Monday, 16 November 2009

The King's Ginger

Helloooo, I'm baaack! Did you miss me?

I have certainly missed all my online chums, not to mention reading all my favourite blogs, but thing have been absolutely mad since I got back on Friday. I haven't yet caught up on washing, cleaning (rainy English autumn, plus two hairy cats home alone for 10 days = every soft furnishing and floor surface needing cleaning), emails, paying cat-sitter, photo-processing, shopping... anything! Saturday was the first instalment of Tart, mine, Naomi Vintage Secret and 40 Winks' vintage styling event, which was a fabulous success! I had yesterday off, without even switching on the computer, and so am only now able to update.

Posts on the holiday, Tart, my most recent photoshoot, and something else I have forgotten, will be coming soon, but before that, let me tell you all about a fantastic do I had the honour of attending the day before I jetted off!

The King's Ginger liqueur was first created in 1903 by Berry Bros. & Rudd, for the rather risqué Edward VII. It was intended to 'stimulate and revivify' his Majesty and keep him warm whilst driving his new horseless carriage around. The liqueur has been enjoyed by bon viveurs, sporting gentlemen and high-spirited ladies ever since.

As a high-spirited lady myself, I was delighted when the call from the Chap Magazine came to invite me to the relaunch of the King's Ginger, even though I had to drive to my parents' that evening for the start of my holiday, which therefore precluded me from indulging as much as his late Majesty would have wanted. And I don't own any clothes that would pass for Edwardian, unfortunately. But I glammed myself up anyway and set off.

Berry Bros. & Rudd is a company steeped in history, established in St James's Street. London since 1698. So nothing short of vintage glamour would do! I wore my new Ann Darrow frock from Able Grable (much more on this to come!) and my porcelain complexion for the last time in the forseeable (I must admit I am now frightfully tanned... not that it will last long with this dreadful weather).

I managed to imbibe a couple of cocktails, one glass of the above fruity punch, and a Ginger Royale, which was the King's Ginger and Champagne... and they were both splendid! But a girl knows her limits.

I had a go at duck shooting (I was rubbish) and at the hoopla (I was utterly brilliant ;) ) and came away with a collapsible cup and a duck lure, the latter being the shooting prize and I got one because the chaps I was with were so good they won several!

Nik Bartram, who flies for the RAF, is on the left, he donated his spare duck lure to me (and also took the two shots of me on here); the chap in the middle is in fact Edward Rudd, of Berry Bros. & Rudd; and the fellow on the right is of course my friend Torquil Arbuthnot, who's appeared on this blog before.

Last but not least, the highlight of the event for me, was having my silhouette cut by the incredibly talented Sarah Goddard of She was so fast and so amazing at it, it really stunned me. What do you think? I think she went a bit easy on my nose, but it's just so wonderful anyway!

Sorry for the continuing lack of creative photo editing, normal service will hopefully resume shortly!

Pip pip!

Fleur xx


  1. that able grable dress is AMAZING. Good lord how I wish I could own one.. ugh... stupid economy.

    glad you are home safely from holiday! hope it was fun!

  2. Love your look and your blog and in appreciation theres an award over at mine for you!!

  3. that sillhouette looks great! sounds like you had a great evening

  4. You look amazing in that dress. Was it very expensive? I also love what you have done with your hair aswell. I am trying to get my hair to go like that but I am having a little trouble. Well I will keep trying. xx

  5. Thank you for your comments ladies!

    Twila: I'm a lucky girl to get sent one as I am hella broke at the moment.

    Rocksblog: Thank you so much for the award! I will check out your blog right away!

    Corinna: Thanks lovely

    Twinkles: I'm not sure, you'll have to check the AG site! They are worth every penny though. Look out for my tutorial as to how I do my rolls soon!

  6. You're silly if you think she went easy on your nose, Fleur :) You have a fantastic profile.

    In fact, you have fantastic everything! I adore your dress, and I'm glad you had a great evening.

  7. So nice to see you back! Your evening dress is just amazing - and what a cool silhouette! Is it going on the wall? You need matching silhouettes of the kitties.

  8. oh, look breathtaking in that frock. Truly!

  9. Oh Fleur, that dress is all kinds of wonderful on you! And that silhouette - if only there was a way you could get it turned into a cameo. What an amazing gift that would be!

  10. Welcome back! You look stunning. And I love the profile, beautiful!

  11. Dear Fleur

    I adore your blog and have awarded you the Lemonade Stand Award. You can pick up the award at the link above.

    Happy blogging

    Emma @ Emma aime

  12. I love the silhouette! It's brilliant.
    Sounds like a grand old time.
    That dress is divine (and looks amazing on you - I think I already said that on flickr). sigh. What a tragedy to be broke!
    -Andi x

  13. Missed your tweeting and your blog!

    Can't get over how amazing that Kingfisher colour is on you! So so beautiful.

  14. That dress is just fabulous. You look amazing in it. Loving the blog!

  15. The silouhette is lovely but the lady modeling for it is a stunning work of art, all by herself! Gorgeous! xxoo

  16. Don't you look absolutely gorgeous!!! This is probably my favorite hairstyle of yours... just amazing!!!


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