Thursday, 25 June 2009

Coming soon... talkies!

I asked (on Twitter and Facebook) and ye have spoken!

I am going to procure a recording gizmo of some description, probably this one by Flip, following a recommendation from the fab Natasha Bailie and become a Noctovisual star-in-the-making!

But what would you like to see posts about? The hairstyle I am most often asked about is the faux bangs and rolls one, which is my standard 'going out' hairdo.

So that one is definitely going to be my first one, but what else? There are tons of guides to victory rolls out there, can really I add anything new to the plethora of useful information already online, or should I just do one for the sake of interest? As in, in case anyone is interested how I do it on myself, because most of us seem to do it differently. I can show how I do a quick 10 minute (5 minutes to put in and 5 minutes to brush out, not counting the cooling time) Hot Stick set in the mornings, and roller placement and results of overnight sets. Anything else? Posts of me just randomly blathering on for a few minutes? Hehe!

It'll actually be really interesting to see if the real me is anything like my online friends and acquaintances envision me to be. Usually if I meet people I have only interacted with online, such as the beautiful and stylish Darhling, whom I first met last year, they remark that I am not how they imagined at all! Not in a bad way, just different. I think she thought I would be quiet and reserved, not loud and silly as I actually am!

But I have hardly kept it a secret that I am a huge nerd, anyway, so hopefully no illusions will be shattered when I post myself on Messrs U. Tube and Co. for the whole world to see!

Please do leave any comments, suggestions, and cries of 'For the love of God, no!" below.

Yours to my last sponge roller and kirby grip (or bobby pin as you ladies in the Former Colonies call them!),

Fleur xx


  1. do a video please!

    i've actually haven't seen you as someone shy and quiet, you seem like someone loud and fun! ;D

  2. I suppose that by writing as I do on my blog, and posting candid photos it gives a better impression of my personality, rather than the few lines here and there on a web forum, so that's good to hear Ms Betty!

  3. this has been my thing too.. There are so many tutorials out there, does anyone really want to see me making one.. lol.
    Or do people just like to see videos of real live people?

    at any rate, I am doing a vid of my "quick" up do faux rolls, for the vintage hair challenged today.. and that will probably be it from me.

    I am excited to see yours! I am sure it will be lovely.
    My bangs are not long enough to pull sucha classy faux bang as you do.
    You look fabulous as always

  4. HoneysuckleRose25 June 2009 at 18:17

    Hi Fleur, long time lurker here...

    Just wanted to say I really admire your style and your confidence in dressing the way you do. I'm currently building up to venturing outside in some of the lovely vintage dresses I've aquired but I think I need to get my hair right first, hence this comment!

    I'd love to see a hair tutorial showing how to achive the style you have in the hen night photos. Have been attempting a few styles myself recently with no luck and could use all the help I can get quite frankly!


  5. definitely your regular style with the rolled bangs. and also the center parted style I have seen you wear. any tips and tricks much appreciated!

  6. Ohhh yay I cant wait.

    I know I have the most trouble with placement of my pin curls or really whatever kind of curler I am using. Also I have never mastered the art of brushing curls out.

    I cant wait to see the videos you make I know they will be great and super helpful. To go along with the video if this isnt to much to ask you should do a written tutorial so that one can watch the video then when they attempt the style they have the printed out steps on hand.

  7. this sounds amazing i cant wait to see it! and yes even though there are others who show how to do some styles i would love to see yours as well! i just think that each person does it a certain way and its interesting to see how YOU do it you know what i mean?
    yippee for your new fun! im excited to hear you as well haha i always forget who is where and when i watch a video i get a little shocked when the person has an autralian accent or what not! its a hoot!

  8. Just show us it all dear *winks*

  9. I am always interested to see how other vintage gals do their do's! I'm especially interested to see your basic curl technique for the main body of your hair as mine is getting well long now and I can't do a thing with it! For the record you are super-lovely in real life - just not particularly wall-flowery and whispery voiced! x

  10. I'd love to see the technique for those bangs. Whenever I do those they look lumpy and uneven.
    Then I will dream about my hair being long enough to attempt it...patience ;)

  11. I'd love to see tutorials! Maybe if you could show how to do the hot stick one without hot sticks? Is that possible?

    I think the cake photo showed us you're a bit loud, so it's not that bad.

  12. Videos are fun! I'm sure they will be great whatever you choose to do, I would love to see a tour of your closet though! All those fabulous clothes in one place?! lol

  13. For the love of God, no! This is madness, madness, I tell you!

    Haha, only kidding. Can't wait!

  14. Oh GREAT! :D Yes please! A tutorial on faux bang + victory roll would be fantastic – I have a foam rat, and would like to see how to do this. Can't wait!

  15. I would love to see how you set your hair. I have always loved the sleek, bobbed looked of the 40's & 50's do's.

  16. The videos sound wonderful! Can you do some make up tutes as well :-D

    And being a nerd is AWESOME ;-)

  17. Ooohh - could you re-create that centre parted Eleanor Powell look?
    I have such trouble keeping my natural curls from becoming a total frizz...


  18. I sawhundreds of video on youtube, found nothing looking as good as your faux bangs... please help us!

  19. Hi Fleur, I'd love to know how you do your roller set and your hot sticks, and victory rolls, oh and the front quiff roll (like Imelda May) if you do it!!

    Any any of you blethering on too! ;)


  20. YES PLEEEEAAAAASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To any and all hairstyle tutorials x

  21. I would love to see any tutorial you might do! And, heck, (I hope this doesn't sound creepy) but I'd love to hear your accent.
    -Andi B. Goode x

  22. As everyone out there seems to do thier styles differently, and trying all the diffent tips out is probably what most of us do until we find something that works for us, I think more styling vidoes(even for the much done victory rolls and pincurl sets) would be very welcome by all fans of vintage :-)

  23. How fun. I am excited for you in doing this. :-D

  24. Oh yes, please! You'd be brilliant!

    I'd love to see videos of you showing us how to do hairstyles, makeup, dance steps, etc. ;)

  25. Thanks all for your encouragement!

    Suggestions and requests noted, first tutorial is up, will improve with time I hope!


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