Monday, 9 May 2011

Taking a gambol

Do you ever feel like you're teetering on the very brink of something? Something which would either make or devastate your year? Because I feel like that now. I've been waiting, so patiently to hear about something big, nay MONUMENTAL, that I am literally dying to share. I won't share it for fear of jinxing it... not until the ink of the signature on my contract is dried. The idea of getting the terrible news that it won't happen is simply too horrible to comprehend, so I won't dwell on that; but all I can say is that I hope I can share something huge with you all soon. Worry about such important things tends to kick everything else into perspective, and it's been a really weird couple of weeks for me in my personal life. So I am going to try and focus myself on fun things. Silly things. Frivolous things! My world is made up of bright colours and vibrant patterns, because they make me feel happy, even when every hour feels like a struggle. I live to spend time with friends whom I love unconditionally. So here's another glimpse into the colourful world of the Vintage Mafia. This is the day we went to Wisley gardens to see Gemma sing. Then we did a gambol through the grass.

Bethan, Jeni, Shona, Naomi and meeee

 Girl love

 Posing al fresco! My fab playsuit is a bargain from Matalan!

 ...imagine this done to the tune of Chariots of Fire.

 ...hilarity ensued!

 We are La Maf, hear us roar! 

 And again!

 Bonsai godzilla

We even outshine the borders...

 The hills are aliiiiive...

It was a glorious day, though we all missed Lisa.  If you're at all interested, we've actually set up a silly Tumblr account for the VM, to show lots of 'hilarious' (probably only to us, but what the heck!) candids and impromptu photos of all our glamorous adventures. It's also linked to our new Facebook page, from which we'll be announcing some exciting projects run by us; including exciting events with which we're involved. Actually, on that note, come see us all at the Churchill War Rooms this Friday... we'll be doing hair, makeup and dressing people up all night. Such fun!

Fleur xx


  1. These photos are so lovely! You all look adorable!

  2. I love the dresses :) its so colorful

  3. Looks like you had an absolutely glorious time! I'm loving all those colorful frocks everyone is sporting! :)

    ♥ Casey

  4. what fun!! wishing you the best of luck w.r.t the big news you're waiting to hear back about!

  5. Fingers crossed for you-- it's been an awful spring over here and I too am hoping for some good news for a change. I feel like we've earned it. I think you picked some great things to focus on instead. Fabulous photos!

  6. Whatever it is you are waiting for Fleur I hope it comes your way, you deserve it!

  7. we are all awaiting your news and whatever it is hope it brings you great things xx

  8. "The hills are aliiiiive...with the sound of music"
    Wonderful song and movie :D

    Soo funny and colorful photos!
    I love dresses too ^_^

    This is my blog,if you wnat to say "Hello!"

  9. Wishing you the best of luck Fleur, and hoping that your dreams come to fruition.

    I always enjoy the silly pictures, it brightens my day!

  10. Ha ha - love it! And kudos on the Matalan find.

  11. Break a leg or good luck - whichever is applicable!

  12. Love that playsuit! I don't have the legs for it but I'm pleased to hear that someone so glam digs Matalan for vintage-style-bargains like I do.

    I love all of those photos, looks a fab and fun day out, gambolling and all! :)

  13. You are without doubt the most fabulous group of ladies ever.

  14. You look sweet,can't go wrong with a bit of matalan! good luck with your impending news! x

  15. good like with your secret...
    you all look lovely as always

  16. Godd luck - hope all goes according to plan for you :)

  17. Hello Fleur,
    Long-time reader, first time poster! Love your blog...just thought I'd mention that there's a lovely photo of you in last Sunday's Sunday Times Style mag.
    I'm sure about a million people must've told you by now...but just in case.
    Good day to you,

    Veronica xo

  18. Wisley is such a splendid garden. Terrific photographs up the border!


  19. I just love the hair! and such lovely prints on the dresses

    Miss Neira



  21. What fun! My sister, an ardent Sound of Music fan, would love your references :)

    My May resolution is to wear more dresses/skirts than pants this summer. I don't know how I'm going to manage shooting weddings though - it's rather aerobic! :D

  22. aa it's look like you had a great time !! this place looks really nice !!!

  23. Your photos are amazing! All Outfits are perfect and the collar is a great. I appreciate it very much. & Martha you look so pretty. I really enjoyed to reading your blog.
    Hostess rimini


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