Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Better late than never!

I delayed posting these outfit pictures from last Sunday, because I wanted to do my big party announcement and ticket giveaway post. The giveaway has been something of a damp squib, since of the 11 comments (at time of posting), only two of them are from Brits and one of the two's from my friend Debs! But then a good proportion of my readers are from foreign climes, and maybe the party isn't to everyone's tastes. I just hope that it is a success - it's rather nervewracking, really! If you would like to win a pair of tickets, please just leave me a comment saying why you'd like to come, and I'll announce the winner tomorrow (the odds are very good at the moment!).

On to the outfit! I went off to London to spend the day with my chap, and got him to take some snaps again. Here's what I wore:

My dress from a 1946 pattern, which has a plain black cotton top and a textured black & white cotton skirt (here it is being modelled), teamed with a modern (from New Look) black short-sleeve, belted jacket. For a bit of interest, I added red accessories.

One of my two mah-jong bracelets, this one made from 1920s bone and bamboo tiles, with red glass spacers.

My lovely red wedges from Rocket Originals. Complete with carpet mark on my left(picture right) foot!

Red Bakelite clip-on hoop earrings and MAC Ruby Woo lippie... of course! I did my hair in the same style as last Sunday - two twists at the front and two braids/plaits wrapped around my head.

Vogue! I think the manhole cover is also vintage. ;)

I have a shoot this afternoon, so I had better skedaddle!


Fleur xx


  1. I like this ensemble very much, especially your punches of red. I think you look like Snow White!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. Very pretty, Fleur!

    I'm wearing my mah jong jewelry today along with a blouse made from a 1946 pattern :-)

  3. What a great outfit. I especially love your hair-do - will have to try this! Thanks for being such an inspiration!!!

  4. Those shoes...I'm drooling over them! It's probably a good thing I don't have any extra spending money right now! I love the touches of red in this outfit. Gorgeous as always!

  5. Great outfit Fleur! Black & Red is a must and you look lovely. I have the same shoes and I love them too!!



    Very elegant, as usual!! I love the red colour of your lips. I,ll check it on the stores just to try it...

  7. you look lovely as always sweetie!

    love the shoes, i've been wanting a pair for a while now, and the blue ones.

  8. I adore your outfit!! I am quite partial to black and white garments with red accessories--it looks so snazzy! I'm dying over those wedges you're wearing too... Love!

  9. Lovely! I love the red with the b+w. And the vintage manhole! Hehe :D

  10. Hi there!I love your diary you are very inspiring!I find you earings one of my favourite things actually . I was going to ask you a question .Do you have a good place that you get lined back stockings from?thanks so much!

  11. Beautiful makeup, as always : )

  12. I love your site! I noticed you have done a few tutorials... would you consider doing this look (twists and plaits) as well? I would be mighty grateful!
    Thank-you, Berlin Hair Baby


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