Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year, Same Old...

Happy 2010 everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous time, whatever you got up to. I'm afraid the New Year has not brought much respite from the workload, in fact, it's even heavier to make up for the drivel that I produced during Christmas. I just was not able to engage my poor, sozzled brain, and therefore have overdue deadlines to deal with. So this blog is going to be lacking in substance for another week or so.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to make Diary of a Vintage Girl more substantive - people do seem to enjoy my outfit posts, but no one is really *learning* anything from me at the moment - I haven't done many V.I. Buys posts, tutorials or anything informative for a while. That will change - I have tons of ideas, I just don't have the time to put them into practice at the moment. Please do bear with me - I promise I will try harder!

But I am not starting as I mean to go on, because all I have to show you are a couple of photos from my NYE party at the Fox. It was an absolutely splendid night, I have to say - might have been because I quaffed an awful lot of bubbly, but I had so much fun and so did my guests. It really was the most wonderful way to see in the new decade - surrounded by devastatingly well-dressed and attractive friends, good music and fabulous acts. Unfortunately, the aforementioned alcohol consumption meant that I hardly took any photographs, and none at all of my beautiful co-hostess.

New Year's Eve 1959. Welcome to Rapture!

There we have it - another uncreative collage from me, but featuring some of my very gorgeous friends, including Hal Iggulden, the chap in the hat at the bottom, of whose Dangerous Book For Boys you may have heard. I'm really quite excited about going to see his new play Threesome later this month - if you're into dark comedy, then do please check it out! I think the chap at the back of the group shot is having some sort of seizure! ;)

As you can see, I didn't even get a decent picture of my dress, but it's the beautiful 40s number I wore on my birthday last year!

Now, please excuse me while I go and make a new hot water bottle and put on an extra cardigan, we're due for heavy snow tonight and it's already freeeezing in my little flat. Stay warm everyone!

Fleur xx


  1. It looked like a splendid time was had by all...Happy New Year.

  2. I love that cake picture, and I'd love to visit Rapture (pre-zombies, of course...)

    Stay warm Fleur - It's -15°C here, I feel your pain!

  3. Smashing Vintage eye candy, what more can I say ;-)

  4. Good to see you had a good time! I love that photo of you on your birthday, makes me chuckle :)
    Hurry with your next hair tutorial please! xx

  5. Everyone looks happy! and love photos of your with the cake! you're gorgeous!!!

  6. looks like such fun!

    PS: I heard it's freezing over there right now...Bundle-up!!!

  7. Looks like it was a wonderful evening.
    I still love that picture of you with the cake! Hehe.
    -Andi x

  8. That sounded like a fun party! One day I'll have to try and make one of your events. And oh, I know *just* what you mean about Christmas relaxing v January madness in terms of deadlines, aie!

  9. Hi Fleur,
    I looove that dress in the cake picture, and the Carmen Miranda earrings really stand out.
    Glad to hear that you are busy, since I think that means that your chosen career is sustainable, and that is a testament to your hard work, raw talent and some good choices. You go, girl! I enjoy your blog, and will lap up any tutorial/info posts you generate. I have already tried a rolled-up faux bang. I didn't have a proper rat/mouse, so I tried rolling up a couple of nylon knee-his which worked great until trying to pin in place--not so much!
    I wish I had your figure, I might try more VI clothing, but I'm quite the apple, no waistline....

  10. Hello!
    Minhya This is the first visit to your blog, I loved your photos,
    I'm sorry for some mistakes my English is bad.
    Happy 2010

  11. Happy New Year darling!! You say you will post more tutorials, well, I would like to see how you do your make up, because it looks so natural but very pretty!!!


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