Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bitten by the Big Apple

After what felt like an eternity of travel following the coldest week of my life, I finally returned from New York on Sunday night. With, I have to admit, a few extra items of clothing than I left with. And a desire to go back immediately!

The trip didn't start off on the best foot, because, upon arrival at my chap's apartment in Manhattan, we quickly discovered that his cable, phone and internet had all been cut off, and the mobile phone reception in Manhattan is actually terrible, the signal drops in the middle of phone calls, it's quite unbelievable, actually. But it got fixed and the rest of the trip went without a hitch - we strolled around Fifth Avenue and Times Square, went up to the Top of The Rock, had Mudslides in the View Bar, saw Chelsea, the East Village, Ground Zero (well, Century 21 really), ate at diners and bought a few things. I didn't buy any vintage as it was so over my budget, but I did buy a cute pair of vintage inspired ankle boots. I will take some pics!

Sadly pics are in short supply as the camera we had was missing a memory card ... and a cable! But here's one of my lovely NY friend and fellow vintage lover Heather. We shopped till we dropped, then went out for dinner with a group of Fedora Loungeers, out for drinks at a fab, if slight snobby bar called Death & Co and finally for a last few more drinks at Otto's Tiki Bar, where this picture was taken:

I, er...may have had a few too many cocktails by this point!

My vintage purchases lately have been rather lacking I have to say. The exchange rate is killing me! I have my eye on a couple of things though, so I'll be sure to show them off if I win! Sorry for this incredibly boring post. Hope everything is well in the blogosphere!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Start as you mean to go on ...

Hello all you fabulous people, and happy new year! I hope everyone who reads my blog had a wonderous Christmas and a stylish New Year's Eve? Mine were sort of wonderous and stylish. While I love my family very much, and look forward to getting together at Christmas, too much time together always seems to degenerate into bickering, plus, my mum was ill with a horrid cold on Christmas day, which she then passed to me just in time for New Years ... thanks mum!

But Christmas day was pretty fab, too much tasty food and booze as tradition dictates. My best friend absolutely spoiled me with gifts as well, I received tons of stuff for my kitchen, from her shop, including a snazzy Dualit toaster in pale blue. I also got a signed picture of Bruce Campbell from my brother. He knows me so well!

Here we are in front of the tree at my parents' house: (excuse the lack of lippy, hardly worth it with the amount of food I shovelled in all day, haha)

Then on the day after Boxing Day, we all went off the the Watercress Line, a steam railway in Hampshire. They had an event on called Christmas Leave, a 1940s day out with music and dancing. Blooming cold though! I hope there will be pictures to follow, a photographer was snapping away. I was all wrapped up during the day, though she took a nice one of me in my new 40s overalls at the evening dance.

After all that dancing, I headed off to Bath to see my wonderful new man ... you heard correctly ... my single status has finally been revoked! We met just before Christmas at the party I posted a snap from a couple of posts ago (I'm in my long green frock). We really hit it off and have been seeing each other since. Unfortunately, we were both ill on New Year's Eve, so spent the night on the sofa watching Superbad instead of going to the black-tie ball in the Assembly Rooms, which we had tickets for. Oh well, there is always next year! ;)

We're off to New York on the 17th, he has an apartment there, overlooking the Hudson River. I can't wait, I have always wanted to see the Big Apple! Anyone with any recommendations of places to see, eat, or buy vintage, please let me know.

So yes, the start of 2009 has been a very happy one, and I hope it continues in the same vein. My first modelling picture of this year is also one I am very pleased with!

I feel I could have done with long, flowing, femme fatale locks, but overall it's a fab picture, don't you think?
It'll be the last one for a while as a full-time job and a wonderful boyfriend doesn't leave much time for weekend photoshoots, but I am going to be the model for a forthcoming book called 'How To Be Adored', so watch this space for more news on that.

Toodle pip!

Fleur xx

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