Saturday, 29 August 2009

The dying days of summer

Well guys and dolls, the final countdown has started, and there is precisely a week remaining until my amazing end-of-summer party, the Scandalous High Socie-Tea. This time next Saturday I will be busy be-decking the pub with grass and flowers, bunting and pictures, plus ensuring the croquet pitch is ready for action!

Advance tickets are selling like hotcakes, so if you do want to come along next Saturday, then make sure you either visit the Fox Presents... Box Office to secure some, or, if you're feeling impecunious (which is perfectly understandable in the run up to Payday) but you'd like to ensure that you're on our list of spiffing coves who will definitely be granted entry on the night, then email your names to and we'll put you down.

It promises to be a truly glorious way to see out the dying days of summer, with hot 1920s jazz, dancing, burlesque and free booze, all in our lush English garden-themed pub. So dust off your sun hat for one last time, pull on those land-girl overalls, don your best boating blazer and starch your summer frocks, because the Scandalous High Socie-Tea will soon be underway.


Fleur xx


  1. Ooooh, how I wish I could sail across the big blue sea to be able to attend this amazing evening!


  2. Sounds fabulously wonderful. Too bad I live too far away :(

  3. As above! Sounds like the most tremendous fun, but unfortunately I'm in Australia...Good luck, I'm sure it will be a blast!

  4. I really wish i could come to this! It sounds fantastic! But sadly i am playing Offset festival next weekend in Hainult. So close yet so far! x

  5. I love your blog and you're absolutely gorgeous!


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