Friday, 6 November 2009

While I'm away... vintage jewellery storage

I recently struck upon a rather splendid way to display my jewellery collection, on a vintage cakestand! Well actually this is a modern cakestand I made from vintage plates. And actually... when I say made, I mean I got my Dad to drill some holes in some vintage plates, and I simply screwed it together. (On a side note, I think I needed a gold centre for it, and it shall be replaced thus!)

But what about some pictures?

The top tier holds my bakelite bangles as well as a silver one of my mum's from the 1960s. Bangles are by far my favourite type of bracelet, and indeed the only type I wear, except for my mah-jong tile bracelets.

The middle tier has clip-on and screw-back earrings of all types, rhinestone, AB and Juliana-style ones, metal and shall ones; and plastic, faux pearl and bakelite ones. I have more, but I wanted to take a nice, non-crowded photo.

The bottom layer has some beautiful hairflowers by Rascal Kosher - a pair of orchid combs and a blue rose clip. I haven't had a chance to model them for her, but I will soon! You can just see the tip of a pair of 50s Bartex sunglasses which were a gift from Katherine Higgins of Antiques Roadshow fame, as a thank you for modelling for her at Goodwood!

Earrings a-plenty! The fruity Carmen Miranda style ones are probably my favourites. Sadly the little 'apples' are cracking all over and showing the white underneath - any ideas for restoration?

Fleur xx

PS. 'While I'm away...' is a series of posts lined up before my long-awaited holiday. I appreciate all your comments, but I won't be able to reply as I am out of the 'office' for a wee while! Please do forgive the lack of creative collaging too. ;)


  1. What a beautiful collection, and very nicely displayed too!

    I really LOVE Rascal Kosher´s hairflowers..!

    : )

    Hugs, Jenny


  2. Brilliant idea, i've been trying to find a way to store all my jewellery and i think this is the way to do it!

  3. Wait, what did I miss? Where are you going? By the way great cake stand!

  4. what i love best about this is that you actually *made* the cake stand! lovely!!

  5. A great idea indeed! What did you use for the centre? A piece from a new cake stand or just some, eh metal you bent together?

    I have some cherry combs from Rascal and I love them!

  6. Hello Fleur, I love your cake stand for jewellery, so thought I should let you know that we make similar ones at They're vintage china, mismatched ones; obviously great if you can make your own, but if you can't then we have a dad who drills them for over here too! Hope you like them,
    Best Wishes, Carole & Clare

  7. Not only a brilliant idea, but making your own cake stand too - wow!

  8. This is a fantastic idea! I actually have a cake stand, somewhere, and have been wanting a nice way to store my jewellery.
    -Andi x

  9. great idea! oh i would whant one of those on my dressing table... and i have to say, you got such nice style, i really adore you!

    Love from Mon Chéri- Linnéa.

  10. You should sell these!

  11. Nothing's worse than seeing a favorite piece of jewelry or clothing fall to pieces itself. Might I suggest trying to paint over it with nail polish? You may even be able to seal it with clear top coat polish!

    Let us know how it works out. :)

  12. Gorgeous! I'm a big bangle fan too.

  13. Lovely! I adore that solution--totally elegant and whimsical.

  14. Ola! I have a beautiful VINTAGE CHRISTIAN DIOR BEADED ROPE BELT that would be perfect for the holidays. I don't know if I can post a link but here goes, I'm not a spammer! Just another girl who's in love with vintage. It's starting out at only 15 bucks!!!

  15. You're all lovely! If anyone wants a lovely vintage cake stand then do visit carole's site that she linked above!

    Glad you all like my jewellery too... though there's always room for more!


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