Sunday, 19 April 2009


Hello all!

I hope you've all had a good weekend? I have! I drove not one, but two ridiculously fast sports cars over the last two days. This may be entirely uninteresting to many of you, but if you like cars (like I do) then this is quite exciting. I have never driven anything bigger than my mum's elderly 1.9 Turbo Diesel Citroen ZX, and my own car is a tiddly 1.3 litre Ford Ka, but these two cars were in a different league entirely. One was a Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, which has a 5.5 litre V8 engine, and the other was an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, which has a 4.7l V8. Vroooooom indeed! Except I didn't go very fast in the Aston Martin, because I was petrified. It's worth more than my entire life! What if I'd scraped it on something? I think I managed to get it up to about 10mph before I chickened out. The Mercedes was at least automatic and very easy to drive, I did about 90 in that (which is what I do on the motorway in my Ka... but it FELT much faster, OK? Haha!). In case anyone does like to look at images of really super (modern!) cars, here they are:

(None of these are the actual ones I drove, but they are the right colour! The Aston has lipstick red leather seats so I matched perfectly!)

Anyway, enough about cars. Let's talk vintage and fashion! Firstly, today I revisited my style fail from exactly a month ago, but changed it a bit to make it a much more successful (in my eyes) outfit. Here it is:

Top is from Dorothy Perkins
Skirt was custom made for me by TopRunway on eBay
Booties from Century 21
Stockings are nude backseams from What Katie Did

It's only vintage inspired, really, the skirt has a 30s-ish shape (but not length) and the top has those 30s-ish sleeves (but too low a neckline), but the booties and hair are more 40s. So it's an amalgamation, but one that I liked far more than the previous incarnation. What do you gals think?

Next up, after teasing you with the preview, here are my favourites from my most recent shoot. I hope you enjoy them!

And last, but not least, here are all the rest. Click to see it bigger or follow the links to visit each one on Flickr, if you so wish!

1. glamour profile, 2. horizontal, 3. happy, 4. looking glass, 5. gloves, 6. swimsuit, 7. shadow, 8. all in the detail, 9. pensive

Have a good Monday, all!

Fleur xx


  1. What lovely pics, looking gorgeous as always.

  2. You are simply stunning lady!! And drooling over that Aaston Martin, but like you, worth far more than my life :)

  3. Gorgeous pics - I love that era.

    XOXO Empress Jade

  4. gorgeous gorgeous photos of you! you really model so well! and you drove slow?! =) oh well, sounds like you had a fantastic time!
    hope you had a wonderful monday :)

  5. Just found your blog while browsing Fedora Lounge, nice stuff. Adding it to my list of rss feeds. ;-)

  6. You look amazing on those pics, i wish there was someone to take those kinds of pictures of me, but unfortunatly i havent got your body shape...
    I love the "stop staring" dress you're wearing i've ordered the same in pink!

  7. Fantastic b+w pics! It looks like so much fun to do that. I still don't know if I agree it was a style fail, but I do love this outfit. The skirt with the white buttons looks great!

  8. Fleur,

    Your new skirt is really speicial and I ♥LOVE♥ the swimsuit picture!

  9. Lovely cars! The astom martin particularly is quite special. Although I have to admit I saw you more in this type of car!

    The photo shoot photos are great - cue muchos cheekbone envy!

  10. oh doll you look stunnin' wow weee! the photos are just pure inspiration...should totally get a book have that ol' hollywood glam...and the photo's give that deep vintage flawless!

    i love the earings...and i have the dress you are wearing from the photo shoot...great fit huh...comfy! as always i love visiting your blog thanks for swigin' by and all your lovely always you are one of my favorites!!!! huggs cat~

  11. beautiful look, you've seen "LOOK 10?.

  12. I like the outfit - oh and your shots are lovely! I have that stop staring dress from the 1st shot!

  13. Fantastic pics Fleur, you look amazing! And I love that handbag!

  14. Fleur I'm soooo in love with these b&w images, you are truly a beauty,xxxx

  15. Great work! You've really got a knack with your hair. Those pomps are so hard to get right and yours always have just the right curve to them.


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