Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sweet as sugar - Dolly bags!

You may remember a couple of months ago I did a post about a lovely friend of mine, and one talented lady, Dungaree Dolly. She'd kindly sent me a beautiful, fruit-print Carry All bag to model for her, which I was absolutely delighted to do. Well, I've been at it again, this time with her super-cute Bowling Bag!

These were taken after my Watercress Line shoot for World War II Re-Enactor's Magazine, right at the end of the day. I did ask permission from the editor of the magazine, as he is still keeping the final front cover artwork very hush-hush for now! Luckily he didn't mind at all. But what about the bag? Well, it's a lovely, spacious design, and it comes complete with durable vinyl handles. She has an array of gorgeous fabrics, but mine is in a cupcake print, as you can see, and I wanted to wear it with my baby blue Dixabilly cardigan as it matched so well. Unfortunately, it was really hot, so the cardi soon came off!

I was hoping the train wasn't going to leave in that one above! Luckily it was one of the good, old-fashioned slam-door trains such as I used to catch to college back in the day; so if necessary I could have done a daring, flying leap onto the platform, Lara Croft style!

I'm actually using my bowling bag as a totally fabulous vanity case - it had all my shoot makeup and hair essentials in it. That's the beauty of Dolly Bags, they are all so versatile as well as being rather practical - they're 100% washable and barely need the touch of a iron to keep them in perfect shape. Can you tell I am a huge fan? I've been buying Dolly's products for years and use my carry-all on a daily basis, so it was an absolute joy and honour to model for her again. I am actually about to place yet another order, this time a surprise present for my best friend. Shh!

Best be off!

Fleur xx

Monday, 28 September 2009

If you go down to the woods today...

I just got some rather super pictures back from one of my recent shoots, and I thought I'd show you all. I worked with the talented Tobias Key, whom I've worked with twice before. We fancied trying something a little different this time, something a bit darker and moodier. And the results were certainly that... even, dare I say it, slightly gothic!

It was a dreadful day, cold and damp, and my hair turned horrifically frizzy, very quickly. I'm glad, then, that these shots were taken from a short distance away!

My dress was one I bought last Christmas, from UK high street store Warehouse. They'd brought out a range of 30s inspired full-length gowns, and it was so wonderful to have something long enough! I'm wearing it with my red Remix platforms, which you can't really see!

Then, we decamped briefly to Toby's house, where I changed into another outfit. This time, he wanted to shoot using proper film and a vintage Pentax 6x7 camera (not *my* vintage, I think it's probably 70s) which meant a rather different look!

As you might be able to see, my hair was a total lost cause with the damp and the brushing! I wore my blue floral Swirl and navy short sleeve cardigan that I wore in my Goodwood post, with my vintage sunhat (which is black so it didn't actually go... hurrah for black & white!). These have a much more 'vintage fashion shoot' feel, don't you think? Toby and I hope to do more together soon, but if you fancy seeing any more of his work in the mean time, then do check out his site: www.tobiaskeycommercial.com.

Toodle loo!

Fleur xx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

In training

Excuse the bad pun, I'm too tired to think of anything better!

I had the honour of spending today at the Watercress Line steam railway in Hampshire, doing a big shoot for a variety of lovely people. The instigators were World War II Re-Enactors Magazine, who commissioned me and Mr Tony Nylons to come and do a shoot for the cover of their Christmas issue, with What Katie Did and Heyday on hand to clothe, stocking and style me, so it was a truly fantastic opportunity for me. The magazine organised a nice re-enacting chap to come and pose as my soldier love, returning home for Christmas. I had a cheeky look at the back of Tony's camera at the shots of us surrounded by steam, and let me tell you, it looked fantastic! Obviously I can't show you any of them (or even see them myself) until the magazine is published, but I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Here's a sneak preview of the setting - another glorious day so not exactly Christmassy... oh well!

And here's what I wore to arrive and leave in!

My repro 40s overalls from Trouble MacKenzie, with a cheap old blouse and my faithful co-respondents, or spectators if you're over the Pacific! Thank you Tony for taking the picture with my humble camera!

Have good weekends everyone!

Fleur xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Service with a smile

I've just returned home from my second job as a glamorous vintage waitress, serving tea and cake to the fashion elite! I mentioned it briefly in passing, but now I have photos to show you of the rather splendid event I had the honour of working at a fortnight ago; and today's job was with the same company. It's one you should know about, if you don't already!

Vintage Patisserie is the brainchild of entrepreneur and vintage enthusiast Angel Adoree, who started up her first cake-based venture in 2007. The T-Shirt Patisserie is a truly unique and marvellous site, wherein you can literally 'bake' your own gifts with your custom designs, mugs, cakes, chocolates and clothing. But, not content with offering such a smashing array of products, Angel set her sights higher, and decided to combine her love of baking and vintage into this new venture, the Vintage Patisserie. It launched in May this year, and thanks to a winning combination of a truly fantastic offering and some great press, Angel's been inundated with work ever since.

The premise behind the Vintage Patisserie is simple - you book a party for six or more guests, and Angel and her army of pinup perfect waitresses comes to you, loaded down with delicious savoury treats, cakes and tea; serves it on vintage crockery, entertains you, and then takes it all away afterwards. Sound ssmashing, doesn't it? It's no wonder that when it came to the hospitality for their Fashionably Late soiree, Oasis (the fashion store, not the band!) chose Angel and VP to provide all the goodies. It was rather synchronicitous as she found me just as I had come out of work, so I was able to go along and help. And it was brilliant - hard work, yes, but really enjoyable.

Here we all are with our custom made cupcakes! Excuse my slightly wonky hair, it got the better of me and I gave up! I had some fabulous company in the other girls, particularly Angel herself at the front, Slinky Sparkles (the Marilyn-alike!) and Taj Noel Cambridge, who's the gal second from right, and an amazing lingerie designer. I'll be doing a post on her line, Bunnies Forever, soon!

Oasis had set up a lovely tearoom on the top floor, decorated with doilies and bunting, with lots of stylish customers ready for their cake!

I later waitressed in the cinema downstairs, serving popcorn to some familiar faces on the London scene! It was a long and tiring day, but a lot of fun; and Angel was impressed enough with my work to ask me to help her out again today. It was a lunch this time, but again for Oasis, who clearly recognise a good thing when they see it!

So, if anyone out there in London is planning a tea party, be it a birthday, wedding or bar mitzvah ( ;) ) or a corporate shindig, there's only one place you can get delicious food, served with a smile by the Big Smoke's most glamorous waitresses.

Toodle pip!

Fleur xx

Monday, 21 September 2009

What a weekend!

My first Goodwood Revival visit is now well and truly over, and I say that with equal measures of regret and relief.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was there on behalf of Vintage at Goodwood, a new event conceived by Lord March and Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway which is to take place next August. Because I was there working, doing three catwalk shows a day and promoting the new event, the time I had to explore the Revival itself and take pictures of the sights was extremely limited, although the vintage fans that read my blog will be glad to know that I didn't neglect my outfit photos! And there are a lot of them... so be warned!

But let me begin at the beginning. The first day of work was Thursday. I went up in my car to Naomi's house in Hackney, to fill it up with fabulous wonders from Vintage Secret, who had been asked to stock the on-site Emporium with everything from dresses, to menswear, hats, cravats, gloves, and even vintage crockery. We went off in a convoy down to Sussex and sailed through the gates with our passes in hand. I felt terribly important! We unpacked and set up the shop ready for the grand opening on Friday. Unfortunately, Friday morning came all too early and I arrived at 8, having set off on my half hour journey over an hour before... my first lesson is that motoring enthusiasts are early birds!

Let me show you the Vintage Emporium.

Wayne and Gerardine had outdone themselves with the design of the shop. The walls were covered with vintage illustrations, and the interior was awash with vintage paraphernalia - old radios, record players, mid-century furniture. The hangers were topped by ladies' heads, the counter was an old habardashery one, and the changing room was a circular cubicle papered with old magazine covers. Fantastic! One side of the shop was transformed into a vintage beauty parlour, run by no other than the legendary Nina. The lady herself came down on the Sunday, but her amazing stylists Leila and Sammy were on hand to create some fabulous dos.

As the female model for the Vintage at Goodwood catwalk shows, which were all curated by Katherine Higgins of Antiques Roadshow fame (and a really lovely lady); I had to do three changes of outfit and two changes of hair and makeup each day. This meant that I had to choose practical wrap dresses. How convenient, then, that I collect Swirls! But I'll show you the outfits in just a second as they pale into insignificance next to the ones I modelled! For the purposes of the shows, my name was Pamela... Fleur not being an appropriately vintage enough name (despite the fact that I was named after the character in the Forsyte Saga, published in 1920!), though my model 'husband' James (really Naomi's boyfriend) got to go by his real name.

First up, it was the swimsuit show! Set in 1957, I dressed in an original, deadstock Kittywake bathing suit and some faux pearls, and sashayed around the stage with a beachball. The sunglasses are by Bartex and I got to keep them, hurrah! James had on a fantastic Jantzen shirt and shorts in canary yellow. Wish I had a picture!

The second one was set in 1958, and I was in a beautiful dress by Linzi Line. Thin straps, boned bodice, matching belt and bolero - just divine! I had a white clutch bag, white gloves and white stilettos to complete it. These shots were taken during the Friday show. There were some much better (posed) shots of this outfit taken on Saturday - hopefully they will turn up so I can show you! While James did his turn in a great pair of trousers, shirt and wool jacket, I stood behind my vintage ironing board and read Woman's Own!

Last, but by no means least, here I am as Pam in 1968!

What a scream! Beehive hairdo, late 60s minidress and white go-go boots, leather mac and a lovely lace-overlay handbag. I hope I find a photo of the amazing sunglasses I wore... you will love them! We had an original Mary Quant hanging on stage for me to hold up to myself... sadly it was way too small to actually wear! James had an original Polaroid to ham it up with while I was strutting about. What do you all think of the new 60s me?

So, those were the fashion show garments; what about my daily outfits? I have to confess, I could not compare to some of the incredible ensembles seen on other ladies. Furs, hats, original Dior dresses (there's a lot of money at Goodwood!), I only wish I had had more time to snap them. Most of my photos were taken within half an hour on each day. But here are my outfits... for what they are worth!

On Friday, I wore one of my newest Swirls, a deadstock white with blue flowers number.

I paired it with a short-sleeved, vintage inspired navy cardigan and my navy Kedettes wedges. On the left is the lovely Shona of Heyday, whose brand-new repro creation I am modelling on Thursday at a steam railway... so exciting! The Swirl itself is lovely - tiny blue flowers, ruffled neckline and heart-shaped pocket with tiny bow. It was deadstock too!

Saturday was Ladies' Day so I wore my favourite dress again. I adore this dress, as you may be able to tell by how often I wear it to big events! The hairdo by Leila was also my favourite, I need to learn how to do updos on myself.

In the top right is a shot of Naomi and I behind the vintage counter and the bottom right is the gorgeous Darhling and Paddy from the Fedora Lounge, whom I was privileged to meet for the first time. I had my big vintage sunhat on later, but no shots, sadly. I accessorised with a fan as you can see, it was a scorching day!

Finally, Sunday. It was a day of extreme fatigue, we were running purely on adrenaline I think. There are no photos from the morning, only from when I had my 60s hair done for the 3pm show... and this was my favourite of my 60s hairdos!

I'm in my pink Swirl with my blue Kedettes and my blue Lumured handbag, which I had on Friday too, since it went so well. Naomi and I had a chance to look at some of the lovely vintage cars, and I managed to squeeze in a visit to Shona again, who was looking lovely.

By Sunday night, I was a dead woman walking, but it wasn't over until we'd broken down the shop and packed it into the cars. I had to queue for over half an hour on the Goodwood racetrack with tons of 4x4s and vans pulling race-car trailers, I think I am officially half-poisoned by carbon monoxide! I finally arrived home this morning to see my kitties and read my emails. I leave you with a couple more vintage fashion pictures, including one of me with the absolutely delightful Raskal Kosher!

Clockwise from top right: My parents, mum in her best 20s-inspired outfit; Katherine Higgins in one of her original 60s dresses, with the glam Claire from Nina's just seen; Chris and Liz, 50s ambassadors and lovely people; Katie from Vintage Secret with Naomi; Naomi and James, her boyfriend and my 'husband' for the weekend'; Naomi in all her glory; Shona with Jenny and Susanne, her fab helpers; the GlamCabs girls (see Carry on Cabbie for details); me with Rascal, who is beautiful and petite, and I look like the Jolly Pink Giant that I am. (I awarded myself a 'Best in Show' rosette for all my hard work haha); and in the middle Katie from WKD with Chris, Liz, DJ Simon 'the Preacher' and girlfriend, Tatiana. I wish I had a shot of Harry and Edna from Home Front Friends, whom I met for the first time, what a lovely couple!

I had a sit-down chat with Wayne about the inaugural Vintage at Goodwood event, and if it is anything close to what's being planned, it'll be an absolutely amazing festival. Unmissable for vintage types, in fact! Imagine a whole town, split into quarters by high streets, each dedicated to a period in time. There will be music, fashion and food from Britain in the 1940s to the 1980s. I will be posting lots more information as time goes on, but mark the dates in your diaries: August the 13th-15th 2010.

I can't wait for next year's Revival, at which I hope I can be a guest and see some racing. Though really, if you want to see more cars and action shots, I'm afraid this isn't the blog to read! ;)

All the very best to you all,

Fleur xx

Thursday, 17 September 2009

See you Monday!

Please excuse the lack of posting until next week - in an hour I am off to London to collect a huge pile of Vintage Secret clothing, then it's all the way down to the south coast to attend the Goodwood Revival. I'm rather excited as I have never been, only to the Festival of Speed, which focuses more on the cars, whereas this is an event that appeals to vintage-lovers as well. Hundreds of thousands of people dressed vintage in one place - how delightful!

I might not have time to enjoy myself as I will be working from dawn till dusk, modelling at the taster for next year's Vintage at Goodwood event, which looks set to be an unmissable fixture in the vintage social calendar. I will report back with news and photos galore next week. So if you're going, come and say hello! The Vintage at Goodwood area is right opposite the What Katie Did Shop, and I won't be hard to miss - I'll either be in a 50s bathing suit (brr!), a smashing cotton 50s dress and bolero, or... a 60s minidress with white go-go boots!! I'm doing three shows a day, and will likely be rushed off my feet, but it should be fun.

I leave you with some pictures of the fun from previous years.

All images from here!


Fleur xx

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Playing Dressup

There's nothing I like more than dressing up to the nines! And unfortunately, now I'm working from home and lacking in human company, there are fewer reasons to do so. So I have enjoyed these last few days immensely!

I wish I had some photos to show you from Thursday! I was working at the Fashionably Late event at Oasis Oxford Street. I was there as part of the Vintage Patisserie team, serving delicious little cupcakes, free Smirnoff and Cranberry drinks, and scooping popcorn at the in-store cinema. I wish I had got to see the September Issue, which was showing, sadly I was on the wrong side of the velvet curtain... but it sounded excellent! There were a lot of familiar names on the guest list that didn't appear: Kelly Osborne, Lily Allen and so on; but a few recognisable faces turned up. I spotted drag queen Jodie Harsh and Rachel Stevens, who is tiny and beautiful! I hope some pictures will surface, but do have a look at the blog for a photo of the glamorous Slinky Sparkles and Lottie in their little black dresses and pinnies!

On Saturday, I was invited by the Chap's editor, Gustav Temple, to perambulate around the Thames Festival Classic Rally, which is a brand new event, billed as 'Goodwood on water'. I took the gorgeous Naomi of Vintage Secret, and we dressed in our vintage best - me in a 30s repro dress and Naomi in a genuine 40s one - and arrived in the mid-afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the event itself was fabulous fun. We posed on some lovely vintage boats for the PR shots (which, again, I hope to see soon!), ate some delicious food and listened to the band, which coincidentally contained two members of the Sax Pastilles, who played at my party! Here's what we wore!

My dress is from Tarantula, my shoes from Remix, and my hat is vintage. Naomi's dress and Corde handbag are from her shop Vintage Secret!

We then returned to the same location, St Katharine Docks, later on that evening, to attend the maiden voyage of the SS Atlantica. It's a new event from the lovely people that brought us the Blitz parties, and it was organised to mark the first Classic Rally, with all the boat owners there as guests of honour. I wore my only 30's style, full length gown, and I am so cross with myself for forgetting to take a picture of Naomi's incredible, original 30s dress, which has to be seen to be believed! If I find one, I will post it for you all to drool over!

The night itself was fun, although the venue was an open plan office... and it looked it. A bit of red velvet drapery did nothing to disguise it. Sorry to the organisers for that complaint - the entertainment was great and the attendees very glamorous, and I would definitely go again. I also had the pleasure of meeting two blogging friends, Caroline from Second Hand Shopper and Lauren from Mystery Creature, both of whom looked absolutely fantastic!

Clockwise from left: Me in my dress from Warehouse, with Caroline, and with Lauren! The pics with the girls were taken on Caroline's camera (thanks lady!)

Hope you've all had a spiffing weekend? I am off to the Goodwood site tomorrow for an important meeting about my role at Vintage At Goodwood, both at the taster event at next weekend's Revival, and the full event next August! Exciting! More news soon.

All the very best,

Fleur xx

Friday, 11 September 2009

Scandalous High Socie-Tea!

So, it's about time I shared the story of my very first ever vintage party, isn't it? Well then, here goes nothing!

When I arrived at the Fox in the mid-afternoon, vintage crockery in my arms and an entire tree in the back of my car, the manager Martin and my co-host Emerald Fontaine were already cracking on with the decorating. The faux grass was laid, the croquet court ready, vases full of flowers were strategically placed. I attached my lovely, floral bunting to the stairs, set down my tree and laid out the vintage cups, then headed off upstairs with Emerald to write up the guest list, put tickets in envelopes; and finally, get ourselves ready for the grand premiere!

Our band for the night, the Sax Pastilles, arrived nice and early and began setting up. They couldn't resist having a go on the croquet though!

The fantastic barstaff made a real effort with their outfits, as did Martin... and needless to say, Emerald and I did as well!

At 7pm, we positioned ourselves at the door. People started arriving almost immediately. Transplanted Danish pin-up model Darhling was the first to arrive, swiftly followed by Torquil Arbuthnot and Miss Minna of the New Sheridan Club. A steady stream of dapper gents and glamorous ladies continued well into the night. Here's just a small selection!

The Sax Pastilles played an incredible three swinging sets, and were absolutely amazing!

There was some fantastic swing dancing to be seen, not to mention some energetic Charleston!

And then there were the divine dancing girls! (And yes, I have completely run out of steam on the collage making... sorry everyone!)

Top: Elle Amour, middle: Sophia St Villier, bottom: Dolly Rose

Throughout the evening, Sophie Jonas was selling her delicious cupcakes and truffles, all of which were highly recommended by the comsumers. Particularly popular were her Green Fairy cakes, each containing an entire shot of absinthe! I was delighted to meet my competition winner Geoff, aka Sir Victor Gizmo and his twin brother Vinnie, both of whom had bought themselves vintage suits for the occasion. Well done chaps, you both looked as dapper as could be! And my dear friend Debs and her husband were my other winners. I am so lucky to have such gorgeous, stylish friends!

All is now ready for our next big event, The Enchant-Ed Wood, which is taking place on Hallowe'en. As soon as the details are confirmed I will be posting here and offering some more free tickets to lucky recipients. However although the party was an outstanding success for a first night, we would love to get even more people through the door for the next one, so we've reduced the tickets to a credit-crunch friendly £10 if booked in advance. So if you want to come and have a bit of spooky fun with me and the team on Hallowe'en, then check back for more info, or alternatively, sign up to my new mailing list! You'll find the box in the sidebar. Anyone's of course welcome, but it'll mainly be UK based news I'm sending out, just as an FYI.

More news soon, an incredibly busy few days and an even busier weekend to come! If anyone is going to the S.S. Atlantica night, see you there!

Fleur xx

Ps. If, for some reason, that isn't enough photographic evidence of my smashing Scandalous Socie-Tea, the do check out the Flickr set!

Wiggle Perfume giveaway winner

Drumroll please...

Congratulations to iknowkaratevoodootoo, who has won the Speakeasy Vanilla. Do send me an email at fleur@diaryofavintagegirl.com with your address. Thanks to everyone who entered, I wish I had one for everyone!

Fleur xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

While you wait... a giveaway!

***quick note to people finding this post - sadly the draw closed on September 11th!
Thanks for your interest and do subscribe as I'll be doing more! ***

Apologies for the silence - I've just been so busy since I've been 'unemployed'! If I'm not out and about, I'm glued to the screen writing emails and working on the websites. A huge post about the Scandalous High Socie-Tea is in the works, but while you wait for me to tell you all about it, how about a giveaway?

I bought a vial of the fabulous Speakeasy Vanilla perfume from Wiggle Perfume on Etsy, following a post the other week about the shop by Solanah. Now I absolutely can't fault Solanah's taste, the perfume smells absolutely delicious... just not when I put it on my skin. The vanilla smell faded immediately and the frankincense smell amplified on me until it was overpowering. I tried it a couple of times, but I have come to the sad conclusion that this delicious scent just doesn't work with my body chemistry. However, since it obviously works for Solanah and also for the lovely Twila Jean at The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan Housewife, I thought I'd offer this little gift to one of my readers, to try it out for themselves.

So here it is, a 5ml vial of Wiggle Perfume's Speakeasy Vanilla scent!

I'm just going to copy all the gals who've done giveaways recently and say that to be in with a chance, simply leave me a comment below, but for an extra chance, post about the giveaway on your own blog and send me the link.

This giveaway is open to anyone in the world. I'll announce the winner next Friday - the 11th. Good luck everyone!

Fleur xx

Friday, 4 September 2009

Done to a Tea

This week has consisted mainly of tea.

Since being at home a lot more, I have certainly consumed a higher volume of what my mum calls 'The Cup That Cheers'. I know you'd all like to think I sip it from bone china teacups and saucers, but actually I gulp it from a pint mug. With Wonder Woman on it. How terribly classy!

But I do have some bone china! And my first tea-related task was to make some of that delicious brew, put it in a lovely teacup, and take a picture of it for the forthcoming Roaring For Teas website, which I have been working on. I hope to have it finished for next week, so do check back then to see what it's all about.

Next up, on Wednesday night, I headed to the 1920s themed Betty Blythe Fine Food Pantry in West London, to give my first ever talk, this time for the monthly Betty Blythe Society meeting. The Society evening is a sort of fun, WI style event, where one can learn cake decorating, jam making, etiquette... everything one needs to be a lady of class. ;)

Betty Blythe is a vintage-lover's (not to mention tea-drinker's) heaven. Beautiful, white painted antique furniture, delicious home-made cakes, the finest tea served in stunning vintage crockery. The fridge and shelves are heaving with locally sourced, organic produce, the bread is fresh every day, the air inside scented with lilies and the bundles of fresh herbs owner Lulu sells to her loyal patrons. It's simply the most marvellous place to take tea, if you're in the area... and if you're not, then take a trip out west to visit!

My evening there began with chatting to the guests as they arrived, drank tea and decorated cupcakes, then we all went downstairs where I gave my talk. I was so nervous! It was a humorous guide to vintage style and how to adapt your taste to your figure delivered in a my poshest phone voice - I called it 'Fleur de Guerre's Guide to Modern Vintage Sartorial Etiquette'! The attendees were a group of ladies who work for Qype, and by all accounts they really enjoyed their evening. Do have a quick read of this review by Qype blogger Rachelle. There will be many more of these Betty Blythe Society talks, probably on the first Wednesday of every month.

BB owner Lulu gets buttercreaming!

One of the highlights for me, though, was meeting Fiona of Notorious Kitsch, a smashing lady I've conversed with online a lot, but never actually met before. I just love meeting fabulous online friends!

Then yesterday, I had the honour of meeting one more totally fabulous lady - Angel Adoree of Vintage Patisserie, another 1920s themed, tea-based venture. Vintage Patisserie do fabulous tea parties, whereby period perfect waitresses bring Afternoon Tea to you, serve it on vintage crockery and take it away afterwards. They also bring a 1920s dress-up trunk for guests to have fun with. Angel had been asked by Oasis clothing store in Oxford Circus to get involved with 'Fashion's Night Out' in association with Vogue, and London Fashion Week. So, next Thursday, I am part of a team of 7 glamorous ladies putting on a huge 'Fashionably Late' soiree in Oasis Oxford Circus. There will be drinks, music, beauty treatments, tea and cake (of course), plus the basement is being transformed into a cinema and showing 'The September Issue'. I am being an usherette in the cinema! Do come, if you can! I'm very excited as all sorts of top fashion people will be there, and not only that, but if I hadn't been made redundant, I would not have been able to do it. Talk about synchronicity! Or should that be synchronici-Tea?

And following that appalling segue, to top off a week of tea and indeed terrible, tea-related puns, this Saturday is my Scandalous High Socie-Tea evening, which you all know lots about so I shan't mention it again, except to say that if you don't know about it, have a look at the site. I am all ready, I'm armed with clipboards and pens, vases and flowers. My car has a tree in it ready to haul to Shoreditch to grace the bar, and it's all going to be simply super!

To collect said tree, I went to meet my dear mother at the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Wisley for a walk and a chat, but no tea, funnily enough! She took some outfit shots of me, just to make this post a bit more colourful!

Mum claims she can't use a camera, I think she did very well! I'm wearing red trousers from Heyday (not unlike those worn by Miss Amanda the other day, but hers were Vivien of Holloway). Forgive the creasing, from driving and lunch! The cardi is another knitted from a vintage pattern. I'm wearing a stripey tshirt from H&M which you can't see, and shoes from Payless in the States. Red, white and blue accessories completed the look!

Better go and get a good night's sleep ready for the party tomorrow! Yay!

Fleur xx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The mysterious model!

In my post about 40 Winks, I mentioned that the very lovely David had a large photo in his office, that I glimpsed, and thought looked like 50s supermodel Jean Patchett. Well, as soon as he read my post, David emailed to say he'd bought the photo recently, and knew nothing about it. He asked if I really thought it was Jean, to which I replied that I wasn't sure - I'd need to see it again. He then sent me photos of the picture, and clearly, it isn't Jean at all, or any of the usual (to me) suspects. So I thought I'd ask my knowledgeable blog readers, do you recognise this woman?

She looks so familiar, but is that just because she has that quintessential 50s fashion model look? Slightly Audrey in the mouth and chin, slightly Jean in the eyebrows?

If anyone can solve the mystery, David and I will be ever so grateful!

More exciting tales to tell you all tomorrow, mostly relating to tea and cake!

Fleur xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

First day of freedom

What a feeling! To get up and know that as of this very day, I am my own boss! I began the day with a leisurely breakfast and made up a batch of shortbread, had a long shower and began to calmly iron my outfit for the day. Then the phone rang, and I had a half-hour chat with a fabulous person about a very exciting evening (more on this in a later post)... and then the lady of leisure dream quickly faded as I realised I had to leave for a meeting in 10 minutes. I frantically threw my clothes on, put on my makeup at light speed, ran around the flat trying to find my keys and then rushed out the door to have lunch with Tony Nylons.

Tony and I talked about his forthcoming magazine Nylon Flash, which, as you'll see from that link, started out as a newsletter featuring pictures of ladies in stockings and faux vintage lingerie. Not overtly suggestive, unless fully-fashioned stockings make you weak at the knees... in which case you'll be in heaven! But Tony has bigger ideas for his publication, and wants to turn it into a proper magazine, with photostories, poetry and even recipes. As he is a pictures man, he needed a words man, and I am the wo-man for the job! I'm actually gracing the cover, as well as the inside, of the next one... But you won't be able to see unless you buy a copy! Get in touch with Tony if you do want to.

So, that's yet another exciting project that I'm getting involved in. Next up for me this week is a talk I am doing tomorrow night at the Betty Blythe Fine Food Pantry in Shepherd's Bush. It's going to be a brief overview of vintage clothing and my own take on fashion and etiquette, and the event itself is a private one for Qype. We're hoping to make these WI-inspired, Betty Blythe Society talks a regular occurrence though. I am going to start up a mailing list soon, so any of my lovely readers wanting to know about all the talks, parties, events, and goings-on I'm involved in can sign up.

Anyway! This is a rather boringly wordy post, so how about I show you what I wore yesterday?

These photos were kindly taken by my brother Guy. I'm wearing a Swirl dress that I don't believe I've photographed before. It's a blue gingham one, with pink and green flowers embroidered on the bodice and pockets. I usually wear it with my peach cardigan, but that has been in two recent posts, so I fancied a change. Yellow and blue is my favourite contasting colour combination, so I paired it with this modern yellow cardigan from Dorothy Perkins, and my yellow Miss L Fire wedges. Which are, coincidentally, on sale now at ASOS. Luckily they don't have my size left, or I would be cross!

For a change, and to be slightly kinder to my hair, I decided to do a set using my infamous, 'good for nothing' Remington hot rollers. They leave me with a much looser wave, especially at the ends, which I don't much like, but set in the same pattern as my Hot Sticks, in a pinch they will do a reasonably 40s-esque style. Here is a closeup of the dress, and my 'do.

So says the Swirl hang tag!
(Thanks to the creative talented gals like Casey and Solanah, for collage inspiration. I can only dream of doing ones as nifty as them, so please just humour my efforts!)

Back again soon!

Fleur xx

Take a look!

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