Thursday, 28 May 2009

V.I. Buys - the shoe edition

This episode of V.I Buys is going to focus on my true love... shoes!

These are all wedges, so if you are offended by wedges, like my chap is (silly man!), look away now!

First of all, some Keds, similar to the ones I was wearing in my last outfit post, except not blue and not lace-up...

From ASOS, or just click the pic!

This range of wedges was called 'Kedettes' last year, though they appear to have dropped that moniker now. It's a shame because they based these designs on the 50s range of Kedettes. Keds apparently first launched Kedettes in the 1930s, and they have been popular ever since. Here are two rather fab adverts, one from 1942:

Image found on liebemarlene's Flickr stream

And from 1941:

You can see the colour and styling influences in these new styles, but I have to say I would love a pair of the stripy ones at the top of the last ad!

Next up, also from Asos are these lovely basket weave wedges in a glorious sunny yellow.

They have that all-important (for an authentic vintage look) small peep-toe. 40s repro shoes should only ever allow you a maximum of two toes showing at the peep, and these do. I especially like the little raffia accent.

These next ones are by Miss L Fire, who have a rather spiffy vintage-looking website and usually do some really wonderful shoes. In fact, while getting up their website I just found some more absolute beauties! Look at these!

Sadly, I can't find them for sale anywhere, but I will keep looking as they are really lovely!

Ahem, anyway, the ones I was going to post are these:

They look to me like a cross between 40s Filipino souvenir shoes (more on these in another post) and the more extreme 40s platforms, such as those favoured by another of my style icons, Carmen Miranda.

They also come in yellow! Get these from ASOS as well.

In case the shoe fabulousness wasn't enough, Miss L Fire also do fantastic reproduction lucite handbags, too. I would love to meet the designer, so I can shake her hand!

That's it for now, I'm off to bed. I will be back soon with some actual vintage reproduction shoes for your delectation.

Nighty night!

Fleur xx


  1. It is posts like this that make me curse my size 10 feet. :)

  2. Cutest shoes ever!! I probably won't shop at trashy diva now because i hate bad customer service!! Puts me off completely.

  3. I've been drooling over Miss L Fire shoes for a little while now. SO Stunning yet I can't find them anywhere especially in Aus.
    The white pair you posted are too cute for words!

  4. What a wonderful post! I'm drooling now at the sight of all these beautiful wedges :)

  5. Oh, I LOVE your new blog header!!! I guess I've never really commented frequently on your site, but I added it to my Bloglovin and just adore your posts, your style and of course these wedges and shoe pictures! Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!
    Greetings from Germany,

  6. Don't you wish that some company would take over the Kedettes brand and remake all those '40s shoes? Amazing. The new ones you chose look great too . . .especially the yellow ones!

    Oh, and I agree about your header. It's lovely!

  7. My favourite subject shoes!

    I love kedettes, I have some vintage ones and always look out for them on ebay, so comfy yet stylish! I'm lucky I have little feet :o)

  8. I love wedges, in fact my collection is beginning to look a little like Carmen Miranda's. Great post. xxx

  9. Fab post, I'd noticed those yellow wedges on asos also, very nice!

    The white/pink miss L fire courts are on asos here:

    You might have noticed this but thought I'd direct you there anyway....

  10. These shoes are sooooo gorgeous. And I now have a crush on Carmen Miranda. Thanks Fleur!!!

    I neeeeeeeed the CM-esque shoes so badly!

  11. Oh, these basket wedges looks fantastic! I never think of Asos when it is about shoes. Thanks for this very instructive post!

  12. wow, look at Carmen Miranda's wedge collection..

  13. I can't believe you did a post on shoes--do you know how awful that is of you?! haha--just joking, of course! ;) I love all these styles you found; especially that last pair. Hmm... I wonder if I can swing getting another pair of shoes? (My husband says I don't need any more; I'm trying to come up with reasons why I do.) lol!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your crummy service from Trashy Diva! That is so disappointing! :(

  14. Ohhh, this post is like being in vintage shoe heaven! I adore the photo of Carmen Miranda with her shoe collection! What a special find! I've always wondered what her collection must have looked like, and whether she actually wore those amazing platforms in real life. Both questions answered, now. :)

    I've been dying for a pair of Ked wedges ever since I saw your modelling pics with them. I wish they'd bring back that version.

    The wedges with the painted heels are out of this world. Hmm... yellow is my favorite color, too...;)

  15. I am positively drooling over these shoes!

  16. they're awesome!!

    I posted some pics of vintage shoes in my blog.
    take a look there!


  17. Alex: I know there is a seriouse deficit in nice, bigger shoes. Not that you need to be any taller!
    PLP: They did apologise in the end, but not sincerely enough IMO and the damage was done :(
    Kitty: I was sad to miss the Pagoda ones they did due to funds :(
    Amy: I drooled so much too, but ended up buying the last pair!
    Theresa: Thank you! Took me so long to do but was worth it I think!
    Rhiannon: I can only dream of having such smashing collages as your blog!
    Fiona: Ooh you lucky little footed person!
    Kathryn, thank you! Oooh, I want those so badly, but I don't thik the peach/pink will go with much I own :(
    Dolly: Indulge, you know you wanna!
    Casey: My boyfriend luckily encourages my shoe obsession (or unulckily??) but only when it's stiletto heels - he will hate my new platforms! ;)
    Bettie: Thanks!
    NoirGirl: You are partly to blame for enabling me to buy the yellow platforms ;)
    Maggi: Glad to assist the droolage!
    Annie: will look now!

  18. I ♥ these shoes all of them especially the 2 yellow shoes. They are so cute and look comfortable.

  19. mis l fire ones are so dreamy! and carmen miranda is my goddess now with that collection of shoes wowza!

  20. Hope you don't mind, I put a link on this article on my blog...

  21. Love that last yellow pair!! thanks for the links!


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