Sunday, 30 August 2009

Inglourious Photography

Hello everyone!

I hope all the Brits are enjoying the Bank Holiday? (Do you Americanish types have one this weekend too?) I had what started out to be a fantastic day yesterday, and ended up on something of a bum note, unfortunately. I got all dolled up and went off to meet the chap in London, and then off we popped to go and see Mr Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill. It's a fabulous place with enormous squashy leather armchairs complete with footrests, in lieu of the usual popcorn and fizzy drink encrusted monstrosities with less legroom than an Easyjet flight to Magaluf. Not to mention that the Electric has a bar serving proper food on proper crockery, and drinks in glasses. Simply marvellous! I also thoroughly enjoyed the film, though it must be said, it was rather disgusting in parts; and Tarantino did take rather a lot of artistic license with history. Some great outfits too, albeit some disappointingly modern hairstyles. Nonetheless, worth a watch!

This is the point where where my happy tale turns sour. But before I come to that, let me show you what I wore! Now, please note that I handed the camera to my chap, without checking any of the settings. Well, the white balance was totally off for the first couple, so I adjusted it, handed it back and we took a couple more. Well, the ISO and aperture were still totally off, but by this time we had to leave or we'd have been late for the cinema. And my chap didn't tell me to move, despite there being a bloody great big BMW just behind me! Men! Here they are anyway!

Nothing you've not seen recently! Vintage 40s wrap dress, peach bolero cardi knitted from a 40s pattern, white wicker 60s handbag and beige, modern but vaguely 40s-inspired, platforms (that either totally don't go, or go with everything depending on your viewpoint! I'm not sure, I think I need a beige straw handbag, then it'll always match!); plus green bakelite jewellery.

So after the mile-and-a-half walk to the cinema and the film, we were about to head back (which I was dreading since my feet were killing me) when the chap discovered his rather expensive designer sunglasses must have detached themselves from his shirt. He went back in to discover, of course, that they were nowhere to be found. It's a shame since in such a decent establishment, one would hope to find a better class of clientele, but of course in this day and age, that is not the case.

So that rather put a dampener on the rest of the evening.

This evening, I am baking some shortbread to take to my parents' house tomorrow, where I shall celebrate the beginning of my first week of freedom from office drudgery! Because, as of last Friday, I am now a professional flâneur! Well, alright, a freelancer then (and vintage model, events planner, vintage style consultant... jill of all trades!). Although I'd quite like to be a professional saunterer (through life), which is what flâneur means... and it's almost my name! I got a lovely bunch of flowers and a Gruau card as a leaving present from my colleagues. Gruau obviously screams 'Fleur!' to people as my dad got me the very same card for my birthday!

Talk to you all again soon,

Fleur xx

Saturday, 29 August 2009

The dying days of summer

Well guys and dolls, the final countdown has started, and there is precisely a week remaining until my amazing end-of-summer party, the Scandalous High Socie-Tea. This time next Saturday I will be busy be-decking the pub with grass and flowers, bunting and pictures, plus ensuring the croquet pitch is ready for action!

Advance tickets are selling like hotcakes, so if you do want to come along next Saturday, then make sure you either visit the Fox Presents... Box Office to secure some, or, if you're feeling impecunious (which is perfectly understandable in the run up to Payday) but you'd like to ensure that you're on our list of spiffing coves who will definitely be granted entry on the night, then email your names to and we'll put you down.

It promises to be a truly glorious way to see out the dying days of summer, with hot 1920s jazz, dancing, burlesque and free booze, all in our lush English garden-themed pub. So dust off your sun hat for one last time, pull on those land-girl overalls, don your best boating blazer and starch your summer frocks, because the Scandalous High Socie-Tea will soon be underway.


Fleur xx

Thursday, 27 August 2009

The fabulous land of Nod

Welcome... the most divine house I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. I've just returned home from a delightful afternoon spent in the company of my darling friend Naomi and Mr David Carter, interior designer extraordinaire, and the owner of 40 Winks: the place German Vogue described as 'The most beautiful small hotel in the world'.

This elegant Queen Anne townhouse was built in 1717, and it's David's home. It is an absolutely breathtaking work of art - each room is packed with antique furniture and paintings, scuplture and objets d'art - endlessly fascinating and delightful. You won't be surprised to hear that he often hires it out for fashion shoots, by the likes of Vogue, Tatler and Harpers Bazaar; not to mention A-list actors and popstars.

I briefly visited the kitchen/dining room on the ground floor, and passed David's office, in which I think I spied a huge picture of Jean Patchett (and immediately swooned).We then retired to his incredibly peaceful garden - which in itself is a marvel as the house is very conveniently situated on Mile End Road - with buses whooshing past every few minutes. But from the moment you step into the cool, dark hallway from the bustling East London street, you realise just how quiet it is. In his calm little garden, we barely heard a thing, except for a squirrel jumping around overhead.

There are two beautiful sitting rooms - the Music Room is light and airy, decorated with antique instruments; the other, main sitting room is darker and cosier.

It's in the cosier of the two that David hosts regular Bedtime Story nights, for which guests dress in their most glamorous nightwear and wrap up in cashmere blankets to hear stories read by professional actors. These acclaimed nights are being put on in association with Spoken Ink, the online audio website, and there are two evenings coming up in October, should you fancy your own bit of bedtime reading!

Now... the bedrooms. There are only two, bijou guest bedrooms available to stay in - and one can spend the night in either, for less than the cost of an inner-city Travelodge. Each is like something out of a fairytale - the bold stripes of the single, and the glamour of the double has to be seen to be believed. From the vintage-clad mannequin to the antique suitcases, I can only dream of spending a night in such decadent luxury! And oh! The Marie Antoinette room! I can't find a picture, so you'll have to use your imaginations... I guarantee it's more fabulous than you can even dream!

And do you want to know the best bit of all? Naomi and I are going to be holding fabulous vintage afternoons here, starting in October! Yet another thing to add to the list of things I will update you all on in due course, but in a gilded nutshell, these events will involve afternoon tea, cocktails and champagne, hair and makeup demonstrations and applications, plus vintage shopping; all in this sumptuous location. Dying to know more? Well you'll just have to hang around for the full unveiling. It'll only be a couple of weeks, I promise.

But if you would like to visit 40 Winks before then, David has teamed up with Kink Ink to offer a life drawing class with a difference. The next one will take place on WEDNESDAY 2ND OF SEPTEMBER 2009 from 8-10.30pm...

‘In Her Room’ is the first collaboration between 40 Winks and Kink Ink, high-class purveyors of entertainingly different art experiences. In various rooms around 40 Winks, a series of tantalising tableaux vivants will be enacted against a special soundscape commissioned from composer Daniel Pemberton. Guests will be provided with sketching materials and sent off on an intoxicating journey to capture these frozen moments with pen and paper. Taking their inspiration from the hauntingly seductive interiors of 40 Winks, each Kink Ink model will conjure up the memories of an imagined inhabitant of the house ranging from an amorous 18th century aristocrat awaiting her latest lover to an Anais Nin-esque opium dreamer. This is an art event with a difference – a fusion of life drawing class and theatrical performance…. Strange, magical and cathartic!

Costumes on the night will be provided by top lingerie boutique, Bordello.
How utterly fabulous? If it sounds like your cup of absinthe, tickets are £25 per head including wine, nibbles and drawing materials. Email or phone 020 7790 0259.

I'll be back with more information on our very special vintage events, but until then, do visit the 40 Winks site for lots more pictures to whet your appetites!

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Good Pin-Up Guide: Part 1

So, you've read Helen Highwater's excellent article, How Do I Get into Pinup Modelling?, and fancy having a go yourself.

You've thrown yourself in the deep end and managed to secure your very first photoshoot. Perhaps you've already paid for a professional shoot (which I, as Helen, would advise as it is the best thing to pick up hair, makeup and posing tips and tricks first hand), but the day when you have to Do It Yourself is drawing ever closer and you've realised that you need a bit of a helping hand to make sure you're going to look your very best. What does one do in such a situation? Panic?


As an experienced vintage model, I thought I would put together a mini guide to all the things that I do when I'm preparing for a shoot, in the hope that it will be useful to all the aspiring pin-ups out there. I do not in any way consider myself an expert on either pin-up or on modelling, but people have asked my advice in the past and have told me afterwards that they found it useful. So, without further ado, here goes!

Me, by Tony Rusecki!

Fleur de Guerre's Good Pin-Up Guide, Part 1: Preparation


From in curlers

If you, like me, wear vintage hair on a daily basis, much of this preparation work is already done. But if you don't, or if you want to try something a bit different for your shoot, make sure you spend the couple of weeks before the shoot practicing, practicing, practicing. Do some overnight sponge roller sets, experimenting with a couple of setting patterns, and see how it turns out in the morning. Scour YouTube for tutorials, perfect your victory rolls, get a rat and test it out, buy strong hairspray and smoothing serums. And buy lots and lots of bobby pins, to replace the 14,000 you've lost over the years. When you've got your chosen set down pat, you can be sure that you'll have a consistent result and no nasty surprises the morning of your shoot. Of course, hair emergencies do happen, and I would advise any potential pin-up to have a set of Hot Sticks at the ready, because although a roller set will hold better for your shoot, they are just the thing for creating vintage styles in a flash (as seen on my shamelessly plugged video tutorial), or rescuing damp curls from oblivion. But do practice sleeping in rollers too, as you want to get used it it, instead of waking up on the morning of your shoot without a wink of sleep!


Me in WKD undies & stockings, by Tony again!

Make sure you have everything you need for the shoot, two to three (or more, if it's an entire day) outfits, undies, swimwear and vintage or repro clothing. I like to take a complete set of matching, faux vintage underwear from either What Katie Did, Kiss Me Deadly, or Rago, or a mixture of all different brands. If you concentrate on one particular fabric or colourway, black satin for instance, you can mix and match, and this can often mean a more unique 'outfit' than if you bought everything from one place. Take at least one packet of fresh, unopened stockings, especially if they are black ones. Nude ones are more resilient, or rather snags don't show up, whereas even worn once, black ones are likely to have snags that don't look so good on camera. Bulldog clips are a good thing to take to shoots, especially if you borrow clothing. Even clothing that's yours can look even better when clipped in a bit - for a shoot it can be much tighter on the waist than you need for every day wear!

Beauty sleep!

Try to eat well, get enough sleep, and generally look after yourself; which you should be doing anyway! But if you're feeling happy and healthy, it makes for a much better shoot than if you're tired and run down. Whatever you do, definitely don't go experimenting with new cosmetics or beauty products just before a shoot, or you run the risk of having a breakout. We can never predict these things, of course, and they can be disguised with makeup, which I'll come to shortly. But if you do want to try new things, do so at least a fortnight before.


A few days before a big shoot, I give up eating bread. I can't bear to all the time, but cutting it out temporarily leaves me with a much trimmer waist. Another good thing to do is to cut out carbohydrates in your evening meal. I do not advocate carb-free diets, in fact I think they're bonkers, but cutting them out after 6pm is a really good way to lose a few pounds. It's good all the time of course, not just before a shoot!


Jean Patchett, from here.

Something very important for a budding model is to research your poses! Are you going for cheesecake pinup or vintage glamour? If the former, study pictures by Elvgren and Vargas, photos of Bettie Page, and the work of modern pin-ups like Bernie Dexter, and photographers like Viva Van Story. The latter are better in a way, as some of the poses found in pin-up illustrations aren't actually possible when you're a real person! But they are fantastic for inspiration. If you're going for Hollywood glamour or fashion, say, then turn to a site like Vintage Vogue, and study the poses of the Golden Era movie stars and the 50s fashion models like Dovima and Jean Patchett. Practice your pouts and facial expressions in the mirror. You might feel a trifle silly, but practice does make perfect!

Beauty regime!

If you can, don't wash your hair for up to two days before. Slightly dirty hair is so much better to curl and style. If you're prone to greasiness, wash it the morning of the day before, but do try to avoid washing it the night before as it'll be all smooth and slippery, and thus harder to style. Definitely don't dye it so close to your shoot for the same reasons. Have a long bath in the evening, exfoliate your body all over, shave everything you want shaved (or do this in the morning if you're shoot isn't until the afternoon) and moisturise. Pluck your eyebrows! Bleach bits if you need to! This preparation will make the editing easier for the photographer, and you'll look your best.


Pack your suitcase or bag the day before your shoot. You may need some of your items in the morning, so don't forget them! I once managed to forget my entire makeup bag... let me tell you, I was mortified. Luckily we were right by a mall, but don't let this happen to you! Pack a snack and bottle of water, just in case there's nothing provided. Plan your route if you're driving, and work out how much time you should allow, then add on extra just to be safe. If you're going by train, buy your ticket early, if you can (as Brits probably know, it's best to do this weeks before if you're going quite far). Put the photographer's phone number into your phone. Charge said phone! Call or email them just to confirm it's all still on. I have never had a photographer not show, since I am usually going to their studio or home, but it has been known to happen to others.


Make sure you have the following essentials in your kit:

A good foundation - cream, mousse or liquid, NOT mineral. (Mineral is fine for everyday use, but not for using with bright studio lights. That said, if your shoot is entirely on location and natural light, then you can use it - but I'd always use a liquid one underneath.)
Blusher - a darker one than you use for every day (or add more!)
Liquid eyeliner and mascara
False lashes
Eyebrow pencil
Two complimentary shades of eyeshadow - I use a pale neutral beige and a darker brown for my 40s look, but use whatever suits you or your outfit/era
A matte red lipstick and lipliner (sharpened)
Finishing powder

This is the bare minimum you shouldn't be without, and you may have lots more; but make sure you at least have these! I'll do a tutorial soon of how I apply my makeup for shoots, but basically it's the same as I do every day, just heavier. Practice applying it before the shoot. The flash will wash you out, so if you feel like a painted lady, you're doing it right! Just don't mind the funny looks if you forget to wipe it off go to the supermarket on your way home... pack baby or makeup remover wipes for this purpose!


Finally, this may seem obvious, but do not go out drinking! I've heard some stories about hung-over models turning up, looking like death. Don't be that model! Try to have an early night, so you wake up all bright eyed, bushy tailed, and above all, enthusiastic about your shoot. It should be fun! Again, if you feel good, you will look good, and produce much better photographs. You have a reputation to build up, and make sure it's one of reliability.

That's it!

...For now. Part 2 of my guide will tell you what I do on the morning of the shoot, how I pose and a better insight into how I do my makeup. So until then, stay beautiful!

Fleur xx

Monday, 24 August 2009

Derelicte... part two

What ho gang!

You may remember a short while ago, I posted some pictures from a shoot in a derelict brickworks? (Here's the entry, if you missed it the first time around!)

Well I got the rest of the pictures back today, and jolly good they are too (if I do say so myself)! I won't repost the two on the last entry, so do have a look if you'd like; but I shall post some of the rest. As before, I'm posting them large as I feel they need to be - so my profound apologies if they clog up your reader. Here goes!

My scarf looks like ectoplasm in this shot!

I was channelling a girl who'd run away to the circus... and found it wasn't as fun as she'd might imagine.
The circus or the running away!

This one put me in mind of a jilted bride, ready to sail off on her honeymoon, steamer trunks at the ready, but flowers sadly wilting. Melancholy poses can be as fun as the happy ones!

Waiting for my Prince Charming to come and rescue me from my life of drudgery.

There are some more from the shoot on my Flickr if you'd like a nosey at them. They were shot by the talented Nathaniel Renouf, whose partner I also did a shoot with last week, so I am looking forward to seeing the results of that. It was a much more straightforward studio-based vintage glamour shoot, which I haven't done in ages, but she is a very good retoucher, so expect to see me looking improbably flawless!

Here's one last one, which was shot as a bit of fun and the result is a scream! I flung the bunch of flowers in the air, and did a shocked face, and when we looked at the picture, they'd stayed in perfect formation in midair! Or maybe it was the ghostly ectoplasm. ;)

What a hoot! Off to bed for me, lots more news to tell you all soon!

Fleur xx

Sunday, 23 August 2009

And the winner is....

Well I can only apologise for taking until today to do the draw - I spent Friday night at Sophie's house icing cupcakes for the first Roaring For Teas cake sale, and Saturday at the Tashes annual cricket match selling said cupcakes. More on this soon! But first, let me announce the winners of the Scandalous High Socie-Tea ticket giveaway!

I took pictures of the draw, to ensure fairness. So here goes.

One vintage hat, and one pile of names...

The names go in...

The first name is drawn...

And it's my dear friend Debs! So congratulations my lovely, complimentary tickets for you and your beloved Mr Doherty will be on the door at your arrival!

But... since Debs is a friend and I didn't want to be accused of favouritism, I decided another pair of tickets should really be given away. So...

Another name is drawn...

And the victor this time is Sir Victor himself! Sir, a pair of tickets is yours, if you'd like to drop me an email at and confirm that you would definitely like your prize, you will be my guest of honour on the 5th!

Congratulations to both of my lucky winners, I can't wait to see you on the 5th!


Fleur xx

Friday, 21 August 2009

V.I. Buys - more foot-based fancies!

Happy Friday everyone!

I thought it about time I shared some more lovely repro shoes with you all.

The long awaited (by me) Judy shoe from Rocket Originals has finally been released! Just in time to catch the dying days of summer, but I am hoping to invest in a pair to begin next summer with, to replace my old faithful Connies and Remix sandals which have all now seen better days. Anyone who reads this will know what a huge fab I am of Rockets, they just make such wonderful products and are such lovely people to boot. The Judys are no exception to the loveliness:

Aren't they cute? From the site:
We had these copied from a late 1940’s/early 50’s American pair of sandals, and we chose this design as it’s so typical of a casual wedge sandal from this era, and also for their dance ability – wear ability – and comfort. You’re going to love them! They can be worn just as easily on the pavement as the dance floor – no having to change shoes because the shoes you like to dance in can’t handle outside wear!
However, I did read the dreaded words, "THE SIZES ARE SMALL SO YOU MAY NEED TO ORDER A SIZE LARGER THAN YOU WOULD USUALLY TAKE."at the bottom - say it isn't so! Being a size 8, there's never usually anything larger. I hope to go and try them on in person at an event soon, so as to save Kaye (and myself) the trouble of returning them if they are too small.

My next confection is a lovely design from Clarks. They often reissue shoe designs from their archives, and these are from their 50s era. But I think they could pass very well for WWII era utility wedges!

Wedges were everywhere in the early 40s, much to the consternation of many women, who deemed them 'clumpy'. Here's picture from The 1940s Look, showing such a shoe:

It's actually on the cover, as I just realised whilst looking it up on Amazon for the link! It's a fab book, by the way, so if you haven't got it, go and buy it now!

In other news, I just found out today that I did not get the job I interviewed for last week. I was kind of a wild card applicant anyway, not having quite the right experience, though I would have been great at it, I think! However it was not meant to be, and it's come as something of a relief, since I never intended to get another full-time job, and was becoming increasingly concerned that I wouldn't have enough time to dedicate to all my other forthcoming projects. So, simultaneously boo, and hooray, I will be sticking to my original plan and striking forth on my own! Good luck to me! :)

Talking of projects, I have now had a wonderful response to my ticket giveaway - stay tuned because I'll be picking the winner out of a (vintage) hat tonight at midnight (well, bedtime, whichever is earlier) and announcing the lucky blighter then. Still a few hours left to enter!

All the very best to you all,

Fleur xx

PS. UK readers can see me in the Telegraph newspaper today, accompanying an article about retro-socialising. Well, part of me, peeking out behind a vintage dress being held up by the amazing 60s burlesque super-spy Agent Lynch! The picture was at the Vintage Secret boudoir, and the whole article is worth a read, featuring VS, as well as my chums at the New Sheridan Club, the Chap, and more.

It is me, honestly! ;)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Better late than never!

I delayed posting these outfit pictures from last Sunday, because I wanted to do my big party announcement and ticket giveaway post. The giveaway has been something of a damp squib, since of the 11 comments (at time of posting), only two of them are from Brits and one of the two's from my friend Debs! But then a good proportion of my readers are from foreign climes, and maybe the party isn't to everyone's tastes. I just hope that it is a success - it's rather nervewracking, really! If you would like to win a pair of tickets, please just leave me a comment saying why you'd like to come, and I'll announce the winner tomorrow (the odds are very good at the moment!).

On to the outfit! I went off to London to spend the day with my chap, and got him to take some snaps again. Here's what I wore:

My dress from a 1946 pattern, which has a plain black cotton top and a textured black & white cotton skirt (here it is being modelled), teamed with a modern (from New Look) black short-sleeve, belted jacket. For a bit of interest, I added red accessories.

One of my two mah-jong bracelets, this one made from 1920s bone and bamboo tiles, with red glass spacers.

My lovely red wedges from Rocket Originals. Complete with carpet mark on my left(picture right) foot!

Red Bakelite clip-on hoop earrings and MAC Ruby Woo lippie... of course! I did my hair in the same style as last Sunday - two twists at the front and two braids/plaits wrapped around my head.

Vogue! I think the manhole cover is also vintage. ;)

I have a shoot this afternoon, so I had better skedaddle!


Fleur xx

Celebrate the end of summer with me!

Hello all!

As alluded to in my post last week, I now have a new role in life as a vintage party-planner. My glamorous co-star, burlesque artiste Emerald Fontaine, and I have teamed up with a lovely, old-fashioned pub in Shoreditch called The Fox, which will be the location for all the forthcoming events. Following the completion of our brand-new website (designed and constructed by me, who has no training in website design whatsoever... so please forgive the very unprofessional coding!), I can now fully reveal the details of our first event on September the 5th. So, without further ado, let me announce the first of many such fantastic vintage parties....

The Scandalous High Socie-Tea is going to be a party with a difference. We are transforming the inside of the Fox into an English country garden, replete with greenery, flowers galore, flags and bunting. The Fox has two levels - a ground floor with a circular bar, and lots of lovely dark wood, and the upstairs, which has a wood floor perfect for dancing, and a roof terrace, which we are turning into a croquet course. This spacious outdoor area will be set with tables and chairs too, for the elegant smokers who wish to indulge their vices away from the unwashed masses outside.

Every guest will receive a free Pimms cup, and cucumber sandwiches, served on beautiful vintage crockery; which has been supplied by our amazing sponsor Vintage Secret at Home. There will also be a pop-up cake stall run by Miss Sophie Jonas, whose chocolate company There May Be Truffles Ahead has recently expanded to a cake and cream tea service she likes to call Roaring For Teas. There will be a good old-fashioned Guess the Weight of the Cake raffle, with the victor taking away a classic victoria sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam, lovingly handmade by me!

We are having a band, the Sax Pastilles, who will play sets throughout the evening. Described as "London's newest Jazz sensation, they bring New Orleans to South London and the 1920's up to date with toe tapping classic jazztastic tunes performed with a dash of humour and a pinch of pizazz". Smashing! They'll be breaking only to allow our four divine dancing girls a chance to shimmy their way into your hearts! You'll be seeing Sophia St Viller, Miss Dolly Rose and Elle Amour, but also your hostess Emerald Fontaine, who'll be debuting her decadent Marie Antoinette act - something you really don't want to miss!

If live music and dancing girls aren't your thing, stick to the downstairs area where we'll be playing delightful 40s music, and serving vintage cocktails like Gin Fizzes and Mint Juleps; including a new one designed especially for us! The Roaring for Teas stall will be downstairs too, and everything will be a haven of civilised enjoyment.

The dress code is anything and everything vintage inspired and summer appropriate, think sun frocks and sun hats, blazers, straw boaters and linen suits, cricket whites, Land Girls and farmers, 1930s beach pyjamas, tea dresses, playsuits, tennis whites, tweed and plus-fours. Anything goes, as long as it's not jeans and a t-shirt!

Tickets for the Scandalous High Socie-Tea cost £15 each and can be purchased from the Fox Presents... Box Office, but you can also buy them direct from me here! We are having them for collection at the door, because the postal service is notoriously unreliable these days.

Reserve your seats for the Scandalous High Socie-Tea today!

But that's not all! Because I want as many glamorous vintage chaps and chapettes as possible attending, I would like to offer one lucky winner a pair of tickets for the event. If you'd like to win, please just leave a comment below, and tell me why you want to win! The winner will be announced on Friday, leaving all the runners up plenty of time to console themselves by purchasing their own tickets. ;)

Here's the flyer, if you'd like a closer look! Hope to see you all there.

Click to see it full size!

Fleur xx

I always did fancy seeing my name in lights!

Monday, 17 August 2009

A baby-friendly vintage look

On Saturday, I went off to see my old friend Alex, who has a 9-month old baby girl called Adelaide. She's teething, and I was warned in advance that I should wear something practical, to avoid getting dribble on my person! So I heeded the advice and wore an entirely washable, reproduction/ vintage inspired outfit.

Being both on a budget, we were limited to free adventures only, so we went off to have a stroll around in the garden of Audley End House. There was a miniature faux-roman temple in the grounds, at which I got Alex to take some outfit photos!

I'm wearing a peach cropped cardigan, knitted for me from a 40s pattern, a little ruffled vest top that came free with Elle Magazine last month, an 8-gore, early 40s pattern skirt I had made by TopRunway on eBay, and white Remix pleated sandals. No bangles to be grabbed. Comfy and practical!

I just realised this outfit matches the colour scheme of my blog!

Now, if you don't like children (and I'm not keen on strangers' offspring, though my friends' are different, so I'd understand!), then feel free to disregard the rest of this post, although if you can bear with me, there will be some comedy photos at the end!

Here are some pics I took of the dribble monster Adelaide, who is some kind of child prodigy, being only 9 months old and able to stand unaided for several minutes at a time. Not to mention toothy!

Cute, eh?

So then we had some fun taking some really serious photos...

Finally, on our budget adventure, we headed off for the Imperial War Museum at Duxford...

...'s carpark! There's not a vast amount to be seen in the carpark, but there is a WWII tank, which gave one more photo opportunity.

That's all for today!

Fleur xx

Take a look!

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