Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Busy as a bee

Well, I must say, this week has been a most productive one so far! I have taken the week off work, with the aim of getting some things done that have been being put off for a long time, literally years in some cases! So far I have:

♥ Serviced and MOT'd my car
♥ Mowed my lawn
♥ Finally had a new kitchen floor put down
♥ Visited my best friend, sister and niece
♥ Cleaned and hoovered the car
♥ Bought paint, brushes, sandpaper and all that paraphanalia
♥ Done about 74 loads of washing
♥ Been for Afternoon Tea
♥ Gone for a midweek drink with friends
♥ Caught up on sleep
♥ Replaced the loo seat that broke a few weeks ago
♥ Lost 3.5 pounds (er... probably not any more, since the tea yesterday!)

Many things still remain to be done, namely the painting itself, cleaning the house from top to bottom afterwards, putting away the clothes mountain that has accumulated following my washing blitz and weighing myself... but I think I'll do that tomorrow as I am off out dancing tonight!). But I am so pleased to have achieved so much, particularly the flooring job, because that's the one that has taken years. Four, to be precise. Since I moved into my flat, and pulled up the old floor, meaning I have been walking on disgusting old stained chipboard since then. But the rest of the kitchen has been decorated nicely for all that time! Behold, my finished kitchen!

(By the way, this blog entry is brought to you by my iPhone camera, since I forgot to charge my proper one!)

Not all of my blue items match, but they look nice enough together. The finishing touch will be red/white gingham curtains at the other end, and I will show you all that as soon as it's done.

The second-time-in-a-week tea trip was in honour of my mum's birthday - I was supposed to take her a couple of weeks ago, but she fell and bashed her face and had a bit of a black eye, and was generally not really feeling up to it, poor thing. We went for the Belgravia Tea, with a glass of champagne and fresh strawberries to start, and as it was the same place the chap took me last week, the staff and the piano player recognised me! Last week, he came over and complimented me on my dress, saying his mother had had one just like it (she died in the 50s apparently). I didn't take any photos on that day, but it was this dress:

It was made from in 1946 from a Simplicity pattern (or at least the pattern was published that year) and I know because I saw the pattern online! This time, he complimented my dress and my shoes, and insisted we make some requests. We asked for 'Buttons and Bows', which was sung by Jane Russell in the 1948 film The Paleface - it's one of my mum's favourites!

Here we are with our bubbly!

And here's the tea tray of deliciousness!

I wore my green gingham Swirl and my white Rocket Originals wedges, and took this rather poor photo in the fancy bathroom of the Lanesborough!

I'm off dancing now, but hope that I can report back that I got everything done that I wanted to this week. I have a shoot on Friday too, so do keep checking back for some new modelling pictures.

Bye for now!

Fleur xx


  1. The green looks fabulous on you, and that tea tray does look rather tempting!

  2. Your kitchen is just beautiful!

  3. Lovely to see your mummy xxx
    She has good taste in films.

  4. Your kitchen colours are fabulous! Happy Birthday to your mum!


  5. I am so impressed. When I take time off work to get important things done I always end up achieving zilch. Go you!

  6. Your mum is so cute!

  7. I'm insanely jealous of your kitchen. I love how even with all the modern appliances, it still looks like a vintage kitchen. It actually took me a minute to realize all of your appliances were modern.
    And I love the blue you chose!

    Also, that photo of you with the camera and black and white dress is amazing.

  8. I can not get over how adorable your kitchen is I love it so much, You look so gorgeous at tea with your mom! ♥

  9. wow i love your outfits... it's very nice !

  10. I love the vintage 50's look. I love the music. I love the vintage tv shows like Jack Benny, George Burns and Gracie Allen, I Love Lucy not so much.

  11. Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! Where did you find the "tea" and "sugar" canisters? I also LOVE that black and white dress. It's stunning!

  12. Your tea pics look so fun! I am totally jealous of your gorgeous kitchen! It's so cute!

  13. Good lord that is one sexy kitchen!! I adore it

  14. Your kitchen is so adorable!

  15. Oooh! I love your kitchen - it's wonderful! And the tea and bubbly sounds fabulous!

  16. You're kitchen is just too adorable!! And those tea goodies look delicious...

  17. Wow, that does sound productive! And your kitchen is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    Word verification is HANSOLO. Haha! What are the odds?

  18. Wow--you have been incredibly busy; you're making me tired just reading about it! lol. I simply adore your kitchen! I'm hoping that one day, when we own a house, I can do a black and white tile floor just like that... ;)

  19. Yay for getting things done!! And like everyone else I WANT YOUR KITCHEN!!

  20. Your kitchen is the dogs wotsits! I intend to show this to B & pester him that we need one of these!!!!

  21. That kitchen looks sleek and totally retro. All you need now is the vintage apron (I got one off etsy).

    Hope your mom feels much better. What is the name of that old-fashioned tea room?

  22. As a fellow 1940's lover, let me say, you are living the life! Beautiful home and gorgeous surroundings. Your life must be very full and rich and I thank you for sharing. ;)


  23. I'm so in awe of your kitchen! It looks fabulous, and so do you.

  24. You have my dream kitchen! Wow it looks fantastic, even the cute little toaster I've been wanting that looks like an airstream trailer :)


  25. amazing look, congratultions.

  26. your kitchen looks super fantastic! just lovely!
    and i am trying to imagine what you wear to mow your lawn!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hoorah! You look just swell as always!

    Buttons and Bows- best song EVER! I rather adore the Dinah Shore version, but hey. :]

    Kitchen looks only darling!

    Have fun dancing! I'm off to go swinging too now in a few... hep kittens forever, ahaha! ;)

  28. You are sipmly lovely, You have such elegance and beauty. I adore your dress and kitchen!<3

  29. WOW, I really LOVE your kitchen!!!

    : )

    Hugs, Jenny


  30. Your kitchen is absolutely darling!


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