Thursday, 1 April 2010

Catch-up time again!

This week has passed me by, rather! I'm not sure why, because I haven't been all that busy, except for my day in London to see The 39 Steps, as mentioned in my last post. I have to say that it was utterly fabulous! I haven't seen the Hitchcock film, and my chap was rather dubious, to say the least, about it being turned into a comedy. But it really is very funny, and not in a disrespectful-to-the-original-way. It's slightly slapstick, but not overtly. All I can really say is that you absolutely MUST see it - if not here in London, then at one of the many productions around the world!

Anyway, last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending White Mischief at the Scala. It was a veritable steampunk extravaganza, with acts and attendees alike all conforming in various degrees to the rather fabulous neo-Victorian theme. Some photographs of the night...

We saw the fabulous Voltini turning himself into a human Van Der Graff machine with a probe up his bottom...

...Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer doing his thing...

...and some well-dressed, steam-punked acquaintances.

Sadly the same couldn't be said for me! I did, of course, endeavour to dress my best, but nothing I own could conceivably be described as steampunk! I had neither the time, nor the imagination to customise anything. So here I am in my Able Grable Wicked Lady, with peach hand-knit bolero, gin & tonic, and a poster of the Scala's Special Easter Ball featuring DJ EZ!! OMG! ;)

I meant to post some of these photos on Tuesday, but with one thing and another, I just didn't have time! I also didn't get any photos of the fabulous outfits on display. Do have a look here if you'd like to see more (and better ones). You will be able to read my full review in the next Chap.

It's been an exciting week for my hair as well, because I am now the proud owner of my first ever perm! Prepare to be underwhelmed at the sight of it unstyled......

It was done using the largest rollers, giving it a barely discernable wave. What it has done, though, is give me a good starting wave (especially at the top), body at the roots and more fullness throughout. That in itself is worth it. But, let me tell you, it's actually the best thing I've ever done for my hair! And here's the proof! I set it in my usual way using Hot Sticks (if you watch the first few seconds of the video, you can see how my hair looks unstyled AND unpermed), to go to London on Tuesday morning. They were in about 30 minutes or so, and while in town, I got drizzled on and windblown - the kiss of death for heat-styled hair, usually. Even my cold-set hair wouldn't stand up to it very well! However... as of this afternoon (Thursday), and another long walk in damp air, my hair is still looking pretty blooming good (considering). Again, you may be underwhelmed, but bear with me...

It may have lost its fullness at the ends, but they are STILL curled under! The left side has a really nice shape, and the right side wave at my face (which you can't see very well) is also still good. This, good readers, is unheard of, for my hair, three days afer a quick hot roller set, with no restyling apart from brushing.

...and then the wind really did give a big gust and ruin it! ;)

Happy Easter readers!
Fleur xx

PS. I should have put this in the post - after two people asked separately... I had it done at an old lady salon in a small village near where my parents live. I really think these are the places to go as they do them day in and day out, and they are cheap too (£15 for a cut, £50 for the perm!). I really think there's nothing to be afraid of, with the large rollers, you're never going to get a poodle perm or Keegan-eque 'beans on toast' do. My hair has always been slightly frizzy from all the dying and styling over the years, but the perm's not made any noticeable difference to the texture (of the individual strands) or dryness. If anyone's in any doubt, don't be - go for it! :)


  1. Your perm looks lovely! Being the owner of a SERIOUSLY botched perm up until a month ago, I am extremely jealous, but much to afraid to ever try perms again. I really admire your blog and modelling work, and lovely outfits too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Oh my God, please tell me where you got your perm,I've wanted one for ages but nowhere seems to do them anymore! My hair is poker straight and its a constant battle of rolling/setting/spraying/brushing. This would absolutely change my life!xx

  3. @Yesterday Girl - try an asian hair salon. They specialize in perms! My friend got one and had gorgeous big curls that didn't require setting for months. I don't know whether they have difficulty adapting the technique to caucasian hair types, but I'd definitely start looking there.

    Fleur, you look gorgeous! Your hair must grow so fast, it seems like only a month or two ago it was still curled up around your earlobes! You're lucky, mine is taking -forever- to get past that awkward 'is it long or is it short?' phase.

  4. That's the best looking perm I've ever seen!

  5. Yes your hair looks great, but please tell me more about that green sweater you're wearing! Did you knit it yourself?

  6. You look great (love the peach ensemble) and the first perms if they are done correctly usually behave very well. I think the worry starts when the hair has been permed repeatedly, or perhaps badly permed. It might depend on the type of hair too. I did nearly destroy mine with perms a few years back in the quest for the elusive perfect curl, to the extent that I had to cut it all off, and I will never go there again. But that's just m,e, and my perms weren't done very professionally.
    Good luck with yours!

  7. Thanks for the comments, all!
    Carys - even a seriously botched perm can be turned to your advantage if you set it! Thanks for your kind words too :)

    Jenny - I went to a salon in a small village near my parents - it's where elderly ladies get permed every day. So they know their stuff! I suggest finding an old lady salon in your area. It cost £50, so almost the same price as a cut elsewhere (their cuts cost £15!)

    Miss Emmi - I don't know if it's maybe the way I set it... it's been about this length for a while! I had it all chopped in December 2007, way before I started the blog, and have kept it long since. It just looks a lot shorter when curled - see pic above at White Mischief! :D

    Betty - thanks- it's not much to look at, but the chemical change is the real winner!

    Stampalina - I have just discovered the person I got it off now has a site! I'll have to do a proper post now! But it's and it's in the 50s section!

    Garofit - thank you and sorry to hear your tale of perm woe :( I will be aware of your words when I go back again, although that probably won't be for 6 months or so..

  8. I'm jelaous of your perm - I'd like to get one too for a good curl base but my bleached hair would never handle one I'm afraid...

  9. Do you want me to come home and open a vintage perming salon!

    My best ever perm was using the stacking technique, Nicki Oliver did it for me in Manchester....

    I'd be more than happy to come to London and do a perming session, seriously! If you can set it up, I'm your woman!

  10. FWIW I actually think you look lovely "unstyled" - you're just so naturally pretty!

  11. fleur - you are so beautiful (and such a clever name!)

  12. You are gorgeous, Even without the new perm...


  13. Loving the perm, Fleur! What a fantastic idea for saving yourself time.

    As always, I love reading about the glamorous things you've been getting up to. Living vicariously, hehe!

  14. Lovely perm, looks a treat.
    'Old lady salons' are the best, especially if you want your hair permed because it's what they do well. I used to have my hair coloured and styled in one before it closed. There was a lady working there who must have been 70 if she was a day, and she did the best Victory Rolls in two seconds flat! These places are true gems but are getting harder to find.

  15. HaHa, looks really fun! Love your flower dress! very cute!

  16. your style is so beautiful! i appreciate the tips on your hair style...always wondered what the secret was to such a pretty look!
    xoxo alison

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