Tuesday, 23 June 2009

V.I. Buys - more shoes! And today's outfit

Hello lovely readers! It's been a bit quiet on my blog recently, sorry about that. I carried on getting things done last week, got lots of stuff planted in the garden - a gorgeous yellow rose, some variegated mint, lemon verbena, thyme, petunias. The mint was delicious on the potatoes I just ate (I'm supposed to be avoiding carbs after 6pm, but I just can't resist Jersey Royals!). I saw Drag Me To Hell on Thursday and then I had a shoot on Friday, THEN I went out dancing that evening. I just found a couple of shots of me and my best friend from that night doing a stroll!

I'm in a 40s pinafore and Gemma's in a lovely Vivien of Holloway sarong.

I look like the tallest person in the room! I may have actually been (at least doing the stroll)!

This is the stroll we're doing:

Although I have to say, I don't do it nearly so stylishly. Maybe after another few years of practice! My friend and I are actually coming up to our year anniversary of swing dancing. Oh, how I wish I'd taken it up years ago! I could be as good as the ladies in the video by now (maybe)!

I shot in that very outfit, and in another Swirl dress and my yellow platforms, and I cannot WAIT to get the shots back as they were truly fantastic - the location and props were perfect. I also had a paid shoot on the Saturday which went very well. If only I got them more often!

So I haven't spent much time on the computer since my last post and I didn't manage to find any new vintage inspired clothes or shoes. But luckily I can't stay away for long! And I was informed about some great shoes at Barratts by the lovely Miss Matilda. At very reasonable prices and going up to a size 9 (11 US), these shoes are great for any gal and any budget!

The floral wedges are again reminiscent of Carmen Miranda type 40s platforms and are on sale for £30, and the 40s inspired platforms at the bottom are just £15. Go and snap some up now!

To finish, this is me today:

I'm in my repro dress from Lipstick Vogue, with a modern belt that's a bit big to be strictly period correct, but never mind. I was pleased with my hair today - it was styled with Hot Sticks and it lasted through a mile walk to the station, luckily without much wind!

That's all my news for now really! Is anyone else dying to see Public Enemies with the divine Johnny Depp? Ooh, by the way, I got my Trashy Diva dress yesterday, finally, it's lovely and worth the wait. And OH! Do you remember me mentioning a delicious black velvet 40s suit that I bought from Violetville Vintage, which vanished into the (postal) ether back in February? Here it is:

It's amazingly just turned up back at Violetville HQ! I have immediately rebought it and it's on its way over to me (again) now, keep everything crossed for it to get here safely. Yippee! Thank you lovely Tina at Violetville for being so wonderful, I don't think I've ever come across such fantastic customer service before or since!

What did I miss in my absence? I am catching up on my Google Reader now, but it may take a while!

Lots of love,

Fleur xx


  1. Ur one of my contacts on flickr! do U model for fun or do U make a living out of it? I love ur yellow shoes where did U get them from? btw come visit www.lagelledailydose.blogspot.com

  2. love the pic of you today! you look ravashing!

  3. Your hair looked amazing in those pictures of you strolling. Not that your hair doesnt always look wonderful. Wow those shoes are such a great deal but I must save!

    I look forward to seeing the pictures from your photoshoot I know they will be stunning! ♥

  4. Stunning photo of you!

    I'm sure that suit will look fantastic on you- and Tina really is the best! I end up buying quite a lot from her as she is just the nicest and most helpful seller I've ever come across!

  5. Those shoes are fabulous! I can't wait to see Public Enemies and I'm really excited for Depp's version of the Mad Hatter in Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie!

  6. Those shoes are super cute! Love the yellow dress! What dance are you doing? It looks like the "shim-sham", but I don't know if that is the same dance over there. I can never get the 'line' dances, too much to remember!

  7. Thanks gals!

    Lagelle: I do it for a hobby mostly! The shoes I got from ASOS.com, and they come in black too :)

    Melisa: The stroll was this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDvrT6wPat4&feature=related
    But not done quite so stylishly as these professional gals I have to say!

  8. 1. I always thought the stroll was the thing they do in Grease - where the boys form a line on one side and the girls form one on the other - does it depend on the country, I wonder?
    2. You look fabulous. Your hair looks great!
    3. I can barely wait to see Public Enemies! 1930s, gangsters, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale! It's like a dream for me.
    -Andi B. Goode x

  9. Loving that Lipstick Vogue frock lady, you look gorgeous :D

  10. beautiful, hunny just beautiful!
    No shoes for me even at £15 I am now economising for a view!!

  11. Oh my, that suit is lovely! I really admire Violetville Vintage, the selection in that store is awe-inspiring! So glad you're going to get your wonderful suit afterall!

  12. I adore that suit and those shoes! Be sure to post pictures when you wear it.

  13. Your hair looks so nice! I just got a new haircut, and you were definitely an inspiration!

    Cute video! I've been dancing for almost ten years, but I've never even seen the stroll before.

  14. Cool! When I used to go Go Go dancing we did a stroll, it was pretty funny because there was not enough room, and lot's of almost stepping on each others toes... good fun, though!
    I love both dresses, especially the lipstick vogue one, and your hair looks lovely like this! I think I will pin curl ALL my hair in the next few days... exhausting but worth it :)
    Oh and i LOVE the coral platforms from Barretts, but they don't ship to Australia, sigh... I have been looking for coral shoes for a while – and need them even more now to match a VOH '40s dress!

    Oops long comment – good to see you back though, and I am looking forward to seeing more, of the house too! Kitchen looks great :D

  15. I am a huge Barratts shoe fan. They just keep coming up with really petty, really affordable and a little bit different heels that I love.

    I must say how I admire people like you actualy getting stuff done. For the past few months I have been in something of a rut, and never seem to manage to do anything. It's quite pathetic, hehe

  16. Looking gorgeous.!! I am huge fan of vintage fashion those vintage inspired shoes are truly awesome.

  17. Strolling is a toughie. I see it all the time at rockabilly do's and frankly... I just think the people doing it look so bored and like sleep-walkers that it really doesn't go with the energy in the music! It's uncannily like line-dancing too.... I don't really understand why they get up to dance if they only do it to look completely fed up! I prefer rockabilly bopping myself - all the blokes bopping away, tendrils of greased hair drooping into their faces... *swoon* They seem to do it with the vim and verr that you can hear in rock'n'roll!

    *dismounts soapbox*

  18. PS: At least that suit didn't disappear entirely into thin air!!! I bet now it'll turn up in less than a week! ;D

    PPS: I love those shoes. I really wanted to get a pair but I'm having so much trouble with sole-burn at the mo' I'm not sure I want to risk it. But they go up to a 9 so how can I turn them down???

  19. PPPS: usually the anit-bot codes are nonsensical but the one here now is "menshave"...! LOLOL!!!

  20. Us ladies in San Diego do it very differently! This is wonderful though, I'm happy to see another variation.

  21. Oh, my envy is boundless! I have been lasting after that Lipstick Vogue dress myself and the pattern is the loveliest out of the lot.
    You look great in it :-)


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