Thursday, 30 July 2009

English Rose, French Fancy

Good morning!

I just had my final consultation meeting at work, and I'm glad to say that my leaving date has now been confirmed. My last day of office drudgery will now be the 29th of August, meaning that I finish just before the bank holiday, and am then free to pursue my new career. Hurrah! I'm also delighted to say that I have some more new pictures to show off, which I love! I finally discovered that I am allowed to show these off to you, which were taken during the shoot I did for What Katie Did, back in May. Shona (whose clothes I'm wearing) and I were unsure as to whether they would be going into the forthcoming book on lingerie over the ages, which has been put together by Katie and Tony 'Nylons' Rusecki. Tony has recently moved and was really busy with that, meaning that I hadn't managed to get hold of him to ask for confirmation that I could post them. But now I have, so here they are!

Picture by Tony, clothes by Heyday again!

By the way, the 40s blouses I'm wearing in these pictures are not on Shona's site, so get in touch with her if you're interested in one.

It's funny, because my very first ever shoot with the Hourglass produced a very similar picture to this, but the old faithful cheesecake pinup 'oops' idea is always a lot of fun to do. I wish you could see my fab black 40s repro platforms, so you'll just have to pretend they're there! What was rather amusing was that a pair of walkers came past, an older man and a younger one, and the older one stopped and asked me if I needed any help, despite Tony being there with his camera pointed at me, Shona, Katie, her husband and their daughter all mere yards away watching! "No, thank you, we're doing a photoshoot," Shona told him, and he wandered on a few yards before stopping, asking us if we were sure, and then being shooed off, but turning back to look every yard or so until they were out of sight. Bless him, I'm sure he'd not seen a sight like that in decades!

Picture by Tony, clothing by Heyday, shoes from Rocket Originals
and nylons from What Katie Did's CC09 range - perfect for autumn
(and this terrible British 'summer' we're having, actually)

What you can't see very well in the above picture is the delicious French Fancy cake in my hand, which I promptly scoffed after the shoot. And after posing with, and indeed riding upon, that vintage bicycle, I really want a bicycle of my own now! Because I lack the knowledge and dedication to maintain a vintage one, I would really love a vintage looking one instead. I would give my right arm for a Pashley Princess, left, (although it might be hard to keep my balance riding with one arm), but they're expensive (rightly so since they are handmade here in Blighty) at around £420 and my newly redundant position means extravagance is out of the window for now.

I might though, with my payoff, treat myself to the Princess-alike Dawes Duchess, right, to potter about on. It's about £250 pounds on some sites, and actually might be easier to ride as it has 7 Shimano gears, as opposed to the Princess's 3. I wish I lived in a proper English country village, so I could cycle about pretending I'm in an episode of Miss Marple or something. I may just do that anyway!

Tee hee! It's really hard to pose on a bicycle,
so please forgive me if I look a bit awkward!

In other news, literally, I was thinking back to my last shoot with Tony before this one, at Rhythm Riot, and I was delighted to see a lovely lady's gorgeous creations in the national news! On one of the evenings I saw a girl in the most divine, Shaheen inspired dress, in shimmering raw silk fabric, and I had to ask her where she got it. It turned out that she was the designer, and though I didn't catch her name, she did give me a postcard of her 'Bombshell' dresses and told me to come to her chalet to try some on, if I liked. Sadly I couldn't, as I was shooting with Tony, but I discovered today that her name is Katya Wildman, and that her dresses are going down an absolute storm in the celebrity set! Nigella Lawson was in the news for buying up 12 in different colours (though who knows if this is actually true), and, according to Vogue, the shops stocking her can't keep the dress in stock! Although it does point out the pitfalls of such success - go to a party and you might see another girl in the same dress, although NINE at one party is incredible! Great news for Katya, and I now really wish, even more than before, that I'd been able to come and try some on, because I could have been a real trend setter, by owning one six months earlier than the fashion pack!

Image from the Vogue blog

Congrats Katya, and I can't wait to see your next design! And I just realised this post was a bit of an impromtu V.I. Buys, featuring bicycles and lovely dresses. I aim to please. ;)


Fleur xx

PS. I entered into a rather heated discussion yesterday with someone who was republishing my blog feed to their own site, without crediting me properly - only the title was a link to my blog, obviously, because it was just skimmed off my RSS feed, and not the result of me submitting my article to them through proper channels. This person swore blind that this is the entire point of RSS feeds, that they knew this having spent x years in the web industry, and that by choosing to have a feed I am giving anyone carte blanche to repurpose my content, which it is patently is not - they are for people to read your blog in an aggregated news reader, like Google Reader or Bloglovin'. To me, using my feed to republish without my permission was at worst theft, and at best, extremely impolite. Given that we cannot really stop people nicking our content these days, and as I was advised by a friend who knows his stuff that changing my feed to a snippet will just annoy my subscribers, I have had to resort to putting in a copyright line, which you will see below if you're reading this in a Reader. I am also making my signoff into a link back to my blog. So, sorry if it appears contrived or pointless, but I want anyone who does take it upon themselves to republish my content to be driving people to my real site. I have now grudgingly given permission to the person to use my feed, because they apologised and actually asked for said permission, which is all I really wanted in the first place. They just wasted a lot of time and hot air waxing lyrical about how they knew best, when all I wanted was for them to have the courtesy to ask me.

F xx

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

How to have luminous skin - the vintage way

This is the first in a series of vintage beauty and style related articles I shall be writing for Queens of Vintage. Do pop over to read it, and many more, there!


I am so often asked how I get such perfect skin and so I have decided to let you all in on a little secret ... it's not actually all that perfect at all! I seem to be lucky enough to have the type of skin that looks great in pictures, even the skin of my body looks pearly white and smooth in the flash of a camera! But in reality, I'm as prone to breakouts as many others are, and my skintone quite often leaves a lot to be desired. But I do have a skincare routine to which I am dedicated, and I think it helps ensure that my skin is the best it can be. And in this modern age of parabens, silicones, and ingredients with names as long as your arm, I find myself turning more and more to the simpler beauty routines and habits of my grandmother’s era. It may be something of a cliche that all grandmothers have lovely, soft skin, but mine certainly did. And luckily, she passed on some of her tips to me. So I am passing them on to you!

Image found at Morford Auctions.

First, cold water and a mild soap are all you really need in the morning. I, like most women, have dabbled with many different facewashes and soaps over the years, but always find that the supposed 'spot fighting' ones never seemed to do what they claimed, and I always end up going back to basics. I now try to stick to products that either have as few ingredients as possible, or those that are mostly natural or organic. My granny, and my best friend's too, swore by Pears Soap, which has been produced for more than two hundred years. The smell of Pears is incredibly nostalgic for me, and its mild, hypoallergenic formula makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin. I do like to use it from time to time, alternating it with a fragrance-free wash from Simple or a neem-based, natural soap. And though sceptical at first, I have to say that washing your face with cold water first thing really is just the thing for waking you up, refreshing you, and leaving your skin tingling.

My second, old-fashioned beauty secret is witch hazel. Witch hazel astringent was first produced in the 1800s, although Native Americans were well aware of the plant’s medicinal properties long before. I was introduced to it as a child, if I grazed or bruised myself, my mother would always apply witch hazel to the area. Its smell also evokes a lot of memories of being young! Witch hazel can even be used to treat various maladies, from laryngitis to *ahem* piles. The reason it works so well against these complaints is the same reason that it’s a wonderful facial toner - it shrinks blood vessels and pores fantastically well. I use it morning and evening to remove all traces of cleaner and tone my skin. It is wonderfully refreshing on a hot day when wiped over one’s face, and even one’s tired feet! And at 99p a bottle, it is extremely recession-friendly to boot. I have to confess here that the light day cream I use is not remotely vintage, being from Tescos' surprisingly high-quality organic cosmetics range.

This next one is actually my desert-island beauty product, and is also the one that's been with us the longest. Cold cream has been around for centuries, millennia even, if Wikipedia can be believed, and it was
definitely something that our grandmothers would never have done without. There is a very good reason that this traditional product has been so popular for so long - it really works! Use it as a cleanser, a deep-cleaning face mask, an eye-lash conditioner, even a moisturiser in a pinch. In its usual role as cleanser, it leaves skin baby soft, never tight or dry. And it’s also incredibly cheap!

Cold cream’s main ingredient, mineral oil, has got rather a bad reputation in recent years as being comedogenic, or pore-clogging, but this isn’t strictly true. Actually, the best way to draw oil and impurities out of your skin is to use... oil! It might sound counterproductive but the theory is sound. Oil dissolves oil, rather than stripping it off your face and causing your sebum glands to overcompensate and produce even more. It really is wonderful stuff. If you’re still not convinced, just take a look at Eve Lom’s celebrated cleanser. Retailing at £48.00 ($79) for 100ml, a quick glance at the ingredients reveals it is nothing more than simple cold cream, with a few fancy botanicals and parabens thrown in.

I choose Boots’ Traditional Cold Cream because I love its retro packaging and bargain £2.79 price tag, which is significantly cheaper than Pond’s (which also comes in a smaller tub over here), but the latter has an equally long and illustrious history, and many vintage girls swear by it too. Using cold cream in my evening ritual never fails to make me feel glamorous! I wash my face gently with warm water and the same soap as in the morning, to remove the worst of the day's dirt and makeup. Then, in front of my bathroom mirror, wearing my vintage dressing gown and thinking of all the Hollywood stars and gorgeous grannies that did the same all those years ago, I massage a generous dollop of cold cream into my face, and remove thoroughly with a steamy flannel, lightly exfoliating as I go; finishing with some more refreshing witch hazel. This should be all the exfoliation your face needs for a clear and bright complexion, but if you want something scrub-like to use to use once a week or so, I heartily recommend Angels on Bare Skin from Lush. This all-natural scrub definitely counts as vintage, being based on a medieval recipe. It contains lavender and rose oils, and the exfoliant is gentle ground almonds. Make sure you stay clear of scrubs with sharp pieces, like ground apricot kernels, as they cause microscopic tears in your pores, often making them more obvious.

The stars of yesteryear would probably have finished with a Vanishing Cream, such as the one Boots are doing as part of their Original Formula range, but I don't find I need to use moisturiser at all, or, if I do, it's just a little bit of my aforementioned organic day cream. A caveat: a girl can have too much of a good thing, and if I use cold cream in the morning, or fail to remove it well enough at night, it can lead to breakouts, so use with caution! Rinse out your flannel well with very hot water and leave it to dry - I change mine every two or three days, depending on how well I have removed my makeup in the initial wash!

My final vintage beauty essential is one so popular today that supermodels have been said to swear by it.

Created in the 1930s, allegedly to soothe the legs of its creator's beloved racehorses, Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream is a staple in many modern stars' and makeup artists' cosmetic bags, and one that never leaves my bedside table. Some people aren't fond of the smell, being slightly medicinal; but I adore it, and can never go back to boring old Vaseline (itself a vintage classic, of course). Last year, on 08/08/08, Elizabeth Arden brought out a commemorative vintage container, glass, with a metal lid. So much more chic than the plastic squeezy tubes! It's pricey, but lasts a long time, and it can be used on rough skin, cuticles, grazes, sunburn... the list goes on! Try it - I guarantee its soothing vitamin E and salicylic acid formula will ensure you wake up with lips as kissably smooth as those Golden Era glamour girls', and ready for that ruby red lipstick!

Thus concludes my short guide to my personal vintage beauty routine essentials. I hope it will help you all on your way towards luminous skin. Do have a look at Boots' Original Formula range for a fantastic array of vintage-style cosmetics that will look just the ticket on any dressing table. And do keep your eyes peeled for my next beauty article, which will feature my favourite vintage makeup classics!

Chin chin!

Fleur xx

Monday, 27 July 2009

Commemorating Comic-Con

It's now been four years since the last time I went to Comic-Con in San Diego. The last time I was there, with my now-ex, artist and writer Jamie McKelvie, we woke up one morning the week before, to the 07/07/05 London bombings all over the news and a deluge of emails from worried friends who didn't know we'd gone away. But exceptional events aside, I always enjoyed my visits, even when stuck minding Jamie's table at the Image booth, I never had a dull moment. There was always so much to see: from people dressed in amazing, rubbish, or downright ridiculous costumes; people fatter than anyone I'd ever seen before; people with worrying skin complaints and body odour, that you knew never emerged but once a year to attend Con; famous people and more. But it seems unlikely that I will ever go back now; though Jamie and are are still great friends, the fact remains that flying to California in mid-July is about the most expensive possible time ever, and having no direct connection to the comics (or film) world means that I just have no reason to spend such crazy money on the trip. I'd probably rather spend a cheap week relaxing somewhere warm, that doesn't smell of nerd-sweat, if I'm really honest.

But my two years there were a lot of fun, and I have some great memories. I was a 'staff member' of Oni Press one year, and Image Comics the next. I met my hero Bruce Campbell one year, and got my books signed by him. I met Dita! I met Steampunks, robots and superheroes. I even met a grown man dressed as Pikachu. And I bought my very first ever, ever vintage dress on a visit to one of SD's vintage clothing stores. So, in honour of not being at SDCC this weekend, I thought I would wear it!

Taken by my obliging chap!

The frock itself is a late 40s, home-sewn cotton sundress, with a side zip and its original belt, which ties in a bow at the back. The skirt has little triangular inserts at the bottom to make it kick out slightly. The print features large pink, purple and yellow flowers, green leaves, and now sadly faded gold accents on a light cream background. Here's a closeup of the fabric:

The cream in the main picture is more accurate,
someone (me) didn't adjust the white balance correctly!

I paired it with these beige, 40s-inspired, cork-soled platforms,
from the Jones Bootmakers sale, where they are still available for £29.
Don't mind my blotchy, 'orrible legs!

My earrings are shell screwback ones, which again,
by happy coincidence, seem to match my outfit perfectly

My hair was similar to that of my last outfit post, but instead of my two usual victory rolls, I decided to do three! I didn't get a very clear shot (the chap got bored quickly) so you'll have to use your imaginations!

The nail varnish doesn't match very well - it did on Friday though!
It's OPI 'Give Me A Coral Sometime'.

I have a bit of farmer tan action going on, I see!
Lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo.

And finally, for a bit of fun, here I am with my new car!

I am just pulling your collective legs of course, as if I could ever afford an Aston Martin! This is my chap's V8 Vantage, which has a custom, lipstick-red leather interior. Very snazzy indeed.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. I have a few special posts lined up for this week, so do keep checking back, won't you?

Bye for now!

Fleur xx

PS. You may all be interested to know that I have now bought, through Blogger, the custom domain, to which this blog will be automatically converted over the next few days. As it's not actually going anywhere, there's no pressing need for any of my followers or subscribers to change to this new URL in your readers or blog rolls, or indeed do anything at all, but do feel free to update them if you so wish. For a while, I was tossing around the idea of moving it to my main site as a subdomain, and switching to Wordpress, but ultimately, Google looks after its own, and this way my blog is more likely to be found by search engines. Here's to new beginnings!

Edit: It appears all those things change automatically too! Hurrah. Carry on...!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

V.I Buys - frills and spills

It really is about time I showcased this next designer.

Loulou Loves You was born out of one girl's knicker addiction and lifelong love of gorgeous lingerie. She hand-makes her deliciously frilly confections from pure silk satin and chiffon in her London workshop, and although not strictly vintage reproductions, Loulou's creations are truly the last word in vintage inspired luxury and one can't help but feel glamorous wearing them.

And not only that, but this wonderful knicker emporium is the very first brand I had the honour of modelling for, way back in the mists of time (or January 2008, if you prefer). I had known Loulou for a while through other websites we were both members of, and had met her a couple of times, but I got the 'job' quite randomly, through being in contact with a photographer by the name of Damon Allen Davison. Usually a music photographer, Damon told me that he'd been in touch with a lingerie designer and had offered to do a shoot for her... was I interested in taking part? Being still quite a fledgling model of a mere six months' experience at this stage, I jumped at the chance and was incredibly chuffed to even be asked. But I was over the moon to discover it was Loulou's designs that I was to model!

Even better, I was going to do it with neo-burlesque legend Beatrix von Bourbon. Hurrah! It was the most wonderful day. Here's one of the last we did:

Me, Loulou herself, and Beatrix

I thought I'd show you all a couple more pictures from the shoot, taken in Loulou's own, super stylish, London home. If you've poked about on my site or on my Myspace, you'll have seen these pictures before, but I'm not sure if they've ever appeared on my blog. If you didn't know I had flintlock pistols tattooed on my hips, you do now! Sadly a few of the styles I modelled are from her old collection, so I've not included them here, but if you're curious about how they looked, do have a shufti at the shoot gallery on my site for more.

Pure silk boudoir jacket and knickers
from the eponymous Loulou range

Beatrix and I in Loulou sets

Designer extraordinare Loulou came out with her Summer 09 collection recently. It boasts new additions to the Loulou signature range and introduces her limited edition Lucinda range. These are modelled by the gorgeous Sapphire, and there are nipples ahead, so be warned!




Not forgetting the cheeky (literally!) Lydia knickers!

Loulou Loves You also features a stunning range of accessories, with pure silk bows, which double as brooches (and look so 40s when perched between some victory rolls!):

and the beautiful 20s inspired Lola headbands, plus fascinators and collars.

The lovely Loulou again

I am so proud to be associated with such a wonderful designer, and to count her as a friend. Now, everyone go and buy some pants, or feel the wrath of my knicker elastic!

Lots of Loulou love,

Fleur xx

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Horsing around

Yesterday, I had a leisurely drive down to deepest, darkest Kent, to attend the War & Peace show. I had never been before, and didn't really know what to expect, apart from lots of antique jeeps, WWII forces memorabilia, uniforms, and deactivated guns. And there were lots of all of those, no doubt about that! However, my main reason for going was to catch up with my old friend Jen, aka Bette Bongos, who is the one responsible for getting me my first ever pinup photoshoot; and to hang out a bit with Shona, Katie and Kaye, to say nothing of doing a few photographs with Mr Nylons himself.

Well, unfortunately, the weather absolutely scuppered our chance to do some 'proper' photos - I went to get myself a portion of chips (or fries, if you're in the Former Colonies) and as I went back to Shona's marquee to get ready, the rain started moving in so quickly that I barely made it inside before the heavens opened. It was a deluge of biblical proportions, and no mistake!

However, I did manage, before the monsoon, to persuade Shona to come with me and take some snaps of me on the Hop Farm's little carousel! The operator chap spotted us, but rather than telling us off, he insisted on turning the ride on, so we had even more fun after that! These two were taken while the carousel was stationary.

Vintage 1940s wrap/house dress, vintage black straw hat,
nude FF stockings and black Remix Briarcliff wedges.
Worn with black and green bakelite jewellery.

The dimple is an original too!
It was really windy, which is why I am clutching my hat already.

I haven't done much to these except slightly sharpen and boost the colour and contrast, the bright sunshine (at that moment!) did the rest.

Then the ride started up...

You can see from the ominous skies what was about to transpire!

Tally ho!

This one's my favourite of the bunch!
The contrasting sky really makes it, I think

We are very amused!

Finally, for a bit of fun I did some 'colourised' versions, because although I love the vibrancy of colour of the above photos, it's not very 'vintage'. So here are some that are more evocative of the Kodachrome era!

1. 2. 3. 4.

I went home quite soon after the rain dried up, and unfortunately my Remix wedges fell rather foul of the mud, literally. I hope that now it's dried it'll come off, and they won't be ruined. It was still a fantastic day and seeing Jen and meeting her son Leo made the whole thing even more worthwhile!

Enjoy your weekends, guys and dolls!

Fleur xx

Thursday, 23 July 2009

I've been tagged...

No, not because I've been slapped with an ASBO by the fuzz and forced to obey a curfew. I've been tagged by two fellow bloggers to take part in a meme that's doing the rounds, entitled Honest Scrap.

Thank you to Glamour Splash and CinnamonGirl for the tag. I am now supposed to reveal ten facts about myself. Lawks, I don't know if I should let you all see how desperately dull I really am! Let me try to dredge up some relatively interesting trivia for you, accompanied by some pictures to liven it up. Here goes!

♥ I used to have blonde dreadlocks from the age of 16 until I chopped them off at 18. Feast your eyes!

♥ My favourite film of all time is the Princess Bride, and my cats are named after two of the main characters. They were named as kittens, yet their sizes and personalities perfectly match those of their namesakes!



♥ I was a vegetarian for about 4 years and tried being vegan for 6 months, struggling with decreasing energy and huge tiredness, before I deduced that it was probably my substantial soya intake that was playing havok with my body. I cut out the soya milk, tried eating meat again, instead of the fake stuff, and have felt a million percent better since. I think I am one of those people that needs to eat a bit of meat, though I have it about twice a month, if that.

♥ Despite trying to appear refined, elegant and graceful in my photos, I am a huge nerd who falls over a lot and laughs at incredibly childish films and internet videos. Lonely Island are a particular favourite of mine (NparticularlySFW!). When I watched this for the first time, at work, no less, I nearly gave myself an aneurysm trying to stop laughing out loud. Thank heavens for headphones, though they didn't help conceal the tears streaming down my face!

♥ I was really horrible to my parents as a teenager. I put the blame largely on my own mixed up teenage hormones, combined with being put on a contraceptive pill that, I found out years later, is notorious for causing massive mood swings. Luckily, we have a really great relationship now, especially my mum and I. I know it makes her as happy as it does me, that we can go out and do stuff together, like having Afternoon Tea!

♥ I loathe and despise housework. I just don't have it in me to be a housewife type. I find if I put on a cute apron and imagine my Dyson vacuum cleaner is a Transformer or something, it helps. Loud music is a must! Although I do love baking in my diner-style kitchen, and that motivates me to keep it tidy.

♥ When I was 17, a friend of mine at 6th Form College killed himself. He was the first 'alternative' friend I had made upon starting there in the middle of term, and it well and truly knocked me for 6. I feel as if it changed me rather as a person too, I now cry more easily and am more emotional, even 11 years after it happened.

♥ I once gave up chocolate and cake for 6 months. I have no idea how, now I can barely go a full day without some.

♥ I'm addicted to cheese. All kinds, I'm not fussy. I have also found that the myth about cheese giving you strange dreams is true!

♥ And finally, deep down I'm a massive hippy that thinks everything happens for a reason, and for your greater good. I totally believe in fate. It keeps me sane! For this reason I'm not too worried about my future, the next 6 months as I try to establish myself as a self-employed lady-of-all-trades. I intend to work my posterior off, of course, but I do believe that life will take me where it wants me to go. I probably have my mother, who is a healer and angel author, to thank for this!

I think that is ten. I shan't be tagging anyone - you may all do this meme if you like, or not if you'd rather not! I shall leave it to your discretion. I'd best be off and get back to 'work'.


Fleur xx

Photo by Mr Clayton Hartley

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Here, there, and everywhere!

Me, me, me. My humble visage has been appearing on websites and blogs across the world in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I would write about them here so as to return the favour to the linkees, whilst also talking about myself some more. Honestly, you'll all be sick of the very sight of me soon. I think I am getting sick of the sight of myself, actually! But here it is, some more of yours truly. You lucky people!

Firstly, a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the lovely Natasha of Natasha Bailie Vintage Clothing about my life, my loves and what makes me tick. The interview went up on the 8th, so if you haven't seen it yet, do head on over to her blog and have a read. Check out her site too, as it is crammed with some seriously divine vintage as well as an amazing new line of vintage style dresses and skirts, created by a Brighton-based designer, Miss Amy Phipps.


A few weeks ago, Helen, who runs Pinup Parade, wrote a very useful guide to Getting into Pinup Modelling, which was subsequently picked up by French blogger Loulou de Bordeaux, translated into French and posted on her blog Vespertine. In it, I am pictured alongside pinup queens Bernie Dexter, Sabina Kelley and Morgana, which humbles me rather, as I don't consider myself to be anything close to them. But perhaps if I keep working hard at it, I will be one day!

Writer Rachael King, who is a fellow vintage fashion maven and swing dancing addict, linked to my post about the Chap Olympiad, and mentions that when she lived in London, there was nothing to go except go to raves. Raves? How dreadfully uncivilised!

Me again! With Naomi this time.

Talking of the Chap Olympiad, my latest styling victim, Naomi of Vintage Secret, also wrote a blog post on our day out, complete with photos of me styling her hair. As if that wasn't enough of me for anyone, there's another post about me a few entries earlier, because I met VS's lovely PR guru, Katie Antoniou at Hep Cats Holiday.

Would you believe it, it's me! With Katie Antoniou.

Rodellee Marie of also mentions me in her 'She Wears Vintage' series, in which she says lovely things about my outfits and also posts some of my oldie-but-still-goodie modelling shots, which I'm not sure have made it onto my blog since they are from way before I started it.

Still me... what were you expecting?

Take a look, and thanks Rodellee!

Then, on Monday, my vintage hair tutorial was featured on my favourite online vintage magazine, Queens of Vintage. I expect everyone who reads this blog has seen it already, but if not, head on over!

Finally, a few more bits of modelling news. I was absolutely overjoyed to find myself on the front page of What Katie Did! The annual War and Peace Show is coming up at the end of this week and WKD always sell there, so they decided to feature the shot of me wearing their new stockings and posing in Katie's 1942 army jeep, from our shoot a few months back. Yippee! I am going to War and Peace myself on Friday, weather permitting, so I'll be reporting back with photos soon.

Me, and a lovely WWII jeep.

This is such an achievement for me, I can t even say. I had to capture it for posterity. And showing-off-ity.

And last, but definitely not least, an email today from the incredibly talented photographer Rebecca Parker, informed me that one of the pictures we did together is in Portuguese magazine Arte Fotográfica. Which is rather splendid, really. Here's a picture, but click to see it bigger!

Me, top right, with some other fantastic models like the amazing an inspirational Ulorin Vex, top left, the absolutely iconic Ivory Flame, bottom left and the stunning Aurora Dawn, the redhead on the right.

And just so this isn't entirely about me, I have to just say that Ulorin Vex and Holly (Ivory Flame) are two of my favourite non-pinup models, so being featured with them is also an incredible honour. I say non-pinup, but both have done, and will no doubt continue to do some pinup here and there, though it is not what they are mainly known for. Both also have blogs in addition to their sites, Ulorin's Livejournal regularly showcases her amazing, vibrant work as an alt-model, and Ivory Flame's Pool of Dreams contains insights into her life as a full time art nude, and fashion model. Please be warned that neither of these blogs are at all safe for work! From their blogs:

Not me! Ivory Flame!

This isn't me either! It's Ulorin Vex for Maya Hansen corsets

One day I will be one-tenth as awesome as those two!

That's all from me, and indeed about me, for today!


Fleur xx

Take a look!

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