Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The ladies take over...

Afternoon all,

Just thought I should let you know that I can be found masquerading as the new editor of The Chap, which is now incorporating The Chapette, on the cover of the latest issue! The new ladies' interest section is found inside, rather than separate from, the main magazine, and seems to feature interviews, articles and reviews of tea-shops and such-like. Having not actually edited anything, nor received my own copy yet, I can't comment on the editorial offerings therein, although I have heard they tend more towards the genteel than the gin-soaked. I have to say, I tend more towards the latter, albeit in a genteel and ladylike way, of course... ;)

In case you were wondering, my 40s-style blouse is from Heyday!

Sharp-eyed readers will spot that my secretary is none other than Mr Neil Ridley, who can be seen riding his miniature Penny Farthing in my previous entry. He's sporting a rather lovely, hand-knitted Fairisle in this shot!

According the The Editor, Gustav Temple, The Chapette won't be found in every issue of The Chap, although it will make regular appearances. Anyway, do hurry to your nearest branch of Waterstones & Co. or larger emporia of Messrs. W. & H. Smith to grab your copy. Former Colonials had better send off for one immediately - you don't want to miss out! ;)

Fleur xx

PS. The Chapette does have its own Facebook group, so do join and have your say.


  1. Congratulations on your new position as Madame Editor! I've never seen a dame look so glamorous with a pipe! Love your skirt!

  2. congrats! That is probably my most favourite picture of you EVER...GORGEOUS

  3. Oh, i'm off to London on the 26th, i'm gonna try to find a copy then! I don't think it can be found here in Sweden

  4. I'm so glad there's a woman smokign a pipe on the front cover! I've decided to take up pipe smoking once I turn 18 (two weeks!!!!!!!!!) - mainly out of irony, since I don't 'do' drugs/alcohol/smoking - and am worried I'll feel self-conscious. What an interesting mag!

  5. Ack! Love that photo :-D Such a great pose :-D

  6. Oooo how fabulous! Well done :)
    Lottie x

  7. I had no idea such a magazine existed! Good luck editing. I would not mind a job like that. :)

  8. The magazine gig sounds like an empowering venture for an able grable such as yourself. Hello from Chicago, by the by.


  9. I say!

    I thought The Chap was a chap's magazine!

    Bally mistake, the ladies have apparently taken over.

    Rum do, can't have that. Shall cancel subscription!

  10. Yay for The Chapette, Awesome!

    Laura Mackness for Weekday clothes and Benefit treats to win on my blog if you're interested!

    tweet tweet tweet


  11. Wow, what a lovely cover! You are just breathtakingly beautiful!


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