Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dressing down, vintage style

Another quick and dirty outfit post while I put together some more informative ones. In no particular order, coming soon will be a round-up of my Scotland trip, a post all about bras and my experience with them (will be semi-vintage but hopefully interesting), and some other booze-related shenanigans. But since I always get a nice response from outfit posts that show my daily wear (rather than super dressy), then here are some pictures I took the other day when I visited my parents to do my Victory Rolls tutorial (do watch if you haven't already).

With the exception of my Heyday trousers (and brooch), everything in this outfit  is bought from the high street and cost quite little. This means it is both easy and pretty darned cheap to get a retro look as long as you have some key repro/vintage separates like trousers and skirts (which are very hard to replicate without going direct to a specialist repro brand).

Trousers: Heyday (my favourites, hence they are seen here often!)
T-shirt and cropped cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Clarks sale
Hair flower: What Katie Did boutique
Brooch: Vintage
Mother of pearl bangle: Accessorize
PS. That is a CD you can see dangling... it is meant to put deer off eating my mum's roses
(with limited success) and I am too lazy to photoshop it out...

And just to give a realistic impression of how I look after a day of hard sitting and typing at a computer...

...anyone got a trouser press? ;)

This updo, which you've seen before; is one of my quick and easy current favourites. I did a mini follow-on tutorial showing how I did it, which I'll upload soon.

By the by, some of these photos and a longer and more informative guide to dressing vintage using high street buys will actually appear in the next issue of Milkcow Magazine.

Happy Monday blogchums!

Fleur xx


  1. lovely outfit

  2. gorgeous. Love those shooooess, too!

  3. Beautiful, love the way you have done your hair

  4. I must get better legs for trousers! Looking lovely as always :)

  5. Beautiful combination! I just fell in love with your shoes :-)

  6. Hi Fleur,

    Loved your article in MilkCow, I have just subscribed, will you be a regular?

    The high street is good for little knitted sweaters at the mo.

  7. You look lovely as always, that cardigan looks very vintage to say it's from H&M!

    I'd rather see deer than roses any day, your mum is lucky to have such wonderful wildlife on her doorstep :)

  8. Got a severe case of small waist envy here - you look so elegant, as always. You have such a talent for colour and accessorising, too.

  9. Thank y'all!

    Kally: I know what you're saying, but it's best to see deer from a distance and not have them come in the night and eat all the buds off your lovingly tended roses right at the moment of flowring...which is what seems to happen.

  10. Oh the CD thing...that's a grandmum thing! My grandmum-in-law does it too!
    Oh. wait. I'm a grandmum now myself.
    Oh dear.
    Oh deer!
    LOL! My grandmum-in-law also hangs bars of stinky soap in old knee high stockings from the roses bushes to keep out the deer.
    It works pretty well.
    But it is awkward explaining that to the post man ;)
    Love the outfit, would so luv a pair of those trousers...I will keep my eyes open for something along those lines at the thrift store...I've found so many nice repros' there!

  11. I love vintage 'work' wear. If anything more than glam wear! I'm a real trouser girl and just don't get people whose sole reason for vintage seems to be 24-7 frocks: just wear frocks then!

    Thanks, this look was extremely inspiring on a dull afternoon. I'm in chic (aka boring) black wide-leg trousers, black ruffle-necked knit and (the only colour) a sweet 50s green brooch. Thank you for reminding me of a little thing called COLOUR in a wardrobe! :)

  12. I absolutely love dressing down. I'm a working mom so dressing down fits best most of the days.

    But the thing I like best about dressing down is that it reminds me more of the Depression days. It's closer to real life than looking like a movie star.
    It is also a challenge, to look vintage without dressing up. Keeping it simple can be as difficult as dressing up!

    I even like a bit of a messy hair, that I-had-finger-waves-done-2-days-ago style. :D I just feel that it looks genuine. I love it.

    (I love to dress up too though. I just never thought that someone else shared my dressing down option - except for my good friend Pipa)

  13. Colour is goooooood. Dressing down is a necessity before you drive yourself mad on the quest for perfection (I have come close)

    Oh, Boo boo kitty: I have written an article in Milkcow monthly almost since it started! No fear of stopping yet :)

  14. Yay! Love this!
    This is like my day-to-day look, but you make it look so much more elegant than me :)

  15. I really need to get a pair of Heyday trousers. They are just stunning!!

  16. Looking good as ever! Nice to see the dressing down side of vintage wear shown by somebody so glam. I certainly wear trousers most days as I have to shift stock or like you sit all day at a computer, it's just more comfortable.

  17. Lovely outfit and absolutely killer shoes - thank you for sharing. P.S. I bet your mam has a sensational garden!

  18. Great outfit, most of my clothes are from the highstreet but are Vintage/Retro in style, there seem to be lots of nice things out there at the moment, luckily for me!!! X

  19. lovely, you give me pale envy. A. x

  20. I love the trousers, especially the side-buttons, and your hairstyle is so lovely and elegant!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  21. Love this look, I commented last time how much I enjoy seeing "casual" vintage looks. As much as I love high heels and stockings, I am really a casual girl. This outfit is so cute, and I like finding vintage inspired pieces at comtempory stores too!

  22. Just gorgeous Fleur :)
    I love the blues-beautiful. It's great to see what you wear for a not mega dressed up look. I'm trying to think of ideas of what to wear when I do the school run and shopping, so this would be perfect (plus I wouldn't get strange stares from the other parents. In Brisbane Australia I haven't spotted too many people with the same taste as me ).

  23. Ha ha! I love that your parents have a deer problem. Sounds so quaintly British to an Australian

  24. Lovely! Seeing vintage folks' 'everyday' outfits is just as inspiring as the ultra glam ones (forgive my poor grammar - I'm too lazy to rearrange the sentence!).

    Why do H&M never have cute cropped cardigans when I go in?

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  25. Those pants are amazing! I love the color and buttons on the side.

  26. I love this outfit even if you feel it is dirty and quick, it is lovely as can be. I featured you as modest inspiration of the day too at

  27. I absolutely love your blog! Im from the US and have just started working on my vintage look. I had a question, I found these shoes at Walmart (of all places!) and wondered if they would work for my vintage look! I couldn't believe when I found them only $30! Any advice would be appreciated! (I do make alot of my own dresses from vintage patterns I have found at estate sales) :-)


  28. Those trousers are lush. As someone who is 6ft, shopping for trousers is a nightmare, but I think you are quite tall too aren't you? I wonder then if a pair of those would fit me nicely too.

  29. You're all lovely :)

    Louise: Shona actually adds a tiny insert of fabric to make the trousers long enough for me - so she would do the same for you!

  30. You look lovely as ever!

    I've been lusting after those Clarks shoes but haven't had any money. Now I have I expect they're out of stock!

    I do love that you have to have bits of fabric put in your Heyday trousers to make them long enough, where as I can't wear mine without heels and even then they drag on the floor ;o)

  31. Great outfit. Hey! I just noticed, I'm your 2000th follower.

  32. Fleur, I'm a big fan of your blog, and I follow your articles in Milkcow as well from Geneva Switzerland!

    This outfit is so lovely!
    I also bought high-waisted trousers, but I'm still shy to wear them. When I try them on I feel like my hips look very big... Do you think it's just that I need to get used to it, or is it that it look good only on a type of body (I'm a 38, uk size 10...)?

  33. I'm tottaly in love with your blog. Your outfits are lovely and you have beautiful pictures. You are a real inspiration for me. Take a look at my blog:

  34. Lovely! What a great mix of vintage and modern clothing.

    Thank you for your wonderful faux bangs tutorial. I've now worn my hair that way almost every day since watching your video! The rat makes all the difference.

    Laurel Rose

  35. I want those pants!:)
    I have 5 different colors, but not that one! And you look really nice as always :)

  36. Hey- Gorgeous blog
    Love the outfit lookign like a true 40's esque beauty!

    When you get a chance, you HAVE to check out Darling the site is right up your street if you haven't heard of them, their things are very dainty and lacey- would love hear your verdict on them!

  37. Your vintage clothes goes perfectly well with your clarks shoes. I love every single piece of your outfit.


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