Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Springtime Tart

As you all know, once a month, I co-host Tart at 40 Winks. It's a perfectly indulgent afternoon filled with delicious pampering, vintage styling, finger sandwiches, cupcakes and copious amounts of Gin. Which I cannot imbibe, as I always have to drive. This does mean that I have a steady camera hand! So, without further waffle, here's a selection of photos from last Saturday.

Our amazing sponsors and partners (clockwise in order of appearance) - Lipstick & Curls, Benefit Cosmetics and What Katie Did. We also had a fabulous lady doing semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Oh, how I wish I could have had some!

We had some gorgeous wares on display. My favourite things were the beautiful, sparkly, reworked vintage creations from Magpie Vintage (top two images). I also had to show off how splendid the weather was - we set up the garden for the first time, complete with bunting!

Our guests this month had to be the most stylish so far! All the ladies looked stunning and were the picture of vintage glamour! Mr Carter kept his audience rapt, as always. And of course, the most gorgeous gal of all, Naomi Vintage Secret was on hand to style and advise, looking a picture in a little 60s summer dress.

But what did I wear? I know you're all dying to see... ;)

I wore a lovely 50s summer dress, which was a fairly recent eBay bargain of $29. It's covered in flowers and, best of all, little hats, all pastel blue, pink, yellow and green! It's in such fabulous condition with the cotton crisp and the black deep and unfaded... plus it fits me brilliantly! Any suggestion on a better belt? This one came from a modern repro and it works OK, but I think it can be vastly impoved upon! No photos from the knee down as all visitors to 40 Winks have to wear slippers, and mine totally didn't match my frock!

So that was Tart in pictures! If anyone is interested and would like some more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm off to Sussex for the weekend, to help my beloved Mum run a conference. Have a super weekend everyone!

Fleur xx


  1. What beautiful photographs! Oh how I wish I could attend, looks like such a fabulous event. And your guests look amazing. I love how you all have to wear slippers!
    Lottie x

  2. Wow this looks like so much fun! What pretty pictures!

    Gaby xoxoxo

  3. Oh how I dream of attending such a wonderful party! And your dress is lovely- I adore a printed frock.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  4. simply lovely alone are just divine in that dress...i adore the frock and that it has lil' all the gals with the lil' white and red aprons...adorable

  5. Looks like another wonderful day. And I just adore that dress! It's gorgeous.
    -Andi x
    PS Thanks for the heads up on where the image was from on my blog!

  6. It looks just marvellous! Well done on that dress purchase. One day I am going to get to meet Naomi and I am looking forward to it!

  7. Divine frock!! Sounds like another swoonworthy gathering! I LOVE that picture of the chap mesmerising the glamourous ladies. Fantastic!

  8. Love it. What a grand idea to look forward to each month. I am jealous and may need to do something like this near me. Too bad I don't know anyone else close by with my passion for vintage.

  9. How lovely! I must say the two ladies wearing red, white and black are very striking. What a fun way to spend an afternoon.

  10. you look lovely, and I lik ea good novelty print! what about a slightly wider, yellow belt?

  11. Oooh, I just love coming here for virtual visits. It's always so fun and elegant.

    Love the brooches (I really do love anything sparkly) and your dress is divine!

  12. Hi Fleur. I just wanted to say, love the blog, and... I was looking through a magazine called 'The Knitter' the other day, and suddenly came across a picture of you - looking lovely (cracking sweater too!).

    I wish I could look just half as elegant!

  13. This looks like so much fun....I'm tempted to attend one (though I am a vintage novice!)....would you be able to send me details or is there a mailing list I need to join?


  14. Great photos Fleur ! Seems like it was a sucess1

  15. it looks like you guys had a ball! whens your next one? I love your blog!! you dress the way ive always wanted to but never had the courage....or figure.

  16. Lovely photo's! Looks like you all had a great day.....

  17. Looks like the perfect party and I love your 50's dress!

  18. I would love to go, but I live hundreds of miles away!


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