reached and my first flush of youth is firmly behind me... sadly.  But don't worry - I don't intend to give up the ruffles (as discussed recently) or girlish outfits quite yet. I'm even having a slight third-of-life crisis and actually put one of my long-abandoned nose piercings back in last weekend. Not vintage, but does it matter?

I spent the day having an important business meeting (more on this later), followed by lunch and another visit to the Cult of Beauty at the V&A with my wonderful mum. Who subsequently got stuck on a train for FIVE hours trying to get home. South West Trains, if you read this, you are truly a bunch of cretins for ruining the end of a lovely day out. I wore my birthday suit for the day... a playsuit that happened to be worn on my birthday, you filthy minded so-and-sos! This was a recent find - pretty bargainous and no one else bid on it. Following the pictures will be another vintage shopping tip so do carry on...

No idea why I look so stern - sorry about that! But behold the Birthday Suit! It's a rather splendiferous all-in-one house dress/culottes/playsuit/thingamygig, made by Princess Peggy and completely deadstock! Being of Amazonian proportions, I was slightly worried about whether it would fit me, length-wise. But it does! Could probably do with an inch less of torso, but what's an inch between friends? It doesn't 'cut me in half', if you catch my drift... so that's all that counts. It's seersucker, with the top white bit being patterned with black wishbones, and the black with white wishbones. The contrasting green sash is also fab, don't you think? Worn with assorted bamboo, bakelite and plastic bangles, and my white Remix sandals.

On a side note, the one thing I am not enjoying about my new-found love of Running, is the effect it's having on my calves. They have always been 'shapely' (read: wide), and now they're positively huge. Bah.

Green bakelite earrings, Revlon Cherries in the Snow lipstick and hair that needs a brush completes the picture!

Here's a closeup of the fabric, with another tip for spotting real vintage. With only a little bit of experience, you can tell a 40s or 50s brand a mile off, due to the font or general label design and motifs. Princess Peggy is a well-known brand, but even if it wasn't, the typography and the portrait are a dead giveaway.What you will never find in a dress of this age is a care label for machine washing or dry cleaning. And you probably won't find a size label. Unless...

It's deadstock!

Ignoring for one moment my horrifically discoloured, yellow claw/nail (this is what constant wearing of red nailvarnish does kids, even with base coat! It's now been covered up by a coat of mint green), you can see this garment is deadstock because it still has its paper size label. One wash, and this flimsy tag will start to dissolve, and its information will be lost. It's always interesting to find them, not only because you know you've got a pristine item, but because sizes were as strange back then as they are now! A size 12 should have a 30-inch bust! I can assure you mine is much bigger than that, yet it fits. I have frocks in my wardrobe ranging from vintage 12 to an 18 and they all fit. The more things change, eh!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

White rabbits

Happy June everyone! I'm looking forward to this month, and all the debauchery and shenanigans it holds. This time last year, I had no inkling of the epic fail that the rest of the year was to become for me, and this year has been one of much change so far. This time next month, I will have turned 30, partied with vintage people, metal kids and fellow birthday girls and boys; attended many important meetings, been on a film set, been an actress for the first time, presented something for the telly box,  been to a Broadway show, run my first 10k race... it's a busy month for sure. I am equal measures excited and apprehensive! I shall endeavour not to disappear for the duration, too!

The last few weeks have been pretty magical, too. I've been to comedy shows, worked for the Imperial War Museum, seen the utterly amazing Cult of Beauty exhibition at the V&A (and absolute MUST for anyone who is a fab of the the Pre-Raphaelite era...or indeed beautiful things of all kinds), and modelled for the Haslemere car show! I have some photos from the latter to show you, though the annoyingly rubbish and unpredictable British weather made this bank holiday event a chilly one, and ensured I looked less glamorous that I would have preferred. Well, at least as far as my hair went... it was blown into a rather bedraggled mess! The day itself was wonderful - cars galore from all eras, Edwardian steam machines to 1970s muscle cars. Plus a brilliant band and loads of stalls.

Lovely Jeni and Bethan came along to see what it was all about, looking as gorgeous as always. My escort for the afternoon was Victor - the rather dapper chap you can see here. He got his boating blazer out especially for the occasion.

Victor was the owner of one of the very smallest cars in the show. A teeny tiny Subaru from the 1960s. It wasn't the smallest one there, though. As the tallest *girls* in the show, Bethan and I decided it was only right to get into the little Isetta bubble car! My granny had this exact car in the 50s... hehe!

(Picture by Jeni!)

...aaand we also posed in a Sunbeam...

Having a good laugh about something... Good tassles on the left there, too! ;)

Some good supporting of fabulous British repro brands here, with J and B both in Heyday trousers, and all three of us in Rocket Originals shoes. Bethy is also wearing a Tara Starlet blouse. The gals got some amazing bargains at the TS sale last Saturday... I just couldn't afford to go - tiny violin! I'm in an early Swirl, and I'm sorry you can't see due to the fur coat I had to borrow from the Haslemere Wardrobe stall for the day. I hope this doesn't trigger a debate about fur... but for the record as a meat eater and leather wearer, I have no problem with fur, specifically vintage fur that's been around for 50+ years; and I was absolutely blooming freezing that day - it saved me from catching a chill. I don't usually wear it though... I will admit.

Anyway, hope you all had lovely holiday weekends and jolly weeks so far!

Fleur xx

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