Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Diary of a Vintage Ghoul & Giveaway Results

Wotcher readers, and welcome to another thrilling diary entry, on a frankly rather lovely day in the Home Counties. It would seem my posting about morale boosters has finally done the trick, as I'm feeling much more cheerful these past few days. I've even done two photoshoots in two days (though that's left me feeling knackered), and should have some new pictures to show off soon. I did subject you to a slight delay on my Collection 2000 makeup giveaway, for which I apologise. But it's now closed, and I randomly generated the winning number just a few moments ago, so... *drumroll*

The winner is commenter number 221, Gemima! Please get in touch with me, and the lovely ladies at Collection 2000 will send out your prize soon. I must apologise to the winner of my last draw, Klara, as I have not yet put your ring in the post. I am going to do so today, promise! (God, I hate the post office!)

Last week, I was invited to the preview of an absolutely smashing new(ish) show, La Soiree. It was utterly magical, from the minute we stepped into the beautifully warm and exceedingly stylish South Bank Big Top, its dark wood and mirrors making it look just like a set from my new favourite serial, Boardwalk Empire. The show itself was absolutely brilliant from beginning to end, featuring comedy, acrobatics, contortion and glamour. I especially loved The English Gents, who performed some amazing feats dressing in three-piece, chalkstripe suits (before stripping off to Union Jack undies)...

And the hilarious Captain Frodo!

I took my best friend, and she loved the hunky man in the bath tub... I loved the hunky man poledancing to Singing In The Rain... you'll just have to go and see it for yourselves. I really couldn't recommend it more.

Talking of Boardwalk Empire, I also had a truly brilliant time at the inaugural Candlelight Club. Or rather, I didn't, because, it being set in Prohibition times, never happened... ;)

With the most beautiful vintage girls of old London Town (hereby nicknamed the Vintage Mafia after they later kidnapped an innocent young man and absconded into the wilds of East London to feed him gin into the small hours), I didn't dress to the nines, did not drink illicit, ultra strong cocktails, ate no fancy sandwiches, marvelled not a jot at the beautiful Vicky Butterfly, and absolutely never posed with a pair of Jeggings (a hilarious present from Snoodlebug to cheer me worked) until I had to go home painfully early.

Here's a photo, which you're imagining, of me with said jeggings. Go and have a read of Yesterday Girl if you'd like to see more snaps!

The date of the next one has been provisionally set for the 20th of November - sadly I shall be at Rhythm Riot, but save it in your diaries!

I promise I'll post something pretty and vintage to look at in the next few days, but with only a short while to go till my Halloween extravaganza, Don't Dali with the Devil, I'm rushed off my feet trying to get everything ready, and put the finishing touches to my costume. I actually have two dresses that I am dying to wear, and am seriously considering doing a change halfway through! All will be revealed soon. This is (probably) the last time I'll bore you all about the event, since despite the lack of Chap coverage, we've done extremely well on tickets! It's over 75% sold out or reserved by this point, and I have a feeling we'll completely sell out (as we did last year). If you are hoping to come down and haven't emailed us to put your name down to pay on the door, then please do so without delay. I would hate to have to turn any stylish individuals down!

I literally cannot wait to start dressing the venue - it's going to be absolutely wonderful, with a small amount of sadness as a few very important people are unable to come for various reasons. Sigh.

On the day after mine, there's another smashing event, Steamboat Bordello. This glorious-looking shindig is organised by the splendid folks at Last Days of Decadence. Take a look at the blurb.

1840 - 1930 - the heyday of the Mississippi paddle steamer. These floating palaces of sin plied their trade up and down the mighty Mississippi from New Orleans to St Louis. Specialising in unlicensed gambling, prohibited liquor and transactions of a carnal nature, the pleasure boats represent the last bastion of southern lawlessness. Now, step aboard the majestic Dixie Queen as The Last Days of Decadence brings a little of this lost age to the River Thames.
A floating fantasmagoria of rogues, riverboat gamblers, good time girls, snake oil salesmen, fallen southern belles, confederate rifles, yankee doodle dandies, bootleggers, carnies, gypsies, tramps and thieves.

Think Gone With The Wind meets Deadwood with a generous dash of Carnivale and you’ re half way there. Then throw in the roaring delights associated with Saturdays at The Last Days of Decadence, along with an unparalleled lineup of live music, DJs and cabaret. Hubble and bubble over the green flames of a hallowe’ en fire, and you have the intoxicating voodoo brew that fuels the Steamboat Bordello!

The Steamboat Bordello sets sail with 600 passengers from Tower Pier at 5pm sharp on Sunday 31st October, passing through Tower Bridge (opened especially for the occasion) and sailing onwards towards the Thames Barrier before returning to disembark St Katharine Docks at 10pm.
With DJs such as Lady Luck's El Nino, and bands as fantastic as The Correspondents, it really looks wonderful and I'd love to go along if I could find a 'date'. Anyone? I'll have to see how many of my friends get broken the night before, what with all the free absinthe!Tickets for Steamboat Bordello are £35 from Ticketweb.

Hope you're all having lovely Wednesdays!


Fleur xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Here, There and Everywhere

You'll have to forgive me for being something of a bad blogger, because I am about to unleash a double catchup post upon you. Each of these events I'm going to document deserves its own post, but since I've been whirling about like a dervish recently, and it doesn't seem set to calm down much next week, I really just want to tell you all about them now.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to go to a salon I'd often passed, but never entered, The Painted Lady in Shoreditch. The owner and head stylist, Belinda Hay, has just published her first book, the gorgeously produced Style Me Vintage, and with mini treatments and booze on offer, I could not say no! The event itself was lovely - I had my nails done beautifully by the talented technician, and I had my hair styled by Belinda and a colleague, while eating biscotti and finger sandwiches, and drinking white wine. Pure bliss for a Thursday night! I was also joined by Darhling, and later by Lisa from Snoodlebug, but a mixup, phone battery death and subsequent mad dash through the streets of Shoreditch to track Lisa down, meant my hair was utterly ruined and thus there are no surviving photos of me from the night. ;)

Darhling looked divine, as does Belinda in her lavender 40s dress, as you can see! But what of the book itself?

Promising 'Easy step-by-step techniques for creative classic hairstyles', I was intrigued, and was delighted to be given one to take home. It's beautifully designed with a textured cover, and each section contains vintage inspiration photos, before, after and during photos, and of course, written guides to everything, from what you need, to how to do it. The backgrounds are all taken from vintage fabrics, too, so it's extra delightful to read.

The styles in included are Finger Waves & Pin Curls, Forties Waves (the Peek-a-boo), Victory Rolls, The Poodle, Fringe Roll, Fifties Set, Quiffs, Beehives, Bouffants and Barbarella. Plus a guide to tying headscarves and creating padding. Many of the styles I already do, but there are some in there I'm going to try for sure! I think it would be a great book for a vintage hair novice. It's available from The Painted Lady, and all good bookshops, including Amazon. Thank you to all from the salon for having me!

Not long after (...I think, I've rather lost track of time!) I headed back up to London on what must have been the first day of winter (for it was brass monkeys) to spend the morning on the Hendrick's Horseless Carriage of Curiosities. Now it's no secret that Hendrick's is by far my favourite gin, but despite its appearance in London last year, I had not, up to that point, ever set foot on the carriage. I saw it, when it was stationed at Goodwood last year, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit properly as it was stationed in a disused garage forecourt for London Cocktail Week; and see some of my favourite ladies and chaps as well. The idea behind the Carriage used to be that any visitors who brought along a particularly peculiar and ususual item, could swap it for free gin. Now it's full to bursting with said Curiosities, and so this year, they changed the requirement to a story instead. The stories were posted onto a wall, and rather splendid they were too. Here are some snaps of the many weird and wonderful things within, and indeed surrounding, the Carriage.

It was ostensibly a blogger's brunch, though as I understand it, many ladies were still there at 4pm, quaffing Red Snappers (a gin-based Bloody Mary) and Hendrick's Bucks (which contained fresh lemon and ginger). What I failed to capture were any photos of my glamorous fellow bloggers, but it was lovely to see Fiona from Notorious Kitsch (follow the link to my favourite product on her site!), Retro Chick, What Katie Did, Lena from Style High Club, Penny Dreadful and many more, all of whom took lovely photos of the gals. Click on their blogs to see them!

It was sad to bid farewell to the infamous Louis, who is leaving his post as Hendrick's brand ambassador for something far more rock n roll, involving a famous nautical tattooist...

Here's one last shot of me with the equally infamous Mr Wax, Hendrick's helper and purveyor of the finest moustache waxes, who will be appearing on this very blog next week (hopefully) in my very first official Chap's Interest article. It will focus on growing and maintaining a smashing moustache, and will include a list of scathing and witty put-downs to use should anyone give you a hard time for sporting said lip-weasel. I have many male readers and have thought about doing a regular Chap Interest section for ages. So it will be coming soon, and not before time, since next month is, of course, Movember. And on a purely selfish note, now I am once more looking for the perfect gentleman companion, any dashing single chap with a well-groomed handlebar moustache is more then welcome to apply. ;)

Before I go, a proper Halloween and beyond edition of Vintage Socialite's Diary Dates will follow next week, but if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, might I recommend the Candlelight Club this Saturday? There are only a handful of tickets left for this intimate, 20s speakeasy-themed soiree, which features the divine Miss Vicky Butterfly and DJ for my own Halloween party, MC Fruity. The tickets cost £13 and include supper and a free cocktail. See you there?

Tinkerty tonk,
Fleur xx

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sponsor Spotlight - Winter warmers

In the last few days it has chilled off a lot in London - it's not quite glove weather, but I was certainly wishing I had a scarf with me yesterday, when I went to the Hendrick's Horseless Carriage of Curiosities for a special brunch event. I'll be posting my photos in the next few days, so look out for those! But I thought with the change in the weather, it was about time I showed you the photos I took for one of my newest sponsors, Greetz From Tiz!

This super, Italian Etsy shop is run by a genuine enthusiast of all things 1940s and 50s. Tiz sells an assortment of hand-picked vintage clothing and accessories, but she also sells some fabulous own-brand reproductions things that are just up my street. I was absolutely delighted when she emailed me to ask if she could sponsor my blog, as her beautiful winter accessories are just what I've been looking for. The beautifully-wrapped package arrived quickly, and I took some pictures on the same day as my lipstick tutorial... good old photographer Dad!

This gorgeous red Bow Jumper is inspired by a 1940s knitting pattern, but is made in a tiny cotton knit. It has the cutest little pads to make the shoulders puff, and I guarantee it is going to get a lot of use this winter!

She also sent me this amazing knitted clutch bag and matching scarf. I chose the pink and purple combination so it looked smashing with my black coat, but they're also available in navy blue and grey, which reminds me greatly of the RAF! I love the chevron design of the scarf so much.

The final cherry on top was the little matching turban, which looks just so 1940s with one's hair tucked up inside! I think it would look just lovely with a little mass of curls or a roll in front! Recently, Ulrika over at the Freelancer's Fashion Blog showed how super a turban can look with your hair poking out the bottom, though when I tried it, I wasn't so sure. Maybe it looked less 40s... more cloche-like and this more 20s perhaps? Either way, go and look at Ulrika's photos for more inspiration on wearing a turban - I definitely want some clip-on pompoms, flowers and fruit for mine now!

Here's my version! :)

Do go and visit Greetz from Tiz if you have a mo, and browse her lovely items. You'll be seeing me in these a lot more before the winter is out!

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A morale-boosting 'Vintage Face' giveaway!

I've written on these pages before about how lipstick has long been recognised as a morale booster, since the long, dark days of WWII. Many ladies went to work for the first time, driving ambulances, working in factories and on the railways; proper, manual labour, the likes of which I've never had to endure in my cosseted life. I've also never had to endure sending my loved ones off to battle, and though our news stations and papers are always filled with doom and gloom, I tend to be able to look on the bright side and brush off the negativity... when I'm feeling happy, that is.

The last few months have, however, been rather blue for me, for reasons I won't yet go into. I've tried not to let any moping creep into my blogging either, because most people consider this blog something like light relief - full of eye candy and (hopefully) interesting things, not whinging and whining about how rubbish everything is! Because, if you read me regularly, you'll know that everything is most decidedly NOT rubbish - things have been going rather well for me recently! But then there's just the one rubbish thing that's marring my enjoyment of literally everything else. Or is it more that the everything else is keeping me sane? I'll elaborate at some point, I'm sure my readers can cheer me up one way or another!

But, coming to the point, when I am feeling downbeat, the one thing I absolutely do not do, is let my appearance slip. I might find it hard to get out of bed and going, and I certainly don't get dolled up when I'm not leaving my house; but when I do, I always, always feel better if my hair looks nice and my makeup is done. It's like war paint: looking good helps me face the world and feel confident. You may read this and think me shallow, but if you do... then stop reading this blog, because most of my posts are about shallow things like frocks and lipstick! ;)

There are some fabulous images of working girls during the war, with their pincurls protected by colourful headscarves, and their red lips firmly in place. In the UK, it was often considered one's 'duty' to keep everyone's spirits up, but not letting standards slip. Here's a photograph that's actually from America, where it was considerably easier to get lipstick during the war, but it illustrates my point, nonetheless!

From the Library of Congress Flickr

While the British ladies of WWII had to queue eagerly around the block to get their mitts on a new lipstick, to keep their brave faces bright, we don't have any such trouble. There's nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer one up in gloomy circumstances, though in this day and age, girls are more likely to pick up a lipgloss than a lipstick. Not us vintage girls, obviously!

But though my lipstick application tutorial post last week has gone down well and prompted several people to tell me they've finally had the courage to go out and buy a lipstick to try it out themselves, it's fair to say that at with the lipstick and liner together weighing in at a whopping £22, MAC cosmetics are not in the 'cheap pick-me-up' category. And you may not be confident that red is going to suit you (which is nonsense as there's a red for everyone - I promise!), or that you'll be able to do the look well enough, and you don't want to waste your money.

Well, after I met them at the Cosmo Blog awards back in September, the budget makeup brand of my youth, Collection 2000, got in touch and asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their recently launched line. Having used many of their wonderfully inexpensive products to experiment with my look in my younger days, and due to the fact that I would certainly never say no to free slap, I said yes; on the condition that if I liked it, I could give some away to my readers. They agreed, and so here I am, launching a new giveaway, cunningly disguised as a review! I have not been paid a penny to do this, I only got a few freebie bits of makeup, and you can be sure that if I didn't like it, I wouldn't be doing this giveaway!

So, on the left is a photo taken after I filmed the video. I'm wearing MAC Cherry liner and Ruby Woo lipstick. I'd say the colour is a bit off, those who know it will say it's a bit pinker than it appears here (or maybe it's my screen). On the right I'm wearing Collection 2000 Paprika Lip Pencil and their Lasting Colour Lipstick in Queen of Hearts. The difference in price is substantial, with the lipstick costing £3.49 and the liner around £1.99. But can it be any good for the price?

I will confess I did put on some of my MAC Prep and Prime, because the lip pencil was quite a bit harder than the MAC, and it wasn't going on very strongly until I did. But with the addition of the primer, it went on nicely (more on primer later). The lipstick itself has a very decent amount of pigment, perhaps requiring a few more swipes than the MAC, although it also has a very different formula - much more moisturising. This translates to a slight shine, but that can be blotted down to matte with a tissue. I applied in exactly the same way as I did in my video, using the liner afterwards to touch up. It's a very good match for the lipstick, and all in all, I was extremely impressed with it. After eating dinner, I did experience a small amount of bleeding, even with the primer; and I think this can be attributed to the more moisturising formula. It's nothing that can't be touched up with a tissue (or reapplied afterwards - which I tend to do anyway)

I'm also wearing Collection 2000 Extreme Colour Lengthening Mascara (though black, which is not very extreme!) and again, I was quite impressed! I usually wear MAC Zoom Lash, and I found it gave a slightly softer look, with nicely separated lashes. I never get undereye smudges (and I do put mascara on my bottom lashes, unlike others) and I didn't with this either. For £2.99, you can't really go wrong.

What I am not wearing is the eyeliner they sent me, which was one of the Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip liners. I just cannot get on with felt tip liners, maybe it's my eyelids, maybe just because I'm not used to it! We were planning to give one of those away, BUT, because I'm planning to do a liquid liner tutorial, I've asked them to throw in a liquid liner instead. I'll do the tutorial soon. Can't say fairer than that!

So what will the winner get? Well, we thought we'd put together a mini Vintage Face starter kit, using the above Collection 2000 products. You will receive:
  • Paprika Lip Pencil
  • Queen of Hearts Lipstick
  • Extreme Colour Mascara in Black
  • Fast Stroke liquid liner, also in black. 
We'll also throw in a tube of lipstick in Passionfruit, a nice coral shade, which, although it has a tiny hint of gold sparkle in it, actually looks quite 40s on, and is a great backup if you're not feeling up to red! These products are all coming directly from Collection 2000 HQ, by the way, you're not getting my sloppy seconds!

So if you are just getting into vintage, or have yet to try a red lipstick on for size, this could be the perfect opportunity! And if you aren't my lucky winner, then I would definitely recommend you try out Collection 2000 for yourself - for the incredibly low price, the products really are excellent, and it's a brilliant way to dabble in something a bit different without breaking the bank.

The giveaway will run from today until Midnight on Friday 22nd October and is open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

If you would like to enter:
  • Simply leave me a comment below for one entry. 
  • Tweet about the giveaway for another entry, but leave me a separate comment with a link to your tweet! If you leave me one comment to say you've done both, it will be counted as one!
I'll count the comments when the giveaway closes, and use a random number generator to pick the winner!

That's it! Good luck gals (and chaps).

Fleur xx

PS. If you're not interested in slap but you are interested in frocks, there's another giveaway that launched today over on In The Heyday, where you can win your very own Fleur dress! Shona's doing it to celebrate a fabulous 100 followers, go and enter right now!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Glamour Kitten ring giveaway winner!

Hello lovely readers,

Lucy of Glamour Kitten and I got together (aetherically), put together a list and did a random drawing to find a winner for the giveaway!

And the winner is.....

Klara Asp! Klara, I'll send you an email to get your address and I'll be sending the ring next week. I hope you love wearing it!

If anyone is disappointed at not having won (all of you I imagine!) then do hop over to the Seraglia collection. Thanks to Lucy for being so generous with this giveaway.

Back tomorrow, when I'll actually have another giveaway! This time it's makeup, and specifically lipstick, so if you've ever been reluctant to give red lippy a whirl, you can enter and hopefully try out my recent tutorial for yourself, risk-free! Hurrah!

Night night, everyone!

Fleur xx

Friday, 8 October 2010

Vintage Socialite's Diary Dates

Continuing my mission to keep you informed of upcoming events of vintage smashingness, here are a few hand-picked dos that might tickle your collective fancies! If you would like to see a more comprehensive calendar of fabulous events around the UK, then do visit Vintage Secret's events page!)

Firstly, tomorrow night (9th of October), it's Wunderbar Weimar at the ULU, Mallet St, London, WC1E 7HY. Here's the blurb:


Enjoy the extraordinary flowering of the arts and culture, freedom and jazz that was 1920s Berlin!

The University of London Union proudly presents with massive delight our first ever Vintage night: Wunderbar Weimar!

With music, games, dancing, clothes stalls and much much more.

With Maria Trevis, a Weimar Cabaret singer direct from old Berlin. On the vintage decks will be our fave DJ Fruity. The ULU Big Band will be jazzing the night up too! Herr Sean Rillo Raczka will keep us in rapture as our host.

Our chef is putting on special menus and cocktails will be available. Games include knock the top hat off the Capitalist

Dress policy: No Fascists (or fascist outfits) allowed. Costume dress not required but having fun is...

For the bargain price of £3 on the door, I am most certainly there!

Just a bit of an update on the charity dance I'm supporting (and indeed attending) on the 17th October. The organiser, Brian, has informed me that there will be a TV crew there, because of another sponsor he's secured. Now, before I get to the point, I will digress slightly.

There are a few companies out there who have names that are, in my opinion, really, really silly. I will refrain from outing all of them, but the aforementioned sponsor is one. They are a Brighton-based chocolatiers and confectioners called choccywoccydoodah. Now, I'm sure they make absolutely amazing chocolate creations (looks it from the site), but as far as I'm concerned, this really is a silly name of the highest order, and yet nothing short of total genius, because I first heard of them a while ago, and as soon as Brian mentioned it, I knew exactly who he meant, because it's just not physically possible to forget a name like 'choccywoccydoodah', is it! Anyway, the point is, that they are donating a cake, and the film crew are going to be filming the making of it and the event as a whole, so it's a chance to get your mug and your best dance moves on the telly.

You'll have to forgive the shameless self-promotion that's coming next, but I have some exciting news about mine and Emerald Fontaine's Halloween party, Don't Dali With The Devil! We've secured some rather splendid sponsorship ourselves, in the form of FREE ABSINTHE, courtesy of our friends at Pernod Ricard! We're having a fully-stocked and fully-staffed absinthe bar upstairs for the whole night, serving drinks prepared using the traditional absinthe ritual of La Louche, using a fountain to slowly drip ice water onto a spoon of sugar, and into glasses of The Green Fairy. But, from the hours of 8.30pm to 9.30pm, you'll be able to partake in the ritual for free! We'll also have subsidised cocktails, some with Absinthe, some without. So a cheap night in addition to a glamorous one! We're so excited!

Something a bit different, that I was sent info on (but sadly can't attend) is Journey Through Jazz, which is a one-off show on 16 October at the Artsdepot, North Finchley. Here's what it's about:
More modern than ballroom, more vintage than hip hop! Discover the authentic
dances of the Jazz Age with the Sugarfoot Stompers.

Through a love story set in the Savoy Ballroom in the 1930s, the Sugarfoot Stompers
showcase Cakewalk to Charleston, Lindy Hop to Rock n Roll. And there is a chance
to try the dances yourselves with the whole audience invited to join in a couple of
taster classes too.

Journey Through Jazz returns to Artsdepot after a sell-out show there last year.
Presented by the London Swing Dance Society, the show features Simon Selmon (the
UK’s favourite jitterbug) with special guests The Bees Knee’s.

“Partnered social dance has never been more popular,” says Simon Selmon .“The
original jazz dances burst with energy and personality, the music is fabulous and you
just can’t help smiling. This is social dancing at its best.”

Enjoy an evening that sizzles with all the glamour and fizz of the Jazz Age.

Looks fab! Tickets are £15, and the site is apparently

That's all for now - have a great weekend everyone! Oh, something to show off quickly that made my week - my mum suddenly remembered an old bangle she had that belonged to my granny decades ago, she said. Turned out to be a fabulous carved cinnabar bangle - exactly my sort of thing! I shall greatly enjoy wearing it on its own and mixed in with my bakelite ones. My granny had great taste. :)

Fleur xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Tutorial - Glamorous 1940s lips!

Morning campers!

The other day while working at my parents' house, I was having some photos taken for my article in the forthcoming issue of Milkcow magazine, which is all about small pick-me-ups - new lipstick or nail polish, and how to apply them in a vintage way. I decided to also bring along my camera and rope my Dad into filming a mini-tutorial! I wanted to warm up before I did the long-awaited and much asked-about victory rolls tutorial, and after discovering how much easier it is when someone is filming me, versus filming it myself, I can promise that the very next time I visit them, I shall do it, by jove! ;)

So this means I have a new little video to show you, and it's all about lipstick! For me, getting a perfect, authentic pout is an essential part of vintage style. If you look at any picture of a 1940s movie star, and take away the hair and clothes, they still have a period look, and it's got a lot to do with the shape of their lips! Here I show you all how I apply my lipstick (in this case I use MAC Ruby Woo with Cherry lipliner and their Prep & Prime) to get that perfect 40s look. The way I do it is not actually as extreme as Lucille Ball (who I mention) or Joan Crawford, but it's a very definite 40s lip shape. I do talk a little, explaining why I do this way, how to get it spot on, and how to avoid lipstick on your teeth. Enjoy!

In this video, I'm wearing a jumper from one of my newest sponsors, Greets From Tiz, who I'll be posting about soon. It's a sweater, for all you Former Colonials! ;)


Fleur xx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More fall fashion from Heyday

I'm sitting here, watching the most magnificent sunset and feeling all autumnal. So I thought I'd do a quick post to show off these photos I just got back from Tony Nylons, who did a shoot with me for Heyday's new season Olivia Blouses! These lovely late 1930s style blouses are named after Olivia de Havilland, who is one of the very last remaining screen stars of the era.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Tony and I headed off to a place called the Trench Experience. Now, it can be said that the clothes I was modelling were far too futuristic for the museum, but inside it was lovely, and the various areas and the very Land Girl-esque garden definitely worked for this more Second World War fashion shoot! We had a blast and I absolutely loved the new fabrics. Have a look.

Blouses in Deco Circles in Smoke and Lucky Limeflower

Here I am in Deco Circles in Blue and Red, and Enchanted, although Shona tells me she is still awaiting stock of the Red version so hang tight on those!

Last but not least, there's the Forget Me Not and a Cherry blouse of which Shona is also awaiting stock. Unfortunately, they are made in New Zealand and they've been undergoing rather a lot of earthquakes lately!
So an understandable delay!

I know I would be biased since she is my friend and now colleague, but I think Shona gets her fabrics so right. Especially the Deco Circles, which are utterly gorgeous. In the interest of honesty, this is what I would call a semi-sponsored post, because Shona gave me some blouses and trousers as payment for this shoot. I know I will be wearing mine to threads!

Fleur xx

PS. If anyone out there feels the need to correct my 'American' title... let me just say now that 'fall' is as (olde worldy) English as... er... fish and chips and stiff upper lips! So there. ;)

Monday, 4 October 2010

Autumn V.I Buys & a little giveaway

 It really does seem to be autumn now - here in the UK it's grey and drizzly, though luckily not that cold! But it's definitely time to be breaking out the warmer clothes and the closed-toe shoes. I've dusted off all my high-waisted trousers, paired up my seamed stockings, taken my good old faithful co-respondants to the cobbler to be resoled and begun wistfully looking at the lovely Vintage Inspired pieces that have cropped up on the high street, and which I can't really afford. These skirts from Zara are particularly nice!

These items are not cheap, but by all accounts, Zara clothes are well-made! More reproduction than inspired, but since I don't want to give up dresses, but it's definitely a bit too nippy for cotton, a pretty rayon Sweetie dress from Trashy Diva would do nicely!

Does anyone out there have this dress? If so, what's the length of the skirt? I have sent them an email to ask, but by all accounts they prefer the telephone, and probably get deluged by pointless emails so I don't know how quickly they'll answer!

As for shoes, something with a low heel is good for me, and I'm particularly keen on these Ashill Bombays from Clarks:
40s-ish, practical yet also not too boring... ticks all the right boxes! But while I find autumn and winter clothes can be a little dull, colour-wise, there are ample opportunities to jazz up your outfit with a clever use of accessories and accoutrements. Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming posts on 40s red lips, vintage manicures and some lovely winter accessories, but while you're here, how about taking this opportunity to win something fabulous AND autumn themed?

This lovely little ring, in autumnal shades of fiery red, and gold, comes from the magical fingers of my dear friend Lucy Wills, owner of Glamour Kitten vintage jewellery. She creates these beautiful pieces from orphaned vintage earrings, and when she asked if I'd like to give one away, I jumped at the chance, picking this one as I thought it so perfect for the season. It's mounted on an adjustable gold-tone band, so fits every finger, and will brighten up any outfit, all year round.

If you'd like to win this very ring, which will be posted by my own fair hands, then all you need to do is leave me a comment below, saying you'd like to enter. If you would like to join the Glamour Kitten Mailing List, not only do you get another chance to win this particular giveaway, but you'll receive another prize opportunity every month. Simply fill out the form linked, mentioning you saw this Glamour Kitten Giveaway post on Diary of a Vintage Girl, and Lucy will pass the list on to me!

Now the boring bit! This draw is open from today, October the 4th, until Friday October the 8th. I'll draw it over the weekend and announce the winner on Sunday the 10th October.

One entry per person here on my blog, one further available entry if you sign up to the Glamour Kitten mailing list. Lucy will not send you anything other than Glamour-packed newsletters about her company!

This giveaway is open to anyone in the world!

That's it! Back soon with more autumn fashion and fun stuff.

Toodle pip!

Fleur xx

PS. Since someone just asked, I am delighted to say that BOTH of Naomi's hats were returned, safe and sound! One girl contacted me through the blog to apologise for wandering off with it, and posted it to me. The other was handed in to the theatre anonymously! I did edit the blog post and tweet the great news, but just so anyone who missed those knows... hurrah for the internet!

Edit: Thank you everyone who entered, the draw is now closed and a winner will be announced shortly! 

Take a look!

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