Friday, 16 October 2009

Spexy four-eyes

A couple of days ago, I promised you some more photos of the incredibly special and rare glasses I got to play with while at Hemsby... so here they are! As I said before, they are all from the personal collection of Dead Men's Spex owner Darren Manion, and none of them are for sale. However, if you're in the market for a new pair, he has dozens of others which are still fabulous, just a little more... subtle!

I only wish I had modelled these amazing things properly, because these are really more akin to art or sculpture than they are simple specs or sunglasses. A really well-to-do lady in the 50s would have had a pair for absolute best; cocktail parties or black-tie events... actually, I wish I had a chance to go to a party that warranted such fantastical ocular accessories!

These beauties were simply smothered in rhinestones and sparkled beautifully in the early autumn sunshine! Unfortunately they were also very strong so they really hurt my eyes to wear!

So then I swanned about (groan) in these...

This pair was equally dazzling with dozens of tiny gems... and were equally strong too! Still, amazing, or what?

These ones struck me as somehow Roman-esque... we decided that if she'd lived in the 50s, Boudicca would have absolutely been 'fierce' enough to sport them!

ZOINKS! I couldn't keep a straight face wearing this pair... they look like something a glamorous, masked crusador would have worn in the 50s. 'Holy Smokes, ButterflyGirl!' As Andi said on my Flickr, Dame Edna would have been proud!

I saved my absolute favourites until last. It was all I could do to not abscond into the sunset with these incredible frames!

The name on the arm says 'Mona Lisa' and they are just the most exquisite glasses frames I've ever seen! I love a bit of asymmetry, and the graceful sweeping curve of the top is sheer perfection! I'm sure Darren would sell them to me for a couple of thousand or so, anyone want to cough up a quid or two? ;)

Any glasses enthusiasts, do check out Dead Men's Spex to see what's on offer, or catch Darren selling his wares (and his special show stock range) at Rhythm Riot in November too. (I will be doing another post about the Riot soon, with some exciting news!) He is holding a rather super pair for me, until I can earn some cash to pay him... not quite as ornate as those above, but still very fancy! :)

Have a good weekend, all!

Fleur xx

PS. I was getting all stamp-happy with a load of 1940s Photoshop brushes I found here, which are actually from a 1940 Cosmopolitan. So not the right era for the glasses, but the right era for my hair and outfit... which was of course wrong for the shoot. Oh well, it was rather impromptu - Darren only lives a few miles from Hemsby so he surprised us with the glasses on Sunday. Lucky me!


  1. Holy Moses! And people think my '50s cat's eye specs are out-there and very 'Dame Edna'! They know nothing! Thanks for posting the pics; I love vintage specs. It's one way a lazy vintage buff (that would be me) can wear vintage everyday without a lot of effort!

  2. Gosh those are all so gorgeous! I really love the swan pair!

  3. Wow. These glasses are amazing. Thank you for sharing all these lovely photos :)

  4. I'm still gobsmacked by these glasses! I think your favourite pair is mine, too. I'm blown away. You just don't get beautiful design like that in glasses anymore (unless you count pineapple novelty frames. =\)
    -Andi x

  5. oh yeah! the last one is really the most beautiful!!

  6. Those are awesome! I want to wear the black butterfly pair to a halloween party, they almost look like a mask!

  7. You lucky girl - Dame Edna would swoon! Praise deserved for your incredible self control; How hard is it not to steal the Mona Lisa?

    PS. The stamps are great, my favourite is the "robbing you of your loveliness" one :D

  8. Oh God! those glasses are so...mmmm..."modern" I mean even for now!...I guess =)

  9. Oh those butterfly sunglasses are the best!

  10. It would be great to see them is a very Vogue photoshoot, with huge tulle dresses, and slicked back hair... I think you know what I am talking about. The ballerina high fashion look of the 50's. The super long necks and what not. These and you would be great for that!!

  11. Fabulous photos, these glasses are amazing, I have never seen anything like it! So jazzy & fun, what great accessories for a vintage gal. . .

  12. OMG!
    These glasses are Amazing !

  13. Funny shapes.
    You have a lovely blog to get inpiration.

  14. Gosh! I love those glasses, super classy...

  15. Wow, I was going to say spectacular but I noticed someone said gob-smacked...a much better holy moly! I dont even know what to say really. these are of this world!

  16. I recommend Dead Mens Spex to anyone who ever comments on my glasses - that are from the same company. Those glasses are truly amazing - but did people actually wear them? I hope they did!

  17. Seeing these glasses brings one person to mind: Esquerita!
    I could totally see him wearing any of these.

  18. Ugh. You lucky girl ;)

    I think I've said that to you a few times...

  19. Wow, ebay America have got a pair like the Swan ones but in black, but I dont have $195.00


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