Friday, 28 January 2011

Oh, go on then! (Outfit Ahoy)

So, yesterday, I proclaimed that I wasn't feeling up to outfit photos, and while it's true I haven't been putting much effort in lately, my mum dragged me out to see the amazing butterfly house at Wisley RHS Gardens today. Since it was beautifully, tropically warm inside, and I had my camera to take photos of the lovely butterflies; I thought I'd get her to snap me, so I could show you what a 'Vintage Girl' wears when she's not planning an outfit post! It's not all seamed stockings and perfectly set hair after all, but I do try to make myself look nice, not to mention vintage, wherever I go. The problem is, I dislike winter. I've said it here before, but I really do. I generally avoid dark colours - I always dress up black, brown and navy with bright shades, just like they did in the 40s. And I have to say, Heyday trousers are my lifeline, when the last things I feel like struggling with are seamed stockings and slips. Roll on bare-legged spring!

Excuse my poor posing skills - I've rather lost the knack! I'm wearing a vintage-inspired, cropped cardigan from Zara, which features super cute, heart-shaped pockets (though it doesn't do a lot for my waistline); and a favourite pair of Heyday trousers, in Moss Green. Sadly, these were in Shona's recent sale, and there's only one pair left. Whoever's a lucky size 14, go grab them now! The outfit is completed with my old faithful co-respondent shoes, my new celluloid bangle and a matching pale yellow hair flower.
A plain white t-shirt is hiding under the cardigan, nothing to write home about! I'm wearing a Boots No. 7 lipstick in Classic Rose, a shade that's subtle, yet vintage-looking, and which goes better with the burgundy of my cardigan than a brighter red (I think!).My hair was styled yesterday with Hot Sticks, the front twisted into a little mini forward roll, and then subjected to half an hour in the super high humidity of the butterfly house! So the curls weren't doing too bad really. The last vestiges of my perm are still doing their thing... can't believe it's been nearly a year since I had it done!

And some butterflies for good measure... they were all simply stunning, especially the tiny transparent one above! I can't wait to go back in a few weeks to see the as-yet-unhatched varieties, not to mention the spring flowers. Yay nature!

Hope you all have thoroughly top-hole weekends.

All the best,

Fleur xx

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thrilling filler

 Over two weeks... some sort of record I think! I'm having a bit of a funny old 2011 so far. There's so much going on behind the scenes that I'm unable or unwilling to blog about, and I just can't seem to find the subjects or the enthusiasm to dream up entertaining things, nor am I feeling very confident at the moment, so outfit posts are off the cards somewhat. Sorry everyone.

It's not that I am having a bad start to the year, far from it. But last year was so unremittingly depressing that I have a long way to go before I am back to 'normal'. Whatever 'normal' is! I'm feeling so inordinately grateful to my amazing friends at the moment, the beautiful, stylish, kind and wonderful Vintage Mafia (as we are collectively known), for keeping my precarious head above water. I realise this is all very cryptic and makes no sense to you, dear readers. I just ask that you bear with me over the next few weeks and months, if this blog is continuing to lack substance. I'll try to post something at least visually pretty for you to look at, and work hard at getting back on track.

Here's a swift photographic roundup of the things that have been keeping me occupied in the last couple of weeks.


A prize hamper I won from Bloom Gin (more on this later).

Gorgeous Bethan and Jeni

The bob twins Naomi and Gem

The fab label from my equally fab new frock (pictures after I wear it to an upcoming wedding!)

Frock detail - stripes, bows and ruffles! *swoon*

More gin! This time SW4, the Gin of Champions (and the gin of the Candlelight Club)

And finally...

My lovely new old celluloid bangle. Ah, retail therapy!

Oh, and if you're interested to read an interview about me, then do head over to the London Word, and have a peek.

Lots of love,

Fleur xx

PS. If you've emailed me in the last couple of weeks regarding interviews, sponsorship or just with questions, I've probably not replied yet. I will, and sorry I haven't yet. F x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Glamorously organised

I am one of the least organised people in the world, I think. I need pressure to work, impending deadlines. Watch me panic about my Tax Return on January 30th! Actually, I have started it, but I am starting to feel the Fear. But this year, just as every one since the year dot, I have resolved to be more organised. Luckily one of my fab Christmas presents will help with this, as it's a rather splendid diary!

Isn't it fab? It's made from a recycled paper diary, week-to-view, and covered with old newsprint and a beautiful lady decoupaged onto the front. It's rather too nice to carry around, so it's taking pride of place on my desk. Makes entries such as 'Dentist, 2pm' seem so much more glamorous!

Anyway, I'm plugging, as I just found out these Silver Screen Sweetheart diaries are now on offer (what with the new year having already started!) at Not On The High Street, so you can all have a beautifully organised 2011! I have some more fab literary-themed things (and by that I mean books!) to tell you all about soon.


Fleur xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

A Happy New Wardrobe!

Miss Naomi Thompson is one of my best friends. She is lovely, generous, beautiful, hardworking, and has a vintage collection that would make a lesser woman weak at the knees. And, if you read my blog regularly, you'll know she runs Vintage Secret, a clothing and events company that's received rave reviews from Vogue, Cosmo and the Sunday Times Style, to name but a few.

Naomi and I with David Carter, photo by Lara Jade

Last year, she launched Vintage Secret Personal Shopping, a service that will appeal to both vintage newbies and lifestylers alike. So, not before time, and since the start of a new year is the perfect time to overhaul your wardrobe and really make some changes for the better; I'd like to tell you all about it, in the hopes that Naomi will help many ladies make 2011 the most stylish year of all time.

A day with London's Vintage Expert

For one delicious day, Miss Thompson will become your guiding angel. She’ll lead you on a journey through London’s finest vintage shops, stalls and boutiques in search of timeless treasures. What will you discover?  That depends entirely on what you're looking for. Whether it's a key investment piece, a fabulous one-off wedding gown, or a whole new vintage wardrobe, Naomi's unfailing eye will help you find it.

Your day will begin at 12.30pm with a consultation at Miss Thompson’s East London Boudoir. Tea, scrumptious cakes, or (for the adventurous lady) a sturdy gin cocktail will be offered while your hostess enquires about your style history and the special pieces you’re hoping to find. Once your wishlist has been fully formed, a car will arrive to whisk you off on your tour!

You’ll be spirited away from the identikit High Street into the arcane heart of East London’s vintage shopping scene. Here Miss Thompson will use all of her Vintage Secret style hunting experience to locate those unique items we all crave.

As you go around town, you will learn:
  • which eras' cuts and shades best suit your shape and colouring 
  • how to avoid nasty fakes and newer pieces masquerading as old 
  • which pieces are worth your precious pennies, as well as which will hold their value

An afternoon tea break to keep your energy levels topped up will take place in Brick Lane’s Vintage Emporium Tea Rooms, before the Tour continues. At 6pm you will hop back into the car and return to Miss Thompson’s boudoir.

If you didn’t partake of the gin cocktail earlier, now’s the time! Illicit teacup of booze in hand, you'll review and marvel at your fabulous finds. You'll head home, sated with food, tea and glorious garments; ready to go forth in your new vintage style! 

If that sounds like something that would tempt you, then Naomi would love to hear from you. The cost is £95 for one person, £145 for two or £185 for 3 or £235 for 4. All transport, plus food and drink at Naomi's boudoir is covered, but lunch, and any of your purchases are not included. Days can be purchased as gifts by loving friends, partners or family members! For even more detail please go to or contact

I can't really say in words how much I love and respect this woman. So I do hope you'll pay her a visit online and tell her I sent you. :)

Fleur xx

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Welcome to the Future

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you're all doing splendidly today, in the first week of the New Year. I have to say, I have a really good feeling about this year - so many exciting things are afoot. I'm putting all the gloomy bits of last year firmly behind me, and setting my sights on the future. So there was no better way to see in 2011 than by attending a Futurism-themed New Years Soireé... was there? Here follows a review of my New Year's Eve, accompanied by some photos you may have already seen on Yesterday Girl... but here goes nothing!

White Mischief's Eve of Tomorrow Ball promised so much, but actually turned out to be less of a glorious firework-burst of joy and party times, more of a damp squib of disappointment. The super secret venue turned out to be none other than the Bloomsbury Ballroom, venue for the Chap Ball a few weeks previously. A glorious and glamorous venue, no doubt about that; but the difference here was that it was not filled with dozens of my dear friends and acquaintances. Still, we were there and determined to enjoy it!

The night began auspiciously.We all got ready at Bethan's and I had decided to recycle my bird gown from the Chap Ball, and my lights from the New Sheridan party, with the braid from my Halloween Frida Kahlo outfit. It all went together with minimal headaches, and we soon set off for the party.

Following a minor mishap with Jeni's shoe (see her blog), we arrived at around 11pm, only to be faced with a long queue snaking around the doors. Well that simply wouldn't do, so we marched up to the doorman and used our feminine wiles and powers of persuasion on him. It went something like this.

Fleur: Hello. We're on the guest list. Please can we go straight in?
Man: I'm afraid not, you'll have to join the queue.
Bethan: Don't you remember me? I organised the Chap Ball a few weeks back. Please can we come in?
Man: Oh yes! Yes, that was great. You were great. But no, sorry, it's the queue for you.
F: But I'm reviewing the night. I'll give you a bad review! I won't really. Pleeeeeeease?
B: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
F: Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
Jeni: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?
F: Pleee...

Once inside, we enjoyed viewing some of the acts, scoffing at the fancy dress, faux 'taches and the faux pipes and cigarettes (really people?) as well as marvelling at some of the incredible outfits there; drinking cider from bottles like the classy ladies we are, and being propositioned by strange, short men, who asked us if they could 'get off with us at midnight, if we (ie. the men!) don't get any better offers'? How charming. I am not quite sure how we resisted that tempting offer!

We actually had the most fun in the ladies loos, where we pretended to charge people £2 for a hand towel, and Jeni got loo roll stuck to her shoes. You probably had to be there!

Anyway, the thing that ruined the night for us soon after that, was when we headed into the main room at about ten minutes to midnight, ready to sing Auld Lang Syne and hug each other (having thankfully lost sight of the short man, and his taller utility-kilted, New Rocked friend). The compere was talking and swanning about on stage, saying something about being ahead of schedule... before announcing he was going to count in the New Year anyway, because it was the future, wasn't it, and to hell with it (or similar). So, then came the countdown... 10...9...8... (etc)... Happy New Year! But it was still five to midnight. No one knew what to do! Some confused and very half-hearted Auld Lang Syne renditions later, and a bit of milling around, until it was actually midnight, which passed without further comment. What a load of old rubbish!

After a strange man in a space suit took to the stage and started moaning into a microphone (connected to a synthesizer of some kind), we decided it was time to leave. So then we ditched the Ball and headed off to a house party, filled with beautiful men singing along to Lady Gaga on big pink microphones. Of course they were all gay, to a man! But we drank gin and danced; and had the most fun I had in months, possibly all year.

So this is 2011. I started it as I mean to go on, with gigantic food mountains made from burgers, chips and cheese.

My resolutions are as follows.

* Eat more food, particularly vegetables.
* Do the washing up every night before going to bed (this lasted until last night when I got home at midnight, and thought, 'sod it').
* Be more organised and use my new diary (more on this tomorrow!).
* Buy more amazing frocks, but go easy on the shoes (and take the ones I do have to be re-heeled).

That's pretty much it. Happy New Year chumrades!

Fleur xx

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