Saturday, 31 October 2009


Well I've been up and about for an hour thanks to the kind soul who thought 8am was a good time to get the chainsaw out in his garden (which backs on to mine), but I can't get too cross as I have tons to do before the party tonight. And on that note:

Taken by the lovely Sean Kelly, aka O'Malley, at the very end of our shoot on Wednesday!

I hope that whatever you do, you have a spooktacular time, free from teenaged ruffians knocking on your door and demanding money, then throwing eggs at your house and car if you don't give it to them (welcome to Hallowe'en in the UK)! This is why I say 'Bah Humbug' (or the Halloween equivalent) and go out on this day every year.

The great news is that the party has sold out, so we have a full house and a very exciting event lined up. Can't wait to show you all the photos!

Lots of love,

Old Witch McFleur xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Vintage Hallowe'en

Just a quick one as I battle valiantly through the piles of work threatening to engulf me. I have so, so much to do before the party on Saturday and before I go away on holiday next Tuesday to Antigua... did I mention I am going to Antigua? I can't wait!!

But speaking of the party, I'm absolutely delighted to say that it's on the verge of selling out! We might have to remove the Paypal button on the site before Saturday. But there are a handful of places available still, so either book your tickets now or email me if you want to pay on the night. But hurry!

I've caught wind of some really splendid costumes, which are being put together especially for the occasion. Mine is a little bit half-hearted, in that I haven't bought anything new for it; but to keep in with the spirit and the Ed Wood theme, I am going to go as Vampira from Plan 9!

I am making the top out of the black American Apparel poloneck I wore for the Chap Magazine diamond thief shoot, and pairing it with a black pencil skirt (sadly I have nothing I could fashion a floor-length one out of) and a wide belt, with What Katie Did Morticia corset (how apt!) underneath! The hair and the eyebrows shouldn't be too hard... finished with a pair of black seamed tights and black shoes... and voila! I just need a bit of a boost in the cleavage department, but unless Wonderbra decide to sponsor me, that won't happen before Saturday.

I'm going to be hard at work on Friday collecting our Enchanted Wood scenery and baking some 'pumpkin bark' (a Hallowe'en version of my chocolate swirl) and Emerald is whipping up some bite-sized absinthe candy-apples. So make sure you arrive early, in order to partake of these special Hallowe'en comestibles.

Right, back to the grindstone for now!

Vampira xx

PS. If you were wondering what I wore last year - here's the post, and here's my costume! Quite different, I'm sure you'll agree! Tee hee

Monday, 26 October 2009

Sponsor Spotlight - Notorious Kitsch

I'm so delighted to be doing one of these for the first time! My very first blog sponsor is an all-round lovely person with the most fantastic website that's sure to tempt you all into treating yourself or your loved ones to something special. Please welcome Notorious Kitsch to my blog!


I actually met the lovely Fiona in person not too long ago, when we both attended an event at Betty Blythe Fine Food Pantry in Shepherd's Bush. We'd communicated online because I'd posted about a fabulous atomic style coat rack I'd discovered on her site before, and because she only had one left, she insisted on sending it to me as a thank you, and it now has pride of place in my kitchen. We've chatted online via Twitter since and become friends. But there are literally dozens more amazing items on NK that would look simply smashing in my home (and yours!). Here are some of my favourites.

L-R, top row: Vintage Skater Christmas Card, Cherry Tile Tea Towel and Dinner set (with tablecloth and napkins, how cute?!)
Middle row: Black Cat shopping bag (last one so hurry!), Happiness card holder and fabulous Chrome Pyramid-style phone
Bottom row: Gorgeous Art Deco Odeon Clock, Art Deco Hot and Flashy Soap (I also love the Tray)and Deco Flying Scotsman Hip Flask

Those are just a small selection of the things I love on NK, so if anyone is stuck for something to buy me for Christmas, you know where to go! ;)

In all seriousness, the fact that someone so lovely and with such a fantastic business wanted to sponsor my blog just gives me the warm and fuzzies - I am proud to endorse Notorious Kitsch and I will certainly be doing some of my own Christmas shopping there. Make sure you do peruse the wonderous wares at your earliest convenience.

Pip pip!

Fleur xx

Friday, 23 October 2009

Autumn Colours

Today I escaped from my desk and went for a walk with my lovely mum at the RHS Gardens at Wisley. This is our absolute favourite time of year, because all the trees are turning and there are some absolutely stunning sights to behold. It was actually quite warm - enough so to be removing our jackets halfway through the stroll. But despite the lack of chill in the air, I thought I would dress for the season in some darker shades than those I've shown on here recently. Of course, I co-erced my mum into taking some shots for me - the backdrops were too lovely to waste, and in a few weeks the spectacle will be over for another year. So here I am!

I know I am a walking advertisement for them, but yet again, my outfit is from Heyday! I paired the late 30s-style Olivia blouse (named after Ms de Havilland of course) with dark green trousers, which were the second ever pair I bought from Shona back in early 2007! Still going strong, as you can see! My jacket is another repro and it's from a UK company called La Riviera, who don't have a site and sadly won't be getting one any time soon, if at all. I am looking forward to browsing their stall at Rhythm Riot though (where I bought it last year), and I think I will get a new one of these jackets. I might try a larger size next time, in the (vain) hope that the neck-waist length is longer - it's not hugely flattering when it's too high. I also bought the shoes at last year's Riot, and they're also on their last legs!

Our favourite tree is the one in the background on the left. It's HUGE and turns vivid red from the tip to the ground. The acer on the right is one of the more beautiful ones, too (I have to confess, I am a budding plant nerd, but with only the tiniest fraction of my mum's vast knowledge!). I did my hair in victory rolls with a flower and the back thrown up into a dark green snood, faux-pearl clip on earrings and my old faithful Mah Jong bracelet on my arm.

I love the bonsai garden, and this time of year the miniature acers look so beautiful. The white pine is so graceful all year round! I gave my mum one for Christmas two years ago, but hers is only about 7 years old and the one above is more like 70, so it has a long way, and probably several human lifetimes to go! The red bush was one I just couldn't resist capturing as I passed.

Hope you enjoyed my autumnal outfit - have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

V.I Buys - the Absolute Limit...z

I haven't done one of these in absolutely ages, so I thought it was about blooming time! Although we were friends on Myspace already, I only recently had a really good look at the fabulous wares offered by Outer Limitz Clothing. I browsed through to their site after working with the incredibly cute Emmie a couple of weeks ago; and after dribbling with desire at some of the outfits on offer, I noticed that they were going to be selling at Hemsby. So, as I mentioned in my Hemsby review post, I went and said hello to Di while I was there. I wish I'd had time to try one some of their gorgeous creations, but sadly it was not to be. Still, I hope to catch their stall again at a weekender soon. I know I am a 40s girl, really, but sometimes my inner pin-up just begs for a bit of exposure and Outer Limitz Clothing simply screams 'pin-up'!

The beautiful Emmie is modelling the red polka dot number, which has separate little high waisted knickers underneath. OL also do a fab array of one- and two-piece playsuits. I'm dying for some new playsuits, but, let's face it, I have little opportunity to wear on in Blighty!

But they also do a marvellous selection of dresses:

I particularly like the Shaheen-alike Hawaiian sarongs and the gypsy wiggle dresses... but the aptly named Wanda would have its namesake in fringed rockabilly heaven!

Do have a browse on the Outer Limitz site if you fancy a closer look, most of their wares are handmade in the UK, so you know you're getting something made with love and care.

That's all from me for now, see you all again soon!

Fleur xx

Friday, 16 October 2009

Spexy four-eyes

A couple of days ago, I promised you some more photos of the incredibly special and rare glasses I got to play with while at Hemsby... so here they are! As I said before, they are all from the personal collection of Dead Men's Spex owner Darren Manion, and none of them are for sale. However, if you're in the market for a new pair, he has dozens of others which are still fabulous, just a little more... subtle!

I only wish I had modelled these amazing things properly, because these are really more akin to art or sculpture than they are simple specs or sunglasses. A really well-to-do lady in the 50s would have had a pair for absolute best; cocktail parties or black-tie events... actually, I wish I had a chance to go to a party that warranted such fantastical ocular accessories!

These beauties were simply smothered in rhinestones and sparkled beautifully in the early autumn sunshine! Unfortunately they were also very strong so they really hurt my eyes to wear!

So then I swanned about (groan) in these...

This pair was equally dazzling with dozens of tiny gems... and were equally strong too! Still, amazing, or what?

These ones struck me as somehow Roman-esque... we decided that if she'd lived in the 50s, Boudicca would have absolutely been 'fierce' enough to sport them!

ZOINKS! I couldn't keep a straight face wearing this pair... they look like something a glamorous, masked crusador would have worn in the 50s. 'Holy Smokes, ButterflyGirl!' As Andi said on my Flickr, Dame Edna would have been proud!

I saved my absolute favourites until last. It was all I could do to not abscond into the sunset with these incredible frames!

The name on the arm says 'Mona Lisa' and they are just the most exquisite glasses frames I've ever seen! I love a bit of asymmetry, and the graceful sweeping curve of the top is sheer perfection! I'm sure Darren would sell them to me for a couple of thousand or so, anyone want to cough up a quid or two? ;)

Any glasses enthusiasts, do check out Dead Men's Spex to see what's on offer, or catch Darren selling his wares (and his special show stock range) at Rhythm Riot in November too. (I will be doing another post about the Riot soon, with some exciting news!) He is holding a rather super pair for me, until I can earn some cash to pay him... not quite as ornate as those above, but still very fancy! :)

Have a good weekend, all!

Fleur xx

PS. I was getting all stamp-happy with a load of 1940s Photoshop brushes I found here, which are actually from a 1940 Cosmopolitan. So not the right era for the glasses, but the right era for my hair and outfit... which was of course wrong for the shoot. Oh well, it was rather impromptu - Darren only lives a few miles from Hemsby so he surprised us with the glasses on Sunday. Lucky me!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dates for your own vintage diaries!


There are quite a few smashing vintage events coming up that I am either attending, or really wish I was attending. So I thought I'd talk about them here so others can partake in the fun!

First up, this Friday is Everything's Jumpin at the Winning Posts in Twickenham. From 7.30 till 8.30, Jean and Janneke are teaching the Social Foxtrot, there's a clothing stall and fantastic music all night. I'll be there... check out the site for more information.

Then on Saturday night you had better run for cover because it's the return of the infamous Blitz Party! This evening of 40s fashion, frolics and dancing gets better every time and this event promises to be simply spectacular with live music, fantastic wartime decor and great outfits. Sadly I have a prior engagement, but I will be there in spirit!

Then, on Sunday, I am jetting off to East Grinstead in Sussex to go to this marvellous event.

(click to see full size)

It's a charity tea dance, raising funds for St Catherine's Hospice. The Memphis Belle Swing Orchestra are an absolute treat, it's really going to be an absolutely wonderful affair. Brian has been working his posterior off promoting it, so if there is any chance you can make it down, then please do. There are concessionary rates available if you're feeling a bit hard up (and aren't we all), just drop him an email. Hope to see some of you there!

Last, but by no means whatsoever least, I am delighted to announce the details of my first ever vintage styling party! I've teamed up with David Carter of 40 Winks, "the most beautiful small hotel in the world" and Naomi of Vintage Secret, to bring you TART. Here is the press release, which explains it better than I can... I'm just too excited!

TART is an exclusive new event at 40 Winks brought to you by vintage guru Naomi Thompson, pin-up queen Fleur de Guerre, and the dandyesque David Carter.

Saturday 14th November and Saturday 12th December 2-6pm (and monthly throughout 2010!!).

Spend a blissful Saturday afternoon in the luxurious setting of 40 Winks, London's sexiest boutique hotel, and indulge in an orgy of fun, frivolity and fabulous fashion….while the uniformed waitresses from Vintage Patisserie serve you cucumber sandwiches, yummy cakes and chocolates, vintage beauty experts Lipstick and Curls and make-up artist to the stars, Bella Cruikshank, will be on hand to transform you into your inner starlet.

Try one of our delicious cocktails or a glass of bubbly (surreptitiously served up in vintage teacups), and slip on a 50s evening gown from a selection from Vogue favourites, Vintage Secret with expert style advice provided by Naomi and Fleur. ‘TART’ will also play host to some of London's brightest and coolest young designers like award winning milliner Katherine Elizabeth and the likes of Minna, whose creations incorporate lace, brooches and buttons found at antique markets. Expect jewels, lingerie and lots of lovely shoes... and if all this proves a little too taxing, relax with a massage from the well trained hands of Xhilarate.

To ensure the ultimate luxury experience, only 25 places are available at £60 per head. 'TART' promises to be both the perfect precursor to a girls' night out, or simply an ideal girls' afternoon in.

NB. nice boys are allowed to purchase tickets for this event, but only girls are allowed to come…

Key Facts

Tickets: £60 per head (includes bubbly, cocktails and lots of lovely treats)

Dates: Saturdays 14th November and 12th December

Times: 2.00-6.00pm

Booking: email or phone

020 7790 0259

Where: 40 winks, 109 Mile End Road, London E1

Nearest tube: Stepney Green

Now doesn't that sound a treat? At those prices the 25 places are going to go like hotcakes, so do get in touch if you fancy it.

Talk to you all again soon!

Fleur xx

PS. Don't forget my Hallowe'en party is creeping up fast! Tickets will be available on the door, but you'll save money by booking in advance! I did the draw and notified the winners, Miss Librarian and Yesterday Girl of their good fortune. :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hemsby - in pictures

My first Hemsby was rather an experience! I am still a bit of a weekender novice, I have to say. So, it was inevitable that I would forget several essentials, including items of food and styling equipment. However, I didn't forget anything I couldn't do without. What I could really have done without, though, was the incredibly arduous journey to Norfolk! It was supposed to take 3 hours and 20 minutes, but instead it took a gruelling 4 and a half hours... which may actually be the longest I have ever spent in my car! Suffice to say, when I finally arrived at half 9 at night, I didn't feel much like going out jiving, so a night in front of the telly would have to do. Luckily, Shona felt the same!

Saturday dawned cold and clear, and we set off to the stall to greet the early shoppers. As I was there in my official capacity as Heyday spokesmodel and assistant salesgirl, I donned a 'uniform' of sorts - in other words, a few of Shona's creations from my own collection. Except for the essential cardi as it was a mite chilly! After a day of selling, socialising and schmoozing, we popped back to the chalet to change and guzzle some wine before heading back out for some jiving. Here are my Saturday outfits in all their glory!

On the left, I am in my Heyday trousers and wrap top, navy blue Keds and an H&M cardigan. My evening outfit was a vintage late-40s dress and Rocket Originals wedges for dancing. The flower was also made by Shona!

On Sunday, we got up super early to get to the aforementioned carboot sale, in which I managed to snap up my wicker handbag and deco teaset. But I had appearances to keep up, so I had to make an effort, even with a mild hangover! It was lucky I did, since I was privileged enough to have a play with some seriously rare, glamorous and outrageous glasses, courtesy of Darren from Dead Men's Spex. More on this later, but here's a taster, along with my Sunday outfit!

I teamed my very well-loved green Heyday trousers with a blouse, also from there, and my equally well-loved Dixabilly bolero, and white plimsolls. The pale blue Tura frames on the right are nothing compared with those I have to show you in my next post... which is a shame since they are absolutely spectacular frames in their own right!

Darren was just one of the many lovely people I got to meet and talk to over the weekend. I also had the privilege of meeting a wonderful lady called Wendy, who is a hairdresser... we may collaborate on some projects in the future, so watch this space! I finally got to meet Danny from Milkcow Magazine, for whom I write a monthly column and articles. If you're at all interested in the 40s and 50s scene in the UK, then do have a look though the site... and maybe even subscribe! I haven't posted any of my columns online, and if you enjoy reading my blog, you will enjoy my Milkcow contributions too! I also said hello to the glamorous Di from Outer Limitz Clothing, who was looking smashing in her own creations all weekend. And I got to spend some time chatting to my friends at Rocket Originals and Freddies of Pinewood. Not a lot to show for it, but here are a few!

Clockwise from top: Me with Shona, with Darren and with Wendy and her husband.

What else is left to describe but the shopping! I am having to watch my pennies now, but I was window shopping all weekend... sometimes painfully so! Next to us was Debbie and Brian's vintage, which was one of the torturous ones. Debbie specialises in Lucite handbags, and she had some absolutely stunning examples. And I have now got my eye on a really unusual pair of frames from Dead Men's Spex... of course the most expensive on the stall! There was something for everyone at Hemsby though, from the real rockers to the glamour girls - clothing, accessories, hairflowers... or tattoos! We were opposite the tattoo parlour, so we were able to observe a steady stream of rockers getting teddy boys, daggers and their wives lipstick kisses inked onto various appendages. Fascinating!

I leave you with one final feast for the senses... and so you can get an impression of just how strong my willpower (or indeed empty my bank account) really is.

Clockwise from top left: lucite wonders, Rocket Originals stand, Outer Limitz clothing with Di and Pip the beautiful blondes, Shona's handmade hairflowers, more droolworthy handbags, and just a glimpse of Dead Men's Spex in the middle. You ain't seen nothing yet!

Back very soon!

Fleur xx

Monday, 12 October 2009

Retail therapy

Well I have survived my first trip to the Hemsby Rock n' Roll weekend, and I did have a jolly good time, despite the rather extreme lack of energy for rocking, and indeed rolling, on my part.

I shall type up a proper review of my weekend tomorrow - illustrated with plenty of photos of course - but for now, let me share my only purchases with you all. I definitely opted for quality over quantity! These items were bought from the car boot sale which took place early on Sunday morning. It was worth dragging ourselves out for the start because I don't think these would have hung around for long!

My holy grail! Well, one of the many. I have wanted a natural-coloured wicker handbag all summer, to go with a beige pair of heels I have, but hadn't loved any I found enough to buy it. I have also been keeping an eye out for white ones with the pearly lucite trimming - not rare but again, I haven't found the perfect one. So I was delighted to find this one, which is absolutely the best of both worlds! Natural wicker, with amber, swirly lucite handles and trim! Splendid! And I paid only £15 for it... the lady selling it haggled herself down from £20 without me even opening my mouth!

The very same lady also had the stunning, art deco tea set for sale. It's by Midwinter, and I've been looking online all evening to find the pattern name, with no success. If anyone has a clue, please do pipe up! It's unfortunately not really usable since most of the pieces are crazed, but it's a fabulous set to display, don't you think? And it was only £4, so I can't complain!

So, in one fell swoop I had snapped up two marvellous things and reached the limit of my funds. Short, but indeed sweet. And I didn't get to buy any of the gorgeous Rascal's lovely items, though hopefully all her wares went to equally loving homes.

Do check back with me tomorrow, won't you; as I'll be sharing everything else I got up to over the weekend.

Nighty night!

Fleur xx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hot rods a-plenty!

Yesterday I did my second shoot as a stylist, this time at a Hot Rod garage in deepest, darkest Bedfordshire. The girl was a lovely wee thing called Emmie Ann, and I was working with my chum Tony Nylons again. I can't wait until I have some photos to show you of the results of my hard work, but until then, here's one Tony took of me, my new car, and my new friend Poppy!

I jest - as if I could afford a fabulous hot rod like that! However, there will be plenty more for me to sigh over this weekend, because I'm headed to Hemsby! I've never been and I'm scared all the die-hard rockabillies and 50s addicts will think I am a big, 40s fraud! But I am looking forward to catching up with the lovely Rascal again. If you're going, come and say hi - I'll be manning (or ladying) the Heyday stall with the lovely Shona. If you aren't going, but are curious to see what it's like, never fear for I'll take lots of pictures to bore you all with in due course!

One last one of me in a super old American pick-up!

Tinkety tonk!

Fleur xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A new obsession

You can thank Naomi from Vintage Secret for my latest passion. She has the most beautiful array of vintage bone china, some of which stays in her possession at all times, but a lot of which is hired out for events and parties all across London, under the Vintage Secret at Home banner. Being short on disposable income now, I have had to seek solace in weekly trips around all the local charity shops in the vain hope of finding a vintage gem. So far, I've not found a single thing. But what I have come across is a plethora of gorgeous vintage bone china, usually languishing unloved in a dusty corner and with very reasonable price tags. About three weeks ago, I bought myself the most divine forty-piece Alfred Meakin tea set dating to 1933. It looks like this:

This pattern is Alfred Meakin 'Caledonia'. Isn't it lovely? I bought all 40 pieces (12 cups, saucers and cake plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and two large plates) for £22 and watched a set of ten places plus milk jug and sugar bowl go for £150 on eBay only a few days later!

Now, in all my time of having my own place and of being grown up enough to have tea parties, I have thrown tea parties a total of... never, so a 12-person tea service is not going to see much use at the moment (a very good excuse to start though... anyone for tea at my place?). And I already had a six-person set of Colclough china. So imagine my consternation when I kept coming across more beautiful and thoroughly cheap bone china during my trips around the local car boot sale and charity shops!

So, after discussing it with Naomi, I have decided to start up my own collection of china to hire out, as the Southern Counties branch of VS at Home. It's not going to be a bookable service quite yet - I'll probably launch it in the spring, when I have even more lovely china to choose from. And my china will also be used during Roaring For Teas parties when that service gets going. But before that, I thought I would share my favourite finds so far with you, in case any readers are fellow china buffs. :)

Stamped 'Melba Bone China', this handpainted set dates to the 20s or early 30s. I have six of everything plus a larger plate. Unfortunately one of the teacups is cracked, and I trusted the seller so didn't check them all thoroughly enough. I have learned my lesson! If anyone sees a cup in this pattern for sale let me know... sadly, I think it is super rare.

Another early 30s set by Royal Vale China (which later became Colclough). I only have two cups, but six saucers and cake plates, plus a larger plate.

This next trio stirred up some controversy when I mentioned it on Twitter! I will admit I was being slightly sensationalist though!

It was made by German porcelain manufacturers Felda Rhön. It dates to between 1933 and 1949, so it was effectively produced in Nazi-Era Germany, although it's unlikely it was produced during WWII and it was NOT made for the Nazis or the SS as it lacks a swastika on the bottom. It's also far too pretty for any soldier or politician! ;) Still, it makes me wonder what this little trio has 'seen' and how it made it over here.

These next two are 1960s sets, but so pretty!

Beautiful, graceful white china with pale green bases and middles, decorated with 22kt gold (or so it says on the bottom).

This is a typically chintzy Queen Anne set, but the cups are a nice shape, and it's in lovely condition.

I will stop there as the rest of my bits, although pretty, aren't particularly rare. The other sets I have photographed (along with the ones here) are in this Flickr set, but I have more I haven't taken any shots of yet.

Do you collect a particular pattern? I will now be on the hunt for a teapot in the Caledonia pattern to match my set... in fact I can't find a vintage teapot at all! I have a lovely coffee pot and matching milk jug, but I think teapots are much harder to come by. I expect they are used until they break and any that do get given away are probably snapped up much quicker. So if anyone ever sees one that matches mine, do let me know, won't you!

Pip pip,

Fleur xx

Monday, 5 October 2009

My Hallowe'en soirée

If you're looking for something vintage fabulous to do on Hallowe'en, then look no further!

Following the huge success of our Scandalous High Socie-Tea on the 5th September, The Fox Presents hostesses Fleur de Guerre and Emerald Fontaine are proud to... er... present, The Enchant-Ed Wood!

We've commandeered our favourite haunt (get it?... sorry), the Fox in Shoreditch, again for the night, but instead of a lush English Garden, the pub is now going to be transformed into a spooky haunted forest. It will be replete with trailing ivy, creepers, wizened branches, and wills o' the wisp. This time, too, the smoking terrace will be a desolate graveyard, decked with corpse candles.

As you may have surmised from the (terrible) pun, we've gone for a theme that is inspired by cult 50s B-Movie Director, Edward Wood. As such, we invite you to draw costume inspiration from his life and works!

Mr Johnny Depp as Ed Wood in Tim Burton's biopic

Whether you interpret this as angora sweaters and pencil skirts (for the ladies and indeed for the chaps, as Wood was a lifelong transvestite!), wasp waisted Vampiras, mad scientists, dapper zombies, glamorous 50s ghouls and even elegant extraterrestrials; or you keep it simple with just a touch of 50s elan, that is entirely down to you. All we ask is that you are well turned out for the occasion. I wanted to find myself a new outfit for the occasion, but unfortunately I've been a little tied up (tee hee).

The night is going to open with a very special, and super secret act involving a live animal... so if you're dying of curiosity, you'll just have to come along at the start of the night.

We're welcoming back the Sax Pastilles, who will be mixing their signature 1920s jazz with some haunting gypsy swing, and raunchy, sleazy rock 'n' roll to fit with our Hallowe'en theme.

Fans of burlesque will be delighted to note that there are no less than five incredible dancing girls performing in two shows over the course of the night, and one dancing chap will be performing a spot of 'boylesque' for your delectation. Those who aren't fussed about seeing beautiful, semi-naked ladies cavorting about, will enjoy our main downstairs bar, which be well-stocked with a selection of delicious themed cocktails as well as the usual far, plus sweet treats and traditional party games like apple bobbing.

Find out even more on the website,

Entry to this special event is a mere £10 in advance, and still only £12 on the door; but I would like to offer two free pairs of tickets to lucky blog readers, to really help make this an incredibly stylish event.

To enter, simply leave me a comment below, and as before, if you want to enter twice, then post an entry on your blog and link it below. I will announce the winners on Friday 9th October.

I am so excited about this new venture of mine - these parties are exactly the sort of thing I would be thrilled to attend, and I hope you all will be too. And if you would like to come, but live in foreign climes then I will raise a glass to you at the Enchant-Ed Wood!


Fleur (and Emerald) xx

Sunday, 4 October 2009

New hair tutorial: 1940s faux bangs

Dear all,

I spent most of yesterday recording and editing my new hair tutorial... before giving up and re-recording it in one fell swoop (cutting out only about a minute's worth of waffle to make it fit!). The only goof was when I fumbled, and almost dropped my rat about 2 minutes in, but when I played it back, it actually made me chuckle, so it's stayed in!

All the potential screengrabs were thoroughly awful - this is the best of a bad selection!

As ever, do let me know what you think! I will edit this post to answer any questions for future reference.

Pip pip!

Fleur xx

Take a look!

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