Wednesday, 23 June 2010

All a-Swoon

Hi all...

I'm still here, although I'm feeling very down about a few things at the moment, and not much like blogging about my 'glamorous life', as it's rather lost its sparkle at the present time. That's why time between posting seems to be getting longer and longer... I'm sorry. Anyway, enough moping, let me tell you why I'm really posting! I can't bring myself to post anything I have done recently, so let me tell you all about someone else instead.

I just wanted to pop in as I recently 'rediscovered' an old favourite designer, and I wanted to tell you all about it. I say 'rediscovered' as I wear my purchases from them a lot, but haven't visited their store in ages. I will say that although I do get a lot of lovely freebies, I only ever review or promote companies and products I genuinely love. In this instance I have not been given anything by this particular company, I have only ever been a customer to them.

The company is called Swoon Lingerie, and never has a name been more apt since the mere sight of the lovely designs sent me all a-flutter. I first discovered Swoon on Etsy, where they do still have a store, although head designer Gerry told me she is now focussing more on her website.

I was captivated by the beautiful fabrics, whimsical designs and great copywriting that accompanied the listings. Each vintage-inspired piece marries two different but complementary fabrics, which are always crisp 100% cotton. While some of the prints used are more contemporary, there are a lot of golden-era themed fabrics on offer, novelty ones, delicate florals and so on. Even some actual vintage fabrics... one of my purchases features a lovely, semi-sheer 40s or 50s cotton. There are some beautiful confections on offer, from knickers to bras, to laundry bags, and I adore the bloomer-style sleep pants and the camisoles. On the same page as the latter, though, are my favourite Swoon designs - 1930s style camiknickers. I own two sets of Swoon camiknickers, which I wear as nightwear although they'd be fabulous to wear underneath looser 30s style dresses.

And I have even worn one set on a shoot... many moons ago...

(Photo is by Chris Drzymalski)

I did send these photos to Swoon after I did the shoot and I'm delighted to say that I've starred on their Etsy store ever since! The uppermost fabric of my camiknickers is the vintage one I mentioned earlier... it's so soft and patterned with tiny cameos.

Please do go and have a look at the Swoon site. They have a vast stock of vintage style fabrics available for you to choose from, so you can always mix and match between prints on existing garments. They also make items to your measurements for no extra cost, essential if you're tall and long like me and want a pair of camiknickers! Everything is hand-made with love and care in an atelier in the Scottish Highlands, and the quality and customer service are second-to-none.

Highly recommended in every way. Oh and if you like what you see, please become a fan on Facebook too, as I just did!

Lots of love,

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Shenanigans & a sorry

Hey fabulous people of blog land!

Sorry it's been a bit quiet round these parts, I'm going through some things at the moment and don't feel much like blogging... although I am not going to let it stop me for long! I can't let any more of the week pass without showing you some photos of my frankly fantastic birthday party last Saturday. I shared the occasion with my dear friends Torquil Arbuthnot and Fruity Hatfield-Peverel, who also had a splendid time. All over for another year! I didn't take many pictures sadly, so here are a few that I did!

There were gorgeously attired friends, who sang me a helium-filled happy birthday (Darhling is breathing in, not blowing!), and who performed burlesque for us! We had the stunning Emerald Fontaine, the tempting Tallulah Tempest and the vivacious V.J. Spankie who all wowed the crowd, which included some of my oldest and dearest friends (Hello Jo, Jo, Katherine, Stacey, Paul and Steve!) who had never seen burlesque before.

I was absolutely delighted that my lovely vintage friend and fellow blogger Jeni Yesterday Girl could come. She asked if she could bring a friend, little did I know her 'date' was the equally lovely, also fellow blogger Stefanie Valentine!! Such a wonderful surprise! Thank you both so, so much for coming girls, and for bringing me such a lovely gift. I can't wait to see you both again. Jeni and Stefanie have also been much more on the ball than me and have already posted blogs about the party. I'm sure many readers will have already read them, but if you haven't, click their names to be taken to the respective posts, full of more photos!

The rest of the lovely, and splendidly-dressed people in the photo are, clockwise from top: Lord Compton-Bassett and The Conte from the New Sheridan Club, Mr Bounder Wax himself and his gorgeous wife Kezia (who was looking enviably resplendent in a blouse from NudeeDudee on etsy, several of whose creations I aspire to own one day), and Hal Iggulden and his beautiful wife Grace.

Last but by no means least, photos of yours truly: me with the Whisting Tailor, looking the bees knees in a sports coat made by his talented self from 1950s Huntsman Tweed (any suit-loving chaps reading this, go and look at some better photos here); me with the simply stunning Agness (who took my photo for the Watercress Line Calendar, and who is pictured in her very first ever vintage frock... um... made for vintage or what??); and with the two birthday boys, Torquil Arbuthnot on the left and MC Fruity Hatfield-Peverel on the right. Sadly my beautiful pink bow-print Swirl suffered a mishap later that night due to an unfortunate juxtaposition of tipsy me, a pocket and a bathroom door handle, so it is currently awaiting repair by the aforementioned talented Whistling Tailor. In this war on modern slobbishness there must be a few casualties. To my Swirl (and to my birthday!).

Lots of love,

Fleur xx

Friday, 11 June 2010

D-Days and B-Days

Gosh, how did it get to be Friday, again? I meant to update earlier than this, Brownie's honour (I was never a brownie - did they actually say that?).

Last weekend I popped along to the Watercress Line for War on The Line, which coincided with the anniversary of D-Day; to see and sign the 2011 Calendars in which I star! It was a lovely day, very hot and muggy, but such a great event. Friendly people, some fab outfits and plenty of calendar sales! I know that quite a few readers and fans are interested in buying a calendar, so if that's you then please do purchase one on the Watercress Line site, or click the picture below.

Photographers Sean & Agness and I gave our time free of charge, and every penny of the proceeds is going to charity - an even split between Help for Heroes and the Watercress Line itself (which is run by volunteers). It's an honour to support these causes since I have both friends in the armed forces and loved the WL as a small child. I hope anyone who buys one will enjoy seeing my face every day for a full 12 months ;)

I didn't get to see much of the event, which was spread out over all four stations, with music, dancing, displays and more. I did get to watch a Hurricane fly over, which was spectacular. At Ropley, where I was based, there was a tempting cake stand run by some lovely ladies and gents, with all the cakes made to wartime recipes. I sampled the chocolate and beetroot brownies (seen here at the front of the table) and I was very impressed! Everyone who came to have a calendar signed was thoroughly lovely, too.

Wednesday was my birthday, and I spent a perfect morning with my chap before heading off to spend the afternoon with my parents (curse the workload of a bespoke tailor!). So here's a snap of me on a typical relaxed day - not dissimilar to the one a few posts ago. No lipstick, hair simply brushed (although I set it the day before) and repro clothing. Including my smashing new French navy trousers, a present from Shona Heyday! I have received some fabulous presents (so far... I am seeing my best friend tonight and she usually spoils me rotten - slightly embarrassingly so, even!) and I have to show them off. Pictured here are two amazing art deco teacup sets from my chap (both are lovely but the trio is outstanding and in as-new condition), and a promotional shot of the gorgeous Able Grable Lola Burns frock sent to me by Miss Matilda. My folks gave me money, so I will be treating myself to some nice new things; however my mum also bought me some tickets for us to go and see my favourite musical ever - 42nd Street. I think I last saw it on stage when I was about 10, so I am extremely excited! So my presents this year have been a real example of quality over quantity, I'm sure you'll agree!

I leave you with a final picture from the War on the Line, me posing with the always darling Viv the Spiv. Now if this isn't an advert for what good posture does for one (or rather what bad posture does), then I don't know what is! Any girl can look slim yet fabulously curvy and pin-up perfect if she poses right, shoulder back, arm bent, tummy in and bust proud. However here I manage to look flat-chested and utterly shapeless! I still love the shot though - Viv is such a character!

It's my party this weekend, so I shall report back with more photos after I have recovered. ;) Have a good one chapettes and chaps!

Fleur xx

Monday, 7 June 2010

Vintage Cycle Chic!

I'm on the cover of the current issue of London Cyclist magazine with a fellow Chap-scene regular (and in fact fellow reformed Guildford heavy metaller) Jon Fowler. Admittedly, we probably aren't typical of your usual London cyclist, but the photo was taken during April's Tweed Run, and of course, we wholeheartedly believe that those on vintage velocipedes should dress the part too!

Photo is by Daniel Bosworth and is courtesy of the LCC. Thanks to both, and do join the LCC if you're a London cyclist!

I do enjoy overtaking old-age pensioners clad in sportwear as I furiously pedal Virginia up the tow path to the shops, usually because they close in 5 minutes... otherwise I might go at a more leisurely pace! I have to say, my lovely old boneshaker has been worth every penny since I ride her so often. When she gives up on me (which may be never since she is so sturdy despite celebrating her 60th birthday), and I can afford it, I will definitely get my money's worth from a Pashley Princess!

Tally ho!

Fleur xx

Friday, 4 June 2010

A Thousand Words

Hey all,

I'm sitting on a few loads of event photos and photoshoots, and I can't post any of them just yet, so here's an end of week roundup consisting mostly of random photos from my recent adventures. I'm at the Watercress line for War on the Line tomorrow, and I'll be at Ropley station from 10am signing calendars and just generally hanging out. Hope to see some familiar faces there!

Blue flowers and blue Rocket Originals shoes on a photoshoot!

Details of a steam powered car from 1911 at the Haslemere car show. Totally steampunk-tastic! I'll show the whole car soon!

Sweet tea at Bea's of Bloomsbury with Gustav Temple and Miss Mink, to discuss The Chapette!

Laughs at The Chairman's New Sheridan Club talk!

And finally some Hipstamatic photos - I love this app!

A nearby house with its own footbridge!

Lurking in Lounge Bohemia...

Inigo is the king of the castle, er, shed...

Me with some Crabbie's!PS. This one's also for Mary Deluxe, this is as unvintage as I get - unstyled hair, no lippie and a tank top (40s seersucker skirt just out of sight!)

See you all next week!

Fleur xx

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