Sunday, 29 November 2009

A damp squib

I really hate the British weather sometimes. In November, you naturally expect it to be chilly, grey, damp and unappealing, but just when we needed a lucky break, the heavens opened, and London became a total washout. Thus, so was my Chocks Hawaii night.

We knew it would be quiet as we didn't sell a huge number of advance tickets, but we got a lot of press and we were hopeful about lots of people turning up on the night in their loudest shirts and most tropical dresses. We pulled out all the stops on the decor - we felt it was the best effort yet - and opened the doors expectantly.

We decorated with lovely wicker lamps, coconuts and pineapples, leis festooning every lampshade, paper parasols and palm leaves pinched from What Katie Did's boutique. We had tiki torches burning outside and authentic 50s tiki god lights up the stairs (which sadly didn't work as they needed to be rewired!). The bar was draped in a giant grass skirt and fishing nets hung from the lights. We had to close the outside terrace because the weather was so bad, and our 'sandy red carpet' idea was thrown out. :(

The Sax Pastilles rechristened themselves 'The Surfing Sax Pastilles' and played a fantastic couple of sets of early 60s surf music, dressed in their mid-century/hawaiian best. I didn't capture any shots of the girls or even my lovely Emerald, but I'll link to some when I get them, if anyone is interested to see.

I chatted to our gorgeous guests to see if they were having a good time, despite the weather and the low turnout, and the answer was an almost-unanimous yes, I'm glad to say. One gentleman did not have a good night, and he was most vociferous to me and to the other guests, which was a shame. Luckily none of them agreed with his objections. But let it never be said that we don't listen to our critics - his main gripe was that we did not have a DJ (despite never having advertised one as part of our nights) and so we are now making tentative arrangements to get one on board.

Our aim, as a vintage party company, is to put on nights that we ourselves would want to attend: with quirky decor, a rocking band, talented burlesque dancers, fabulously attired guests, and a friendly atmosphere. And the thing that made us saddest was that there weren't enough of the guests to appreciate our decorating efforts, the band and the girls!

Still, we have all the makings of an even more fabulous Hawaiian party next year... you live and learn!

Our next event will be New Year's Eve - and it will have a 1950s/1960s Vegas/Casino Royale/Rat Pack theme. I will, of course, bore you all senseless, I mean keep you all informed about it.

Yours from a wet and windy Sunday,

Fleur xx

Friday, 27 November 2009

V.I. Buys - Fabulous Hawaiian Fancies!


As you all know, I'm putting on a super Hawaiian/Tiki party this Saturday with my amazing collaborators at The Fox Presents...

Now, although I am a 40s girl most of the time, I do so love to get my Tiki on from time to time. Tomorrow night I shall be sporting my much-loved Whirling Turban frock:

(Photo by lovely Rebecca Parker)

And my treasured Lucky Lou Souvenir slides (as mentioned in my holiday post):

But, what if you're attending my night, or the other, only Hawaiian party to be seen at tomorrow night (!), the Jive Connection Christmas Tiki night, down in East Grinstead ...

(I'm actually gutted I can't go to this, and even more gutted I didn't think of the Turkey/Tiki pun! Tee hee!)

... and you don't know what to wear? Ordering from America (or Bali in the case of Whirling Turban) is obviously not an option! Well Londoners can head north to 294 Holloway Road to that fabulous bombshell emporium Vivien of Holloway*, and snap up one of their beautiful sarong dresses!

There are some gorgeous prints and they do matching bolero jackets too - perfect! And while you're in the area, check out these absolutely lovely Lily Bamboo bags, which are stocked a few doors down at Haunted Tattoo, 159 Holloway Road!

Aren't they amazing? Lily Bamboo owner Julie only recently turned her love of the 50s and particularly Tiki culture into a business making handbags. According to the site, "Each item is lovingly crafted from high-quality materials and only a limited number of each are made. Watch-out for the first collection of 50’s inspired fabrics, coming soon!"

Well, Julie, I will be watching out!

All you need now is a pair of espadrilles or wedges and a flower in your hair and you're good to dance the Huki Lau all night long!

Or you could go for a grass skirt and a coconut bra... entirely up to you! ;)

Bye for now...

Fleur xx

* I was incredibly privileged, while at Rhythm Riot (post on the way!) to model a pair of Vivien of Holloway's rather spiffy 40s style overalls!

If any fellow Amazons are reading, her latest batch of overalls have come out a touch longer in the body, which they are the perfect fit for me and those who are as tall as me! They're adjustable, of course, because the buttons can be moved to shorten the straps, but it's the first time something like an overall has fitted me off the peg! There are an amazing range of colours too, so do enquire if you'd like a pair (I can't see them on the site at the moment). I'm wearing it with one of their sweet peasant tops, which I LOVE! Thank you Vivien! And thank you Tony Nylons for the photo.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Glad rags at the ready!

Just a quickie before I die in a paperwork avalanche, but don't forget that this Saturday 28th I'm putting on a rather super pre-Christmas Hawaiian/Tiki party at the Fox - Chocks Hawaii!

It looks set to be a really fabulous night, and sure to lift your spirits up from the winter blues (which I am certainly feeling right now). As I mentioned in my post about The Enchant-Ed Wood, we totally sold out last time, but we have space for plenty more fabulous people to attend this one. If any of my blog readers would like to come down on the night for a few fruity cocktails and a dance to the amazing Sax Pastilles at the special last-minute price of £8 instead of the usual £12, then please do! Just use the magic code words, "Fleur said I could come in for £8" and Bob's your uncle! More information, as ever, at the Fox Presents site.

Tomorrow night (Thursday 26th November) I will be popping along to the Rokit Christmas party for some drinks, nibbles and a browse of their famous wares.

Hope to see some of you at one or other of this rocking dos soon. Now... nose back to grindstone for another day!

Pip pip

Fleur xx

Edit: According to Miss Twila Jean 'Glad rags' are a menstrual item in the US... here in the UK it just means fancy clothing! But then presumably Bill Haley didn't mean sanitary-ware when he sang 'Get your glad rags on' in Rock Around The Clock? ;)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Away with the mossies

Well I thought it about time I updated you on my holiday to Antigua, seeing as I've now been back almost a fortnight! I got back very late on Sunday from another fantastic Rhythm Riot, so that will be the very next post (plus I need to give you all a visual break from my fabulous Able Grable dress, which I'm wearing... again...!

I didn't take a vast amount of photos to bore you with, only outfits on the very first and very last days, and a couple of token scenery shots!

Here is my outfit from the first night... or, as I like to fondly remember it, the Night of 1,000 Bites! As you can see, it rained. A lot. It was almost a biblical deluge! And I never normally get attacked by mosquitoes, but evidentally, having been driven indoors by the rain, a gaggle of fresh, unbitten Brits was too much for them to resist! I woke up the following morning with over 40 bites on my lower legs alone. Luckily the citronella we brought sort of worked, I probably got only (!) another 40 bites in total over the rest of the trip. Anyway! As you can see, I do keep true to my vintage tastes while I'm away, albeit with even less effort than normal. I don't bother to curl my hair while I'm away - who'd want to sit with a head of hot curlers when it's 30 degrees (80F) and extremely humid out?? Or have a face full of makeup, come to that. It's headscarves and no foundation all the way!

I am also deathly afraid of losing my precious vintage by careless baggage handlers, so I only pack my most unremarkable, replaceable and repro dresses. On the first night I wore a mustard yellow Swirl which cost me a whole $9.99 and my Lucky Lou souvenir slides. It was lovely to spend some time with my family, too, the first time we have all been away in a decade! Thanks to my dad for the photo of me, my mum and brother. :)

The scenery (when it wasn't raining... which it did, frequently!) was spectacular! Turquoise waters, lush greenery (unspurprisingly) and white sand. Now I realise there's nothing more dull than other people's holiday snaps, but do humour me this once!

The resort we stayed in was called the Hawksbill, and you can see the rock that is its namesake in these pictures! I spent most of my time flat on my back in the shade, but I did do quite a lot of swimming, which has meant that my porcelain complexion is no more. Still, I would not have given up the swimming for anything, the sea was the perfect temperature, and we snorkelled all around the reefs in the middle of the bay. Whereupon I saw a jellyfish, and then my brother was stung by an unseen one quite badly. So we didn't do that again! I did sport an array of vintage inspired swimsuits and playsuits, but with no makeup and slathered in greasy sun cream, there are no records of this! ;)

The final night, and you can see my new skin colour... what a novelty! It hasn't been this tanned for almost ten years! I didn't go at it with as much dedication as my brother though, and it's already fading due to the dreadful weather we're having here. I wore my most glam (and hottest, unfortunately) outfit on the last night, and even put on some red lippy, which I didn't do the rest of the time! My lovely wrap blouse is a Heyday one and the skirt was made to my specifications by TopRunway.

So that was that... it all seems like a distant dream already, and I feel as tired as I did before I went away. Still, 10 days of doing nothing is a luxury I won't be able to afford again anytime soon, financially or time-wise. Sigh!

Fleur xx

Friday, 20 November 2009

You Tart!

Last Saturday was the very first instalment of Tart - the brainchild of David Carter of 40 Winks, Naomi of Vintage Secret and yours truly! It was an absolute triumph all around - the guests were fabulous, the venue (of course) perfect, the vendors were amazing, and the services provided, top-notch. I've been waiting to confirm some details, such as the website of the photographer, but I can't hold on any more so I will amend this entry as soon as I know!

These shots were taken by the lovely Mela (whose site I am waiting on), and really captured the wonderful atmosphere of the afternoon. We had cakes and service from the always incredible Vintage Patisserie, some with our logo, and some with the names of our Hen party's bride-to-be and her beloved! Our guests arrived, and headed down into the kitchen for cupcakes, sandwiches and delicious drinks - Hendrick's gin and elderflower, and bubbly, naturally. All were served in vintage teacups from Naomi's collection! The ground floor held Naomi's exclusive selection of vintage, some incredible hats and vintage and handmade jewellery from Glamour Kitten. I spent a happy few minutes chatting all things rhinestony and bakelite down there! Upstairs on the first floor was Taj Noel Cambridge's Bunnies Forever lingerie and the beauty room! Bella and Sarah were doing super glamorous makeup, and the Lipstick and Curls girls were whipping up some marvellous vintage hairdos. However, there were so many ladies waiting at one point that I came on board to help. It was a fab way to meet the guests actually!

The guests all looked absolutely fantastic and certainly had no shortage of things to do during their four hours with us. The top floor had stands from shoe designer Nina Dolcetti, but unfortunately, I didn't have even a spare five minutes to go up and look. Next time, I hope! As if all that wasn't enough, each girl left with a goodie bag, stuffed with freebies, from vouchers to Rose & Co. lipbalms, organic body lotions and more. We have some even more exciting sponsors for the next event, like Piper Heidsieck champagne and some super secret (for now) ones. Speaking of which, though we have almost sold out our January Tart, the December one still has room. Do you fancy a bit of Tart for yourself? It's the perfect precursor to a Christmas party, and with food, drink, pampering, massages, shopping AND a goodie bag, for just £60, it's an incredible bargain.

I leave you with a few more pictures, this time from the gorgeous Claire from Nina's Hair Parlour! You can see her posing with Lena from Queens of Vintage on the right... what beautiful blondes! As you can see, I'm in my Able Grable Ann Darrow again! Naomi was looking smashing in her 50s number, but she always does; and the almost ethereally beautiful girl on the bottom left (and bottom right of the first collage above) is Natalya Posukhova, aka Natata, who is the most talented young illustrator. Do have a look at her brilliant work.

Off to Rhythm Riot now... see you in a few days!

Fleur xx

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Perfect party frocks from Able Grable

The festive season is rapidly approaching, and most of us have various shindigs and soirées to attend... but what to wear? My addiction to 40s and 50s house dresses has meant that I've not bought a single item of eveningwear this year, and barely owned any to start with! So imagine my delight when I was asked to be a guest model for the fabulous new reproduction design house Able Grable! I have admired (and indeed posted about) Miss Matilda's fabulous new line of dresses for a while, but was yet to actually own one until she got in touch with me about a very special new frock she'd dreamed up... quite literally!

I was the first person (apart from Miss M and her team, of course!) to see the Dream Girl 1932 and I actually gasped when I opened the package and took it out. It's just the epitome of early '30s grace and elegance, and in my favourite colour to boot. I modelled it in front of my lovely friend Sean Kelly, aka OMalley, in the week before I departed for sunnier climes, which is why I haven't posted anything until now... but without further ado, here is the first instalment of my shoot.

I styled my hair in a sort of 1930s faux bob - I just made it up as I went along, pinning the back and slightly fingerwaving the front. I think it turned out quite well! But don't look at me, really, look at the Dream Girl! My sheer delight in this fabulous gown was amplified by the fact that, because they are made to measure, the hem brushed the floor, even with high heels on! A revelation for me! The Dream Girl 1932 has a divine little Angel Wing capelet attached to the shoulders, and was partly inspired by Flash Gordon according to Miss M, although the angels definitely had a hand. Very appropriate for me, given what my lovely mum does. Of course the sofa I'm posing on isn't vintage, but it definitely owes its design to the Deco movement.

But the fun doesn't stop there, because I also had the honour of modelling a kingfisher-blue version of Able Grable's bestselling Ann Darrow frock... which I have already shown you on my earlier post about the King's Ginger. There really couldn't be a more stunning cocktail frock, could there?

Trimmed with a beautiful bow at the throat and at the back, the Ann Darrow has been seen on me at two events so far (with the post about the second to come very shortly) and is about to be whisked off to the south coast tomorrow, to be worn on Saturday night at Rhythm Riot! You're all going to be jolly bored of seeing me in it, long before I get tired of wearing it (which will be never, by the way)! I'm pairing it with my very beautiful and comfortable Esther wedges from Rocket Originals.

I'm actually going to be wearing my Dream Girl to the very swanky Chap 10th anniversary Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball next month too!

I couldn't resist! I hope some readers will be coming to the Chap Ball - it's going to be an absolute smasher!

Let me just conclude by saying that if the pictures don't convince you (and Sean is a great photographer, but the colours, fabric and cuts are even better in real life), I love my dresses so much that I have just parted with some of my precious pennies to buy one of Able Grable's limited edition Countess frocks too! The name is an homage to the international burlesque starlet who happens to be dating a Count... and who actually owns and loves the dress herself! Talk about high praise!

I have a rather exciting event to attend just after Christmas, and I think I'll wear it on Christmas day as well - with its red flowers, it is just the perfect combination of vintage glamour and festive spirit!

What are you going to be sporting to parties this Christmas?

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sponsor Spotlight - Natasha Bailie Vintage Clothing Co.

I am honoured to present my next sponsor to you all, the lovely, lovely Natasha Bailie! Natasha is another I met online, through the realms of Twitter as well as through blogging, but I had the pleasure of meeting her briefly at Goodwood back in September. Our paths have mysteriously crossed in more ways than one, with funny coincidences like my mother saving a copy of the free magazine in her town because it had an article about vintage... featuring none other than Natasha!

Her shop, Natasha Bailie Vintage Clothing Co., is full of gorgeous, handpicked pieces - dresses, shoes, bags and coats, and even more.

I particularly love this yellow 50s number:

I am an absolute sucker for a ric-rac trim! She also has some stunning faux fur coats:

(This image pinched shamelessly from Natasha's blog)

If that wasn't enough, she's recently teamed up with Brighton miliner Lily Lewis to produce some really cute vintage inspired hats.

(This one also copyright Natasha's blog)

Please do check out her site, many of the gorgeous hats and bags (well, and the dresses) would make amazing Christmas presents. I leave you with a couple of stunning pictures that can be found on Natasha's Flickr page; from a shoot featuring some of he collection, styled by La Luminata and shot by Sean Collymore.

More soon!

Fleur xx

Monday, 16 November 2009

The King's Ginger

Helloooo, I'm baaack! Did you miss me?

I have certainly missed all my online chums, not to mention reading all my favourite blogs, but thing have been absolutely mad since I got back on Friday. I haven't yet caught up on washing, cleaning (rainy English autumn, plus two hairy cats home alone for 10 days = every soft furnishing and floor surface needing cleaning), emails, paying cat-sitter, photo-processing, shopping... anything! Saturday was the first instalment of Tart, mine, Naomi Vintage Secret and 40 Winks' vintage styling event, which was a fabulous success! I had yesterday off, without even switching on the computer, and so am only now able to update.

Posts on the holiday, Tart, my most recent photoshoot, and something else I have forgotten, will be coming soon, but before that, let me tell you all about a fantastic do I had the honour of attending the day before I jetted off!

The King's Ginger liqueur was first created in 1903 by Berry Bros. & Rudd, for the rather risqué Edward VII. It was intended to 'stimulate and revivify' his Majesty and keep him warm whilst driving his new horseless carriage around. The liqueur has been enjoyed by bon viveurs, sporting gentlemen and high-spirited ladies ever since.

As a high-spirited lady myself, I was delighted when the call from the Chap Magazine came to invite me to the relaunch of the King's Ginger, even though I had to drive to my parents' that evening for the start of my holiday, which therefore precluded me from indulging as much as his late Majesty would have wanted. And I don't own any clothes that would pass for Edwardian, unfortunately. But I glammed myself up anyway and set off.

Berry Bros. & Rudd is a company steeped in history, established in St James's Street. London since 1698. So nothing short of vintage glamour would do! I wore my new Ann Darrow frock from Able Grable (much more on this to come!) and my porcelain complexion for the last time in the forseeable (I must admit I am now frightfully tanned... not that it will last long with this dreadful weather).

I managed to imbibe a couple of cocktails, one glass of the above fruity punch, and a Ginger Royale, which was the King's Ginger and Champagne... and they were both splendid! But a girl knows her limits.

I had a go at duck shooting (I was rubbish) and at the hoopla (I was utterly brilliant ;) ) and came away with a collapsible cup and a duck lure, the latter being the shooting prize and I got one because the chaps I was with were so good they won several!

Nik Bartram, who flies for the RAF, is on the left, he donated his spare duck lure to me (and also took the two shots of me on here); the chap in the middle is in fact Edward Rudd, of Berry Bros. & Rudd; and the fellow on the right is of course my friend Torquil Arbuthnot, who's appeared on this blog before.

Last but not least, the highlight of the event for me, was having my silhouette cut by the incredibly talented Sarah Goddard of She was so fast and so amazing at it, it really stunned me. What do you think? I think she went a bit easy on my nose, but it's just so wonderful anyway!

Sorry for the continuing lack of creative photo editing, normal service will hopefully resume shortly!

Pip pip!

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

While I'm away... the festive party season

It's getting to that time of year when the party invitations start piling up. I believe I currently have an invitation to something fabulous every weekend from now until January! Of course, I can't make all of them, which makes me rather sad, but my loss is your gain and I thought I'd let you all know my pick of the vintage events in London to be seen at this season.

Firstly, the Chap Magazine's Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball:

The Chap has now achieved an incredible ten years in print and is throwing this splendid bash to celebrate. It's featuring acts like Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Atters' Chaporgasmic Terrors, The Zen Hussies and the irrespresible Mr. Flay, escapologist and bullet-catcher. Mr B. is a particular favourite of mine, and I have not yet seen him life so I am really looking forward to it!

The dress code is anarcho-dandyists; tweed revolutionaries; immaculately-trousered philanthropists; foppish maoists; and debonair dissidents. One can, of course, wear black or white tie, and ladies can wear pretty much whatever they please. I will be in a special long frock that will be unveiled very soon!

It takes place on the 5th of December and tickets can be purchased from Ticketweb.

The New Sheridan Club Christmas Party is on the 21st November, and is one I am devastated not to be able to attend as I will be at Rhythm Riot. They've called it 'Yes we Can-Can' and costs a paltry £5 to get in. As the site says, "Come and relive the giddy splendour of the Moulin Rouge of Toulouse-Lautrec, an absinthe and Champagne-fuelled orgy of high kicks and low moral standards, and all things French—from the noble resistance fighters of the Second World War to the belligerent port-blockading farmers of today. Vive l’Entente Cordiale!"

Dress: Fin de siecle decadence, absintheurs and absintheuses, Jacobins and sans-culottes, resistance fighters, vignerons and onion sellers, Foreign Legionnaires… The NSC always have an absolutely amazing array of prizes and a brilliant night is guaranteed.

There is of course, my own forthcoming next event, which is taking place on the 28th November. It's a 40s/50s Hawaiian party, which we've called (continuing the dreadful pun theme) 'The Fox Presents... Chocks Hawaii'!

The dress code includes anything from hula girls and beachwear to WWII (Allied please!) sailors or airmen (because the event takes place only a week before the anniversary of the awful events at Pearl Harbour) but anything stylish and vintage will do nicely. We'll have decked the pub out like a tropical beach this time, with swaying palms, sand and fruity cocktails! The Sax Pastilles, our house bad, will be returning, and we'll have several more beautiful burlesque girls to entertain you. More information on this very soon, but do buy in advance if you want to come, because we sold out our Halloween do and were turning people away in droves!

Last but definitely not least, the November Tart event has completely sold out, and the January one is getting close to full. But the good news is that there are still places available on our 12th December event, and it promises to be the ideal precursor to a Christmas night on the tiles... or perhaps a well-earned break from all that partying!

Have a look at the article on Queens of Vintage to find out more!

That's me done again... for now!

Fleur xx

Monday, 9 November 2009

While I'm away... Jive 4 Life

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a marvellous bash down in East Grinstead. Jive 4 Life was a charity tea dance, in honour of a very worth cause: St Catherine's Hospice in Crawley and tirelessly promoted by Brian Sims, the organiser. Brian goes to classes run by my swing dance teacher Nick Kirby and so there was a jolly good turnout of people who dance in the same style as me, which is always nice.

Another regular of my class, David Webb aka Fourteen Fifths, came along in his official capacity to take some photographs of the event, and as the token Pinup Girl, I was asked to pose by some of the vintage cars, so I did!

This one is on a 1942 Jeep. I wore my earliest Swirl dress, which I actually had taken in so it fitted me. "Oh, the desecration!" you might say... but you know it is in safe hands with me!

Shh... there's a very un-vintage football goal in the background!

My beat friend Gemma and I - silly girl always refuses to have her photo taken as she claims she is unphotogenic; but when she is persuaded then beautiful results like this happen! She is a stunning girl, non?

And a couple of dancing ones for good measure:

I took this one, which is why it's rather unremarkable next to the others!

I'm doing a stroll, but I'm not sure which one... the New York Stroll maybe?

Thank you again David for the photos. That's all for now!

Fleur xx

PS. 'While I'm away...' is a series of posts lined up before my long-awaited holiday. I appreciate all your comments, but I won't be able to reply as I am out of the 'office' for a wee while! Please do forgive the lack of creative collaging too. ;)

Friday, 6 November 2009

While I'm away... vintage jewellery storage

I recently struck upon a rather splendid way to display my jewellery collection, on a vintage cakestand! Well actually this is a modern cakestand I made from vintage plates. And actually... when I say made, I mean I got my Dad to drill some holes in some vintage plates, and I simply screwed it together. (On a side note, I think I needed a gold centre for it, and it shall be replaced thus!)

But what about some pictures?

The top tier holds my bakelite bangles as well as a silver one of my mum's from the 1960s. Bangles are by far my favourite type of bracelet, and indeed the only type I wear, except for my mah-jong tile bracelets.

The middle tier has clip-on and screw-back earrings of all types, rhinestone, AB and Juliana-style ones, metal and shall ones; and plastic, faux pearl and bakelite ones. I have more, but I wanted to take a nice, non-crowded photo.

The bottom layer has some beautiful hairflowers by Rascal Kosher - a pair of orchid combs and a blue rose clip. I haven't had a chance to model them for her, but I will soon! You can just see the tip of a pair of 50s Bartex sunglasses which were a gift from Katherine Higgins of Antiques Roadshow fame, as a thank you for modelling for her at Goodwood!

Earrings a-plenty! The fruity Carmen Miranda style ones are probably my favourites. Sadly the little 'apples' are cracking all over and showing the white underneath - any ideas for restoration?

Fleur xx

PS. 'While I'm away...' is a series of posts lined up before my long-awaited holiday. I appreciate all your comments, but I won't be able to reply as I am out of the 'office' for a wee while! Please do forgive the lack of creative collaging too. ;)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fleur de Coiffure!

So, you've all seen me do some my hairdos on myself via my tutorials, but I've recently been let loose on others! I've been styling some pinup girls for my chum Tony Nylons, and I thought I'd share some of the results with you all, and pass on a bit of news relating to it all!

First up is the first shoot I did for Tony. The model was Sinderella Rockerfella, and we shot at a Hot Rod garage in the depths of Bedfordshire.

Then I styled my lovely friend Miss Mink, the Pinup Poet!

These shots were taken for Nylon Flash Magazine, the periodical for those who appreciate a well-turned leg in a pair of fully-fashioned stockings. The current issue also happens to feature pictures of yours truly!

Then we have the gorgeous Miss FanTeasy, burlesque star and owner of some seriously luxuriant tresses!

I have even been known to throw together some victory rolls, as seen on my fabulous friend Naomi of Vintage Secret, shown here at the Chap Olympiad...

And also on Swedish model Tea, who appears on the front of Tony's and What Katie Did's Lingerie book (out now, and also featuring photos of me!):

Anyway, apart from me showing off a bit, the point of this post is to reveal to you that I will be helping Tony do pinup makeover photoshoots at Rhythm Riot this year! You'll have your hair styled by me, your makeup done by the super talented Nicola, who manages the What Katie Did boutique and is a professional makeup artist; and photos of your experience to keep as a fantastic souvenir.

Please note, that these are pinup *makeover* sessions - the hair and makeup is part of the experience. If you would rather do it yourself, and there are plenty of gorgeous girls out there who can, we're not offended, but that's not the idea of these particular sessions. But please do feel free to book a session with Tony at another time!

Visit The Casting Couch if you'd like to book a session for while you're there.

Bye for now!

Fleur xx

PS. As of today, I am officially On Holiday for the first time in a year. Hurrah! I have lined up some colourful and hopefully entertaining posts to go up during my absence, but where I am going is entirely without internet so I won't be able to thank my readers for their lovely comments (which, let's face it, I'm quite bad at doing anyway... so on second thoughts, perhaps n one will notice I'm away!) but please do leave them if you would like to - I look forward to reading them when I get back. :)

Take a look!

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