Thursday, 17 February 2011

Several thousand words...

Hi all!

Rushing in and out with not a lot of time for writing, so I'm going to cheat and bung up some pictures of the things that made up my world last weekend, for an almost purely visual treat. Warning... there are a lot! Hope you enjoy :)


The Hendrick's Courtship Clinic, which popped up for Valentine's weekend in Covent Garden.


 The most epic wedding in the history of fabulous weddings! Groom as a matador, bride as a 30s starlet, vintage bus trips, Ghostbusters matinee in an Art Deco cinema, police booking the bus driver for using his mobile phone, cakes, turkish food and dancing in a working mens club!

Some photos of me and my wedding attire courtesy of delightful lady Hannah Asprey... this 40s dress is my new pride and joy! Puff sleeves, stripes, ruffles, bows... worn with bakelite bangles, BFR red wedges and a cluster of red roses.

Then later...

The VM gang then met up with Bethan in smashing floral jumpsuit for a night of Feeling Gloomy! We weren't gloomy, it was brilliant.

The morning after...

Bethan took Jeni Yesterday and I to meet Winnie, the Jack-A-Poo puppy !

That's almost the end, but not quite! Sunday night...

That night, I took my Fleur dress and the lovely Stephanie Wolff on a visit to Battersea Power Station for the Secret Garden Party Lost Lover's Ball. You'll have to read the next issue of The Chap Magazine to find out what I thought of it, but I think I look quite fetching in a hard hat and high-vis jacket, no?

See you anon...

Fleur xx


  1. Cute dog, nice cupcakes, fab wedding, funky dancing, nice drinks. What are you doing to Naomi's boob?

  2. that picture with the puppy is so cute! The picture of you in the hard hat and vest made be laugh :D

  3. Fabulous, gorgeous, envious! What an amazing wedding and the cutest dog. Your outfits were all divine. Thanks for sharing the visual feast. xxBliss

  4. Oh the puppy is so cute....
    Amazing wedding photos and all of you gals looks just so wonderful, just loves every outfit.... green with envy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. That wedding looks amazing, the bride looked so beautiful!

  6. Friday starting with a 3/4 full Hendrinks is a nice start...

  7. I walked past that wedding bus on Sat, I thought it was a super cute idea! :)

  8. Just melted seeing that pup... *sigh*
    and you look latinly stunning.

  9. What an amazing wedding outfit.

  10. Totally Major! Great photos. Everyone looks amazing :)

  11. FAB wedding photos. Funnily enough our wedding driver kept using his mobile phone too... same guy maybe? Maybe it's a wedding driver thang.

    I just made His Lordship jump by shrieking 'OOHH A LITTLE DOG!'. He's a cute little fella isn't he? (The dog, my husband is a thick-set man in a pinstripe suit).

  12. Amazing wedding - you look stunning!! Wish I could pull off vintage as well as you do...!

    On another note - what breed of dog is that pup? Its possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen :-)


  13. You, my deary, had a veritable BALL this week! The gin! The Wedding! The puppy!!!! A jack-a-poo you say? WANT!!! MUST have!!!

  14. Wow, that looks amazing! Everyone is dressed so well, love your dress!


  15. Awww, what a cute puppy!

    The wedding looks like it was amazing too - gorgeous couple and guests!

  16. I.WANT.THAT.PUPPY!!Too too cute.

    And I may I just say - What a splendid looking wedding group!

  17. Hi! What a cute puppy!My sister has got two like these...kisses

  18. hello congratulations for the blog, very interesting ... I will follow you .... come visit mine too if you like, follow me I'll wait ..

  19. Oh my goodness, I need to move to London. Seriously, it looks like you have the most amazing time all the time!

  20. What a stylish wedding ! I have never seen anything like that. All the best to the happy couple!
    Thank you for sharing, Fleur.

  21. yeah
    i agree
    seems it was the most unusual wedding for last years) in of the 50's?)

  22. Oh I am so in love with the wedding dress!! It is breathtaking! Just lovely....
    All the best, Sherry

  23. Beautiful photos! I love the dog too!


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