Sunday, 28 February 2010

A catch-up in pictures - Part 1

Well despite my best intentions and empty, hollow assurances, the time between my updates is getting bigger and bigger! Still mad with work all day in the week, and spending weekends with le chap so it's passing me by at a rate of knots. So here's a pictoral update of the last fortnight and a bit to bring you all up to speed with my adventures! (After starting this, I realised it was too much to do in one post, so I have split it into two... Part 2, which covers the weekend of the 20th, up until today, coming tomorrow!)

On the day after I chauffeured Naomi to Julia Boggio's studios, I had a rather busy day! I spent the morning and early afternoon round at the Casting Couch, doing a shoot for Hula Boogie's latest flyer. Fiona who runs Notorious Kitsch (who is also one of my lovely sponsors) was there, and on the spur of the moment I modelled something a bit special for her... two of her lovely Hawaiian tea towels as a bikini top, and a tablecloth as a sarong! Hilarious!

Candids were taken by Fiona, and one more can be seen on her brilliant blog. You can buy the teatowels and tablecloth from NK when they come back in stock!

So, as soon as I finished the shoot, I had to tear off into central London, to do a bit of work for my absolute favourite gin company, Hendrick's. They had opened a very special Refined Courtship Clinic for Valentine's Day. The premise was thus:

"In a day when public displays of affection from one to another (e.g., wolf-whistles, forthright chat-up lines and robust embracing) are often perceived as vulgar or inappropriate, the Hendrick’s Refined Courtship Clinic exists to educate the masses in good courtship manners and etiquette. It was author Og Mandino that once said, “I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted.”

The new service, offering etiquette instruction to both singletons and couples, is set to open on Friday, February 12th in the heart of London’s red-light district, Soho. The clinic is for those looking to woo potential suitors and imbue their relationships with a level of decorum that will make those who espouse Victorian-era principles proud. The Hendrick’s Refined Courtship Clinic is a public drop-in surgery, run by courtship connoisseurs Dr. Humphrey Sixwivs and Mrs. Isabella Forlornicate.

The clinicians will be offering one-on-one advice, free of charge, on all matters from polite body language to acceptable topics of conversation and procedures of courtship to reading signals from a lady’s fan movements. The clinic will also offer tips on a most unusual, yet wonderfully eccentric, way to present roses to a Valentine."

I was Mrs Isabella Forlonicate for the purposes of the pre-opening press photos, and Dr Sixwivs was the always amazing Atters, whom I've mentioned here lots before. Here's the inside of the Clinic, which featured a real Victorian bath tub that dispensed Hendrick's and Tonic through the taps!

And here's Atters and I doing what we do!

If you wish to see more photos of the actual Clinic in action, pop and read the post at the Hendrick's Unusual Times. And do try Hendrick's if you haven't already. It should be drunk with cucumber instead of lime or lemon - I always keep a cucumber in the fridge in case of emergency G&T!

Moving swiftly on to Valentine's weekend proper, the 13th was, of course, the next instalment of Tart. I don't think this needs much introduction any more, so just have a look at some photos instead!

This time, we had my marvellous mother doing mini-readings from her angel card sets! She was an absolute hit! Clockwise from top left; the spread; mummy dearest; the décor; Lipstick and Curls and Benefit doing their thing; our Hendrick's Gin mixologist (see above); and more décor!

I was lucky enough to be sent the brand-new Able Grable frock to wear... which is being released tomorrow! So you're having something of a sneaky peek! Make sure you check out the site tomorrow to find out a bit more.

Photos by the lovely Claudia Burlotti

After Tart, I collected my chap and my good friends Torquil Arbuthnot and his partner and fellow vintage blogger Red Legs, and hurried off to the art deco-themed Last Days of Decadence bar in Shoreditch, to review their Valentines Day special event for my column in The Chap Magazine. To find out exactly what I thought of it, you'll just have to read said column in the next issue, for I am only providing some photos for you to peruse! Red Legs wrote a splendid review in her blog, which you can read here.

Stylish friends and glorious cocktails - a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday night! (Yes, that is my new chap. ;) )

Last, but not least, I had a truly lovely Valentine's day at home, cooking a roast dinner with all the trimmings. I got a card and some beautiful vintage plastic bangles. Here's my amazing card, which is a vintage 1930s one. It was originally signed 'From Mariane to Mr Post'. I wonder where Mariane is now and if Mr Post became hers...

I'll be back tomorrow (famous last words) with part 2, which covers my adventures of the last week! Hope you have all had lovely weekends.

Fleur xx

PS. I (or rather my YouTube channel) was mentioned in the Sunday Times Style today, complete with a little picture! I'll do a scan, or rather take a photo as I don't have a scanner, tomorrow and post it here; but the article is online (sans pic) and can be read here. Yippee!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A short fling with spring

I recently moaned about my boredom with winter, so a day last week spent entirely in cars and indoors seemed the perfect excuse to break out the bright colours and pastels and bring a bit of spring cheer into my life!

It was also a rather exciting day to be a part of! I was driving the lovely Naomi of Vintage Secret to be photographed by the equally lovely and very talented Julia Boggio. Naomi asked me along to do her hair, and we did shoot a couple of shots together, but the main focus of the shoot was on Naomi, Laura of Love Miss Daisy and Natasha Bailie - three ladies whose livelihoods are all to do with selling high-quality vintage. Also there was Naomi's second-in-command, stylist and PR guru Katie Antoniou, who writes a great blog called London Plinth.

Unfortunately, due to the closure of Tower Bridge that day, I got to Naomi horrendously late, and we got to the shoot even more horrendously late. So Julia (whom I am hoping to do a shoot with at some point!)'s first impression of me was hot, bothered, unmade-up and totally uncoiffed! I did rectify that upon arrival, though.

Here is a sneaky peeky of the day, showing the gorgeous studio and the three photo subjects!

Naomi is in the divine, pink peplum dress, Natasha is in the tartan, and Laura is in the forground of the bottom. You can see a glipse of Julia in the white shirt! Kaz Fernando is the makeup artist, and a jolly good job she did too!

I'll let you all know when the photos are published, should you wish to see them. But what about yours truly? Well thankfully there are no shots of me when I arrived. This is how I looked after I scrubbed myself up a bit!

I'm in my bright and colourful Vivien of Holloway overalls, my peach repro 40s cardigan, a plain white blouse and white Keds-esque plimsolls. Finished off with a white snood and some pretty shell, screwback earrings, I did feel substantially cheered in this get-up. Although it was decidedly nippy when the sun went down!

Thanks to the wonders of technology, I even make a cameo appearance in this bonus video, which Natasha filmed for her blog.

Next up, Tart photos and a rather inebriated Valentines' soirée!

Fleur xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

Sponsor Spotlight - Cherrymuffin Studios

I haven't done one of these in ages, so I am delighted that my newest sponsor is such a fab lady with such a smashing company.

Tattoed beauty Spooky Sally runs the world-famous Cherrymuffin Studios in Berlin, Germany. She is someone I've been aware of ever since I ventured into the world of pinup, but not someone I ever thought I'd be lucky enough to be in contact with. Her beautifully shot and stunningly well-designed pictures have featured some of the most famous pinup models out there - Sabina Kelley and Anne Lindfjeld among them.

People have asked me so many times about how to become a pinup, and how to become a successful pinup, at that. My answer is always the same, that any aspiring model (not just vintage ones!) should put some time, effort, and yes, money into a portfolio shoot. I firmly believe in quality over quantity, and that by investing in a professional shoot with a photographer who knows what she or he is doing, you're guaranteed to end up with fabulous photos. Not just because of the practised skill of knowing how to light and process a pinup photoshoot, but because they will help you pose, keep an eye out for stray bits of hair or lipstick smudges, and capture the angles that make you look like an authentic pinup girl!

But, as you can see from the photos, Sally doesn't just stick to pinup, she's an expert on capturing both men and women in fabulously Golden Era Hollywood portraits, and turning the results into wonderful pieces of retro design. Her know-how clearly comes as a result of her own passion for vintage style - that's the gorgeous Sally herself in the bottom two shots above, with her dashing and debonair husband.

So please, readers, do take a moment to visit Spooky Sally's Cherrymuffin Studios site and marvel at her tremendous photography. And if you ever find yourself in Germany, or with the opportunity to work with Sally on her travels, please do look her up! I certainly intend to!

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A very vintage birthday tea

The week is already half over and I am only just now getting round to posting about the weekend! Oh life, how you seem to be passing me by!

Anyway, Saturday was my beautiful friend Hannah's birthday, and we spent a smashing afternoon at the boudoir of the lovely Naomi, of Vintage Secret fame. We ate delicious cakes and drank Earl Grey tea, browsed the incredible vintage clothing, drank rosé cava from vintage Babysham glasses and generally had a wonderful time. Very civilised indeed!

Here are some photos, unfortunately not in a fancy collage of any kind. I'm still suffering from seasonal sartorial malaise, and felt rather underdressed compared to my gorgeous friends. Must try harder!

A small part of Naomi's enviable crockery collection

The spread

My incredibly stylish friends

All the girls!

Birthday girl Hannah and Naomi


Yours truly...

Hope you enjoyed my pictoral review - I'll be back with an outfit post, a sponsor spotlight and hopefully some modelling pictures before too long.

Cheers all!

Fleur xx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The sound of silence...

Wotcher everyone,

I just wanted to pop in and apologise for the fact that I've spectacularly failed to keep my new year's resolution to make this blog more substantive, because so far in 2010, there's been a complete dearth of interesting and informative posts on here. Since the turn of the new year I've been alternately working like a proverbial and spending days at a time with no makeup on and very dull outfits; and spending the weekends with my amazing new chap, whom I met on New Year's Eve. :) That's not to say I haven't dressed up nicely for him, because I have, but I am thoroughly, utterly and completely bored with my winter wardrobe! I wouldn't want you all to keel over yawning at photos of my getup, because that's kind of how I feel about what I'm wearing at the moment! I should probably get over it though, as we have a good couple of months before spring will really allow me to break out the cotton frocks and peep-toe sandals.

A couple of weeks ago, I was hankering so badly for something to draw me out of these winter-induced doldrums that I did treat myself to a new Swirl from eBay. It arrived yesterday and although I love it as I do all my Swirls, I didn't even have the grace and decency to feel cheered up! But first, the good - look how cute it is!

(Yes, I've been playing with those silly 40s Cosmo stamps again! Also, it's not quite dry, hence the darker patches... it's too dark in here to get away without flash!)

It would be perfect to wear to a VE-day do (despite being post-war) or any sort of patriotic party, don't you think? However, overall, it's quite tired-looking, with fading, several frays and worn patches; and I was gutted to find it had been shortened, badly, with the excess cut off rather than turned up. It fell above my knee, which is just too short for my tastes. I've let the hem down, and now it hits on the knee, though I'll need to prevent it fraying somehow. Another sewing project which will never, ever actually get done as I never do any sewing! I think I'll get the trusty fabric glue out again, as it worked a treat on my little pinafore.

All things considered, it is a nice little frock, but it definitely won't be saved for best. On the bright side, we all need a few items of clothing for knocking about in! I do have the perfect jewellery to wear with it, too!

I have also managed to snaffle some superb bargains at the charity shop recently, including a lovely hand-embroidered vintage tablecloth and six matching napkins, and some more crockery. But I shall save that for another post. I hope to have some more photos of events I've been to recently, too, because at least if I can't manage to think up something interesting to tell you, or yet find the time to do a tutorial; I can at least dazzle you with photos of lovely locations and stylish people (self currently excluded). ;)

So once again, sorry for the silence. I hope my mood, style and consequently my blog will pick up again soon. Let me know if you've found any bargains lately, and if you're as bored of winter as I am!

Fleur xx

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